Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure In Business & Leadership As A Women

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Are you fearful or worried about putting yourself out there on video or social media authentically?

I’ve got five questions you can ask yourself to overcome the fear and start taking action!
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Are you looking to grow your leadership and break out from the rut in your career or business? As a woman, we are often times very concerned with the way we look. You are probably a mother and as you already know a leader and your reputation are important to you. However, this same concern can be limiting your business growth. In fact, this belief of looking good is often a fear that holds us back from sharing ourselves authentically.

Have you ever seen Tony Robbins or Gary V speak or present at an event? They are being authentic. They don’t hold back from using a few colorful “words” that most would be too afraid to use. They speak directly too. They aren’t worried if you don’t like them or don’t believe what they have to say. That is because they truly believe their words and they know that holding back isn’t going to help you become the person you want to be. As you are starting to realize, women are supposed to “act” or “be” a certain way in our society. It sets us up for believing we are not supposed to be brutally honest and should hide our feelings and emotions so not to see so bold or masculine. This belief is exactly the wrong way to become a successful business person and leader.

We can be both feminine and masculine. In fact, the blend of the two is the best way to put ourselves out in the Universe.

So you are going to dim down who you are or are you going to authentically share yourself with those who need to hear it? You have a gift girlfriend, go share it authentically with others!

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