Online Censorship: After PragerU, Who Will Google Silence Next?

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Google has restricted PragerU’s YouTube videos, baselessly claiming they are not fit for children. Here’s why this is such a big problem, and why it might happen to you next.

Go to to sign the petition.

Check out PragerU here:

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38 Responses

  1. House of Bamboo says:

    Get Bitchute. Just in case youtube decides to demonetize you for speaking facts.

  2. luca micele silva says:

    You recently posted a video on how indoctrination is bad, clearly you mean ‘indoctrination is bad unless we do it, then it’s just freedom of speech’

  3. Aphony66 says:

    Google is a very scary company. I have moved most of my apps and search engines away from Google only to find that with a year or 18 months of doing that, that Google has bought them out too…. What to do? Its very worrying!

  4. David says:

    How does this not have 1,000,000 views? This channel is on Google's hit list?

  5. Michael Sanchez says:

    hahahaha what happened to this channel? did donald trump prove Republicans are bigots after all?

  6. JT Smith says:

    … and it's only gotten worse since this video was posted.

  7. Robert Gregg says:


  8. gwyn Stephen says:

    Google bought out You Tube what a decade ago? How long then until this vid is removed?

  9. Ur mom Gey says:

    Seems like these people just discovered the YouTube algorithm

  10. MOSNIM says:

    Bye Felicia, see you over on your new propaganda network CRTV.

  11. mistageeza3 says:

    And the answer is Alex Jones.

  12. Lee Roberts says:

    Relevant now more than ever.

  13. Iain Botham says:

    Can someone recommend an alternative to the Google search engine to me?

  14. Tim Gleason says:

    Why was I subscribed to this channel without even choosing to do so? I will be reporting this to YouTube for violation of my privacy.

  15. Leicester Blackthorne says:

    Any platform that has a majority of user share should automatically fall under public utility regulations.

  16. wout661 says:

    So as pjmedia giving up the fight it's been 4 months any new activity.

  17. Here's Pingas Pingas says:

    Not appropriate for younger audiences that’s why there is a YouTube fucking kids

  18. Jacob Dix Dix says:

    Jews control the the majority of all media and banks. Weve been telling you guys this for the past 90 years. You people still dont listen. What's happening now in every aspect of society, is exactly what we've been saying would happen. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is a hypothesis made long ago that has done nothing more than to come to fruition.

  19. Alder says:

    Does Youtube prevent others from starting up alternatives? If not, then seek another.
    Do we really want a government-controlled monopoly over this medium?

  20. Tim Hallas says:

    Because this is a privately owned business, they have the right to choose who they do business with. Any action through the government agency or court system to force Google to include ant content they do not want to include is a violation of the first amendment.
    If you want conservative opinions to be heard, then start a conservative search engine and take your share of the business. And this is a business, not a public platform. Money talks.

  21. just4kicks8 says:

    Blackstone Intelligence and The Health Ranger have been removed from YouTube for "Violations" that occurred years ago AFTER those videos had been removed by the channel owners. What was the theme of both of these channels? The both let us know how the government was complicit in crimes and how they are trying to take our freedom. Basically watchdog whistle blowers who were there to protect us.
    YouTube Must be held accountable for Illegal Censorship! They are a leftist propaganda machine, just like CNN (who by the way has many "bullying" videos yet somehow never receive strikes).

  22. R. R. says:

    Try searching Hillary Clinton jokes on google. Pages of results of her being "clever" and human like…. Then try duckduckgo

  23. Wayne Lefevers says:

    Remember that they HATE us….. Act accordingly.

  24. mark rigsby says:

    Prager has Civil-Action pending, with Google.

  25. kravoglupa says:

    Since I was next in line, I Googled "silence". A few bad movies, and even worse rappers…that's about it. Nothing to see here.

  26. Jordan Archuleta says:

    …I saw this as an ad. On YouTube. Which Google owns.

    "Does Google decide what you get to watch?"

    You're god damn right they do; it's THEIR platform and they can allow WHATEVER content on it that they want.

    Don't like it? Invest in the infrastructure to create your own.

  27. Stan Parrish says:

    Liberals hate an educated and informed public because it eliminates their power base.

  28. jfsfrnd says:

    If you are being silenced then why do you have so many videos here?

  29. Not To Be says:

    This is a perfect time for another video sharing platform to rise and take over other some of YTs market.

  30. Dario Impini says:

    Remember "Don't be evil"? LOL.

  31. Trent Howard says:

    Youtube decrees that your educational videos are not appropriate for a younger audience, yet they encourage children to watch as many of the hundreds of creepy spiderman and princess elsa fetish videos as they can through the suggestion bar algorithms. Nothing (((Suspicious))) about that at all.

  32. Michael Powell says:

    Google extorted my business for $275.00 per day called ADWORDS

  33. The Identitarian Nationalist says:

    James Damore should look at some more sociological studies, those on diversity. Black Pigeon Speaks' video "Diversity destroys social cohesion in the west" is a good summary.

  34. Homefront says:

    They recently did the same to Colin Flarety

  35. Dedalus69 says:

    Keep fighting the good fight! Much appreciated.

  36. S. Brett S says:


  37. Bill Huber says:


  38. MrJH0nn says:

    in the Netherlands every news site has banned comments

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