Nick Bare: From Infantry Platoon Leader to Fitness Entrepreneur | My Rise Story

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Nick is a businessman, entrepreneur and fitness guru. His YouTube channel is a walk through his daily life, adventures, and gym times. Enjoy a look into his life through the lens!

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42 Responses

  1. Jim Berridge says:

    Incredibly inspiring. Nick you are so gracious and humble.

  2. Because a beast says:

    That’s amazing man you inspire me to look forward and be ready for what ever life throws at me you’re an amazing person and you’re living proof of if you work hard enough for your goals in life and dreams that they will come true

  3. TheLegendWaFF says:

    One of the best YouTube videos I've watched, ever. I just started doing the exact same thing that you've done. You're a true inspiration and after watching this video you've gained a new subscriber and a dedicate fan. This video was absolutely awesome man, please keep it up!

  4. Chase Agnew says:

    Went to korea with you and started watching your videos then. Very inspirational keep up the hard word.

  5. Cameron Yancey says:

    When Chris Evans retires as Captain America Nick should take the reins and become Captain America

  6. Michael Rains says:

    Awesome job on this one brother. I've been a follower for about a year now and you are truly an inspiration. I aspire to have that level of drive.

  7. Reece Thrift says:

    Love it bro! ❤️

  8. Benji Vanderpol says:

    amazing bro, you say some solid stuff

  9. ChillBoyMiggy says:


  10. tuna tom says:

    This is an example of what social media should be. Good people reaching out to others and showing people how hard work, motivation, and a positive attitude can make you successful in all aspects of your life! YOU MOTIVATE ME NICK! Thank you for all you have done.

  11. tuna tom says:

    Fucking awesome video dude!

  12. Carlos Cruz says:

    Just wanna say, I'm glad I found this channel. I'm an NCO at Fort Hood and some of the motivational videos are really helpful. Thanks brother.

  13. Glen Tyson says:

    one of the most inspiring videos ive ever watched. from one soldier to another that was phenomenal

  14. #1 Juggy says:

    When will all of your products be in stock next? I’m lookin to buy preflight, intra, strong greens and whey

  15. Brayden Moon says:

    Awesome job!

  16. Tiffxny says:

    Embrace the suck & love the journey.

    This video really opened my eyes nick, thank you for always being someone I can look up to.

  17. GTS300 says:

    Great job on the video Nick! You are a true inspiration!

  18. Colby Hester says:

    Outstanding job man! You are true leader and example for others to aspire to!

  19. Antonio Pezzella says:

    good job!

  20. maverick ic72 says:

    Those phrases
    That ethic
    Please please please please

  21. Mike Pandel says:

    Your killing it man, found your channel when you were in Korea and it's amazing to see you, your company, and the people around you grow.

  22. Zellmyfinger says:

    Really enjoyed this one! Your words speak an immense amount of truth. I've been following since 2015 when I was in the Marines, and always have looked at you as a great mentor in some form. Hats off to you Nick, Thank you

  23. Sandra Walker says:

    I’m not your mom, but sure proud like your mom would be! I’ve been following you since you were in Korea. I appreciate your Embrace the Suck motto. I use it often when coaching my ladies in their HIIT classes at Delta Life Fitness. When think they can’t do one more rep and are struggling, I tell them to Embrace the Suck! I love your new motto the one mile…but don’t remember it all. Keep on grinding and working hard! I look forward to seeing you to continue to grow your businesses and get married. Stefani is spunky and cute! I love her Insta Stories.

  24. Levi Huck says:

    Good effort on the video Nick, inspiring.

  25. Brian Wooley says:

    Great job Nick , keep it up . I dont understand how you dont have a couple million subs already

  26. dogboy0912 says:

    I completed ocs with no hiccups, but did not commission upon graduation (was told the day before I graduated). It was not until after I was held in student pool for another 2 months that I was medically cleared for flight and able to commission. It doesn't sound very long, but seeing people who got there after me by weeks and months get out before me sucked, as did not knowing my fate. The worst thing though, was seeing those around me crushed. People who had graduated months ago, waiting only to be NPQ'd and left to either redes to something completely different or DOR. People who had spent years trying to get into OCS, only to be NPQ'd from their designator the 3rd day of training. One guy who had quit his job, moved back to the states, sold his truck, only to get kicked out day 3 because someone screwed up his background paperwork before he got there. I met Individuals with one tiny little thing they told medical, things that in no way would affect their job, squashed while other people piss away their opportunity later in the pipeline because they have absolutely no clue how lucky they are or how many people would literally kill to have their spot. Getting stuck there was a silver lining in a way.

  27. Connor Corkrin says:

    Awesome video man. Hugely inspiring, building my own business while deployed and embracing that suck every day!

  28. TMartin026 says:

    There’s been a few times where I feel down and unsure of myself, and I’ve used your videos as a tool to remind myself that I can accomplish a lot more than I think I can. Thanks again for being an inspiration once again, from one Veteran to another, you’re the example we need more of. Thanks brother.

  29. Raptor_jesus says:

    You motivated me after I broke my foot and hit an all time low sir! Sending love and motivation from JBLM!

  30. Goober 27 says:

    Been here with you and watching the company and channel grow, has been one hell of a ride. Keep being an inspiration in my life and so many others. Much love ❤️

  31. John Salinas says:

    Such a dope video. Inspirational!

  32. C Lefke says:

    Excellent, excellent video! This is why you are such an inspiration for so many around you.

  33. Nacion alista says:

    When is the Legend coming back

  34. Matt Mccord says:

    This video is amazing. Good job man keep it up and I’ll be here supporting u

  35. Dylan Owen says:


    Those were the days man

  36. ian ferrero says:


  37. LS VLOGS says:

    Nice job nick, and thank you for helping me

  38. Gregory Bamba says:

    That’s why I’m tatting BPN on my neck. So you know it’s real Nick. My boy since Itaewon or that time you sold 1-2 supps a week. They don’t know.

  39. MatheoHans says:

    Great video,you are such an inspiration!

  40. Roy McElwee says:

    Good job bro. Keep up the great work and success will follow

  41. Grambi Dora says:

    As an Army Veteran, thanks a lot man for taking the time to create this special video, and sharing your journey with us on here. Hooah! Best of luck to you, and in all of your future endeavors!

  42. Adam Waddington says:

    and what a sweet ass

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