New Audemars Piguet 11.59, SIHH 2019 | Gender Neutral ??? NEWS ! #SIHH2019

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Here we chat about the just announced Audemars Piguet 11.59 MODEL and LINE that comes in one gender neutral size.

Let’s chat!

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-John P

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18 Responses

  1. Adam Ross says:

    What’s with the pixelation on the wall?

  2. Isaac Uwins says:

    Maybe people are hating on the fact it looks like daniel wellington for the same reason many people would never touch a true second complication. I don't think it's that daniel wellingtons are inherently ugly, I mean I don't love them but they must look good in most consumer's eyes, but rather they can't fathom spending big money on a watch that looks like one face on, just like they won't spend big money on a watch that to most people looks like quartz.

  3. Scott SJ says:

    AP is above my pay scale but I think AP is really for the Rich people. I just don't understand why all thee companies are going larger than 40mm I think 36 to 40 millimeter in diameter I think is better unless you have a large wrist. I have a 7-inch wrist and I know people with 6.5" wrist wearing these large watches and its larger than the wrist and looks ridiculous to me. Don't get me wrong, I like AP, and they make very nice watches Just to big.

  4. Dino Steiner says:

    I like design

  5. Grim Reaper says:

    Great watch by audemars wellington

  6. S A says:

    41 is perfect finally a decent-sized released watch

  7. George Jacob says:

    Looks like a fashion watch, Something that comes from Fossil or Armani.

  8. Graham Morgan says:


  9. Jon Chaton says:

    It miiight grow on me. Too bad about the size and thin hands though.

  10. SOGANGSTA says:

    RIP AP

  11. RedAtticus says:

    Just go to Hodinkee and see Audemars Piguets "8 year attempt" tattered to pieces in the comments section…….Especially with the recent dislike for the MVMT or Daniel Wellington …….Not even rich folks…you the spiel that CEO was churning out about attracting the 75 percentile of the 1%….Even they are not going to buy this….

    The overall design was clearly inspired by APs 1940s Chronographs…..But the execution was done as a Fashion watch…Not a microbrand….Even Microbrands are producing better modern designs….

    It looks like a half hearted attempt, nothing original…….

  12. Paul Silesius says:

    First mediocre Lange and now ugly APs, what's next?

  13. The Knight in the Panther Skin says:

    It looks like daniel wellington chrono

  14. Rasmus Hvid says:

    I think this is the first watch line introduced by a haute-horology brand that is designed to appeal to the young individuals. It looks like a fashion watch, but the truth is fashion watches for the most part have good design aesthetics, but just fall apart in quality and craftsmanship. Also I think its unfair to portray this as a dress watch, this is just for someone looking for a really nice, modern watch. Somewhich doesn't exist in the current market outside of independents and Genta designs.

    I think this watch will be a huge success among the type of people who actually buy high-end watches (and not those who rant on the forums) and could usher in a new type of watch for the traditional watch makers.

  15. The Watch Lounge says:

    This is a watch for the Daniel Wellington fan that came into some money. Just my opinion .

  16. Sani Wada says:

    Personally I love it.

  17. Amin Reviews says:

    Good to see AP trying something that isn’t a Royal Oak!

  18. Syndicated Satellite says:

    Maybe they were really designed for chimpanzees to wear and not people.

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