Natalie the Feminist: How to Talk for 7:12 and Say Absolutely Nothing of Substance

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It has got to be a special talent. Speaking on and on about all these ‘problems’ that women have; and not bringing up more than a peripheral description of said problems.

What would be interesting is; what if a large number of MEN decided to ‘check out’ and vanish? Who would plow the roads, keep the electricity going, fix the cars, haul the trash?

If we really want to get the attention of the feminists, we should have a men’s strike. I mean, shit, look at the big ‘government shutdown’ which has generally not affected very many people personally.

Imagine if the wammens didn’t have their trash picked up for a few weeks, or had no gas to buy for their cars, or food to buy at the grocery store…one less cubicle wage slave wouldn’t mean a hill of beans to anyone in such a situation. But Natalie is ‘valuable’.

The obvious lack of understanding of how both men and women contribute to society in different ways, is amazing with these feminists. And they still don’t seem to understand just how important the other half of the population actually is. Well, until the power goes out and they can’t charge their IPHONES…then all hell breaks loose!

Natalie the Feminist: Do Men Have a Choice?

And of course, what she is getting at (I think) is, men do not have a choice when it comes to feminism. Ha, fooled ya again didn’t we Natalie?

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27 Responses

  1. MGTOW FOREVER says:

    It’s early for me too, but I popped open a beer for this vid anyways.

  2. Robert M says:

    wooo wooo woo. woo woo wooo! WOOOO WOOO WOOO!

  3. GSXR says:

    I speak somewhat articulately, therefore, i must be super intelligent.

  4. Enemy Of moron says:

    Annoying voice,

    Aspirin needed asap

  5. Michael Holycross says:

    MGTOW is the only way to go

  6. 2Scarze月と水 says:

    talking but not saying anything

  7. V3 N1e says:

    She sounds like one of my sisters in law. Even the voice…Yes my brother is miserable.

  8. Topgun God says:

    "A valuable member of society"?

    In what way?

  9. Classic Ford says:

    Panicking much.

  10. OU812 i4got says:

    God! Imagine coming home to that every night, ughh!!!

  11. MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva says:

    So called feminists still want to be choked, hair pulled and be called a slut while getting ass spanked tomato red

  12. BlueJayRobin says:

    How can we possibly know that she is intelligent if she don't has no funny colored hair and some very visible piercings?

    Telling everybody about how you're just thhhhhoooooo darn thhhmart is only half the battle.

  13. Von Ace says:

    "We women are talking."

    And that's the problem LOL. They talk the talk but won't walk the walk. They want to compete in the mans world but can't handle the work and the heavy burdens that men had to deal with since the dawn of time. If you can't handle the heat honey, then stay your ass in the kitchen!

  14. Danasa Danasa says:

    (Females) " I don't cook, clean.. but you lazy males need to man up!"

  15. Pete Watson says:

    Anyone who has to say "we didn't know how smart we were" fail to see that if you're smart you don't call yourself smart as it's taken as self evident. People who say they're 'good' at things generally tend not to. They're just trying to inflate their already over inflated ego. This woman certainly has an air of Borderline Personality Disorder and Narcissism.
    It's just the delusion of these women that truly beggars belief.
    They just don't seem to realize that men are leaving, as the video maker and many state, the plantation. I don't think they understand the man drought epidemic that's about to hit. The worm will turn and everything that women have had, from men, will do a 180 and women will start to do, such as making the first move on men, taking them out for meals and cinema along with buying them drinks in bars and nightclubs. They'll also start being rejected on a massive scale. They won't know what's hit them.

  16. Dragon Fire says:

    Feminazi stop demonizing women when they chooses home and family over work and the corporate grind.

  17. John C3333 says:

    they wanted to be valued as much as the average Joe in every society. Now they know what most power sectors of most societies actually think of the average Joe and it looks F all like privilege. As per usual those who push the pendulum of influence from one place to the other are pissing themselves laughing all the way to the cocktail party, mildly entertained by your disappointment.

  18. rick martyn says:

    All about what SHE wants.

  19. On The Lamb says:

    This is got to be one of the dumbest women I've ever heard.
    She thinks highly of herself.
    Boy, if this mentality is indicative of a modern day feminist, this world is in trouble!

  20. rick martyn says:

    Just another nagging femtard.

  21. Sam Haines says:

    "I'm so intelligent, I'm so intelligent, I'm so intelligent". Mhmmm…… I'm sure

  22. stefan tyler says:

    What is she going to do with all that intelligence, not even make a good sandwich I'm betting

  23. Dex says:

    Jesus,just saw her channel and noticed a video thumbnail that look she is all over in tattoo's…and oh boy. Ofc she hates normal men when nobody with brains would ever took hoe like her after she hit the wall and is covered with tattoo's. She is only qualified for pump and dump now.Just sayin'.

  24. Mario Escobar says:

    7 years and 12 days and she would still have said nothing.

  25. trojanthedog says:

    She made soooooo many promises!

    We will leave!! YEAH
    We will start our own businesses! OK

    How about we will start our own civilization? Nah that's a male project. We'll just use yours and shit all over it because ????? Well I can't quite figure out why.

  26. Richard Raffensperger says:

    So when are you going to listen to men, value men, and love and support men. If men are not buying what your selling maybe it is the product.

  27. Mark K says:

    Gosh, I love her voice; it reminds me of a dying screech owl. And she would carry on 99% of any conversation any dumb-ass man would have with her, thus saving him from having to think at all. Or scream as his soul is being sucked out of him one feminist trope at a time. I bet she's fighting off "good men" suitors by the dozen. Where do I sign up? Love your Hamster pics, James, and your commentary. We had just as well keep our sense of humor as the world falls down around us.

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