Modern Native American Women Artist & Leaders

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This video is about Modern Native American Women Artist & Leaders

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6 Responses

  1. Donald Duck says:

    Native woman get me weak in the legs, they are stunning

  2. Marcus Cerdan says:

    I visited Dover De, in June and was invited to a First Nation Women Luncheon at the Dover Downs Casino in Dover De. It was a blessing to be there the next First Nation Women Luncheon will be  the last Saturday In September you will love it!!! We came together as sisters and shared our pain and views, no guest speaker just US!!!!! Thank you so much Ms. Josephine Bird Woman!!!! for starting this!!! Your views are precious!!!!

  3. TheTheratfarmer says:

    i love lesbiens when they watch her girl friend cream all over my …… cream. one of you loves a man, say it.

  4. TheTheratfarmer says:

    stop lesbian fix.

  5. TheTheratfarmer says:

    why is this video all broken up and jittery?

  6. Mike Brown says:

    I really like your interesting video and the Native American women are so beautiful

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