Milo Yiannopoulos on Chicks on the Right

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Milo joins WIBC’s The Chicks on the Right to talk about his deverification from twitter, free speech, censorship, and more.

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48 Responses

  1. Hotcakes says:

    A year later and @Nero has been permabanned. Twitter is garbage.

  2. シドニーSydney says:

    If he was straight I would have done him so much

  3. MonstersNightmare says:

    Chicks on the Right are fake Trump haters.

  4. Daddy Dana says:

    holy shit my ear is being tasered

  5. karasawa21797 says:

    Urgh, these right-wing-harpies have shit quality audio equipment.

  6. The Passionly Passionate Nightman says:

    I want Trump to win only to see Milo as press secretary

  7. Sepricotaku says:

    Milo…I am a Canadian so I care about Canada and you have fans here too lol just thought we should let you know (gotta razz you a little)

  8. CM F says:

    Milo…just love listening to you and your common sense!! Enjoyed this interview!! You're awesome!!

  9. Stormy the Woof says:

    so….. is this youtube account actually cola milo, or just rip off pepsi milo?????

  10. LonesomeSparrow says:

    oh wow milo. all you need to do is say hello and you already have some serious game going. leave some for the rest of us. 😀

  11. Greg Matthews says:

    The "Chicks" are a bit annoying. They are decent, but their schtick gets old.

  12. Mephysto says:

    milo should start his own brand of twitter I would drop twitter in a heartbeat.

  13. Juan Gault says:

    Hey Milo. I just found you recently and seen a few of your videos. I must say you offer a refreshing voice contrasting the forced conventional wisdom on the reasonable.

    Juan Gault
    – immigrant patriot!

  14. Improvman ψ says:

    Milo is now Spartacus

  15. William Byrd says:

    What's the opening song?

  16. diglossia says:

    Shut it dowwwwwwwwn

  17. Ty Fawkes says:

    Best gay conservative since Lincoln

  18. gay sonic says:

    just now realizing that you weren't actually employed by Buzzfeed

  19. oldcollegeyouth says:

    Twitter should go back to providing the platform to which all users are free to speak to there bases. Start to pick and chose who can say what and you will ruin the brand and ultimately your users.

  20. Nerobyrne says:

    When Twitter unverified Milo:
    What they thought would happen:
    "Wow, Milo must no longer be an actual person!"
    What really happened:
    "Wow, I guess the verified sign doesn't mean anything anymore."

  21. The Red Branch Bard says:

    Recorded with $5 mic

  22. Adam Keeney says:

    Milo, I've never been to the UK, but I have quite the ear for accents. In fact I can place your dialect to a few square miles just East of Poshwick, North of South Poshington, and West of Poshchester.

  23. Hawk moon says:

    Narcissistic wanker.

  24. neogenesis says:

    Had to stop the clip 1 minute in. Couldn't stand the sound of presenters. Ears still bleeding.

  25. supernova743 says:

    Milo on chicks. False advertising.

  26. James Walton says:

    You're fucking hot jesus christ

  27. snakesinparis says:

    is that Jim norton with the girls

  28. Jane D says:

    don't blame them I could listen to you read the dictionary all day. Great accent (of course to you it's not an accent) and great voice.

  29. Monte Matheson says:

    These girls are thinking what's in that Wheezer song. "Everone's a little bit gay. Why can't you be a little bit straight." The single me wishes I were Milo for a day to see what kind of heterosexuality he could accomplish.

  30. Jake Tomberlin says:

    Milo is a direct descendent of Alexander the Great. There is no god damn doubt in my mind that is the case. He is a sweet fucking prince and I bid him good night.

  31. Hessmix says:

    tfw a gay man can more easily get women then you can

  32. bryantppierce says:

    "Twitter Madness"Ugh, I'm so fucking sick of twitter, lets kill it.

  33. joe shmo says:

    Love this guy

  34. rubbishycrap says:

    Brb, off to practice my Milo 'Hello' impression. Then phoning up WIBC to get laid.

  35. Nik OBrien says:

    I thought based on the title it was Milo talking about chicks on the right, so he could bash to get more conservative guys for himself.

  36. Drew G says:

    Wow.. women who are not total witches; they're actually pretty cool and actually reciprocate. That's a nice change, for once. Generally there are hordes of witches who relentlessly complain about everything in the most unprofessional manner.

  37. Richard Blackmore says:

    There are a lot of people on the left who are for free speech, of course, those of us who do tend to get kicked around by others on the left.

  38. Ryan Hearst says:

    fuck Twitter

  39. Lord Mayhem says:

    The posher British accent is quite sexy. American accent isn't sexy, at all!

  40. ChildoftheKoRnf9 says:


  41. NoIsaidposse says:

    Ya…. who cares about Canada. Check out what Canada did for Britain in WW1 & WW2 and say it again.
    I realize it was an off the cuff joking comment but if you knew what we did for you, that comment wouldn't come out of your mouth in any manner.
    When Britain was being blockaded by U boats… "who cares about Britain" "eh"!! That's funny!

  42. Captain Freedom says:

    Milo is THE most fabulous gay conservative ever. Get it right.

  43. Baconstine says:

    I never really noticed how crooked his eyes were until I saw this picture…what has been seen can not be unseen…

  44. Name Of Action says:

    That is the gayest picture Ive ever seen

  45. Justin Murphy says:

    Yeah I'm Canadian and I only care about Canada during Olympic Hockey.

  46. Kha'al Amen says:

    fix the fucking audio

  47. Déaþƿíc says:

    00:50 David Starkey is to be reckoned with!

  48. Jonathan Denny says:

    When I grow up, I want to be a lesbian just like Milo.

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