Milo Yiannopoulos Brings Crowd, Protesters

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Milo Yiannopoulos, tech editor of the conservative website Breitbart, drew a crowd of over 250 listeners and protesters to White Hall when he spoke at Emory as a stop on his “Dangerous Faggot” tour Wednesday.

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23 Responses

  1. James McKenna says:

    the cajones on this guy!! Wish we had more like him!!

  2. Spicy Gaming // Raijin says:

    Is that Napoleon Dynamite wearing a bra?!

  3. Male Breast Feeder says:

    1:18 you see that Guy T.

  4. Starius2 says:

    no those faggoty lil cucks that call themselves "Students" do not deserve ths so calle "Free Speech".

  5. Chris Pilutik says:

    That Guy T!!!

  6. James smith says:

    Wait, was Aids Skrillix there?

  7. Andrea NY says:

    You have to love him, no matter who you are

  8. Tidus says:

    Was that thing at the end wearing a fucking bra?

  9. 3toad broth says:

    button up your shirt and take your fucking sunglasses off it's pitch-black outside.

  10. Olenska says:

    Fall back on the right to free speech … And?? Yes, you are correct we can do that. Go milo!

  11. Strava says:

    His hair is fabulous.

  12. Alan Falk says:

    I'm White I'm a man and I'm proud/glad of it

  13. Michael Eck says:

    "Milo doesn't speak for us"
    Milo isn't trying to speak for you. He doesn't speak for anybody. And that's the point. Maybe instead of holding up inane and pointless signs you should engage in the topics that Milo brings up in a mature and intellectual way. The way that is intended on a University campus. University is for the free and open exchange of ideas. Stop being so afraid of those ideas. University is not about coddling you or making you feel safe. That may have been your parents job but it isn't the job of higher education. Grow a backbone and stop being afraid to engage different viewpoints.

  14. Jenya Nosachenro says:

    Leftist losers

  15. Barry S says:

    that asshole with the confederate flag is the kind of person who discredits Milo's mission. Fuck him.

  16. OIF3gunner says:

    Sound is horrendous , i think this was recorded with a potato.

  17. Mau R says:

    very good. Thumbs up on the report.

  18. Crayola Clouds says:

    I love how the whiny protesters stole and butchered a chant from the Civil Rights attack. It's "The People United Will Never Be DIVIDED" not "Defeated" fucking hell

  19. John Doe says:

    "Moral obligations of using free speech"

    Oh, so you don't understand what freedom of speech is? Colour me shocked!

  20. バリ says:

    Not a single man among the protesters, and how is anything Milo stands for racist?, it's sillyness.

  21. mcline62 says:

    haha Milo is king.

  22. OTAGO NZ says:

    I love Milo and I am as straight as an arrow. Cheers from New Zealand.

  23. Chris Middleton says:

    Is he wearing a Bra 2:17 ?? That kunt makes milo Look straight hahah

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