Milo Yiannopoulos at American University

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My much awaited talk at American University in Washington, DC on April 21st, 2016. Sorry about the homely looking protestors, I wish prettier people hated me but really only ugly people have a problem. And fatties.

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33 Responses

  1. Thomas Godwin says:

    If you use ok,like multiple times in a sentence I can't take you seriously

  2. Victoria Marulanda says:

    I still don’t understand why people call him Alt-right. I’ve listen to 10 speeches from this guy and I haven’t been able to point out where he says “white people are superior”.

  3. Julie oconnell says:

    MILO you're a inspiration to me

  4. Julie oconnell says:

    #MILO I love you so much

  5. Fukenzan Fukashada says:

    In the future can you upload the full video? The constant cuts kinda suck

  6. Ted Gorman says:

    At around 44:45 you said Native Americans didn't have the wheel. I have to nitpick and troll, but they did have the wheel, they had toys that had wheels, but without pack animals (which were non-existent in the New World at the time) they had no reason to use them.

  7. Steve Michael says:

    I miss 2016 🙁 the wave of SJW radicals seem to be dwindling down a bit. We need to reinvigorate their pathetic movement. Milo, start touring again. Please! 🙂

  8. bdxbfc yxvhhdx vfchtcbhc says:

    32:07 i am also from a 3rd world country and here gender inequallity is bullshit. My mom doesnt work as hard as men do and she makes the same amount of money men do, she also hates feminism.

  9. Bruhtastic says:

    How dare you say we're thin skinned!
    (*Praise Kek*)

  10. D1 says:

    That feminist that lied about having cancer REALLY needs to learn how to speak without using "like" every other word…

    Even if she wasn't a lying cunt feminist, how does she expect to be taken serious when she talks like a 9 year old valley girl?!? o.O

  11. Curtis Yue says:

    "I really don't understand humor, I'm just a woman, so…"

    LOL, literally after a joke flew right over her head. Way to make your point, lady!

  12. Alessandro LinuxBSD says:

    "What is freedom of expression?
    Without the freedom to offend, it cease to exist."
    Salman Rushide

  13. Trance State says:

    Damn that man is a legend!

  14. Littled 23 says:

    methinks The Hitch would have loved Milo……even if he is a catholic LOL! :p

  15. Fock Uff says:

    Nazis made good pants! Trust me, my grandfather had 2 pairs aft he looted the corpses of nazis, now there my hunting pants.

  16. Kenney says:

    Good to hear the people are getting tired of the left and are finally walking away.

  17. Hijack the Ripper says:

    32:00 Amen to that

  18. Kekistani Insurgent says:

    "Yo, so where's the fuckin' bathroom?"

  19. CORNISHDUDE says:

    9:04 LMFAO

  20. Nick Fletcher. says:

    i shoulda gone to this. but then again i didn't like him then

  21. Danny Blue says:

    Man I love Milo. Guy is brilliant.

  22. Weird Kind says:

    Hi Milo, I hope you see this but I would like tell somethings that you misunderstood about Islam so I hope that you don't falsely tell others about us, I'm also sorry if I comment anything that sounds rude :

    For the first part that you talk about Shariah Law is actually you don't have to worry about anything. Shariah Law is ONLY for Muslims and not for non-Muslims. Non-Muslims does not need to worry about Sharia Law actually, but many inflict it to non-Muslims which is wrong. Shariah is actually a base and laws of Justice for Muslims as well says to obey the Nations Law except if those laws are bad. So if you're a fabulous "homemade"Jew you don't need to worry about being thrown of the Empire State Building. There are also punishments to Muslims who do bad things for example a Muslim who sexually assaults others or rape the punishment under Shariah is 100 lashes/whips and after that stoned to death or until satisfied. The rocks can be either sharp or hot or second if a Muslim steals their hands must be amputated, so Shariah is laws of justice (to us). Shariah also allows freedom of religion. Also one more thing, Shariah does not oppressed any one including woman.

    Second part you talk about woman being oppress in Islam actual it does not to be honest. Woman must be treated fairly as man. But I get what Saudi Arabia is doing they are actually protecting woman but at a big cost. The woman that you see wearing a Burqa, Islam does not force woman to wear a burqa the Quran tells Muslim woman to keep their modesty. Saudi Arabia tells woman to cover their faces is actually to respect cause Saudi is actually hold the 2 holiest places of Islam that's why it must be respected. But woman after getting married just gets better. The husband must earn money for the wife, the wife can work as well but the husband must primarily work. Also if the wife wants the husband must get for her what she want. A wife can borrow money without permission but the man can't. But if the woman just takes all the money of the man that's just stealing. So if ever the man hit her once she has the right to divorce. But of course if the man ask the wife to do something the woman must be obedient she can refuse if she wants to but that just earn a small sin. So yeah a wife is primarily to manage and listen to the husband while the husband must earn for the wife.

    So that's the only things I like to point out, so sorry if there's any bad grammar. I hope you have a great day and be happy.

  23. Charlene Robertson says:

    Oh for the love of GOD chic, like spit the like, question out like, already. And expand your vocabulary.

  24. The Girl At The Front Desk says:

    That girl does not seem to have the logic to study pre law.

  25. The_Giorilla says:

    anyone no the last girls name?

  26. Bretton Ferguson says:

    Milo's sound guy is a liberal spy.

  27. fitchy fitch says:

    Whomever recorded this, shut up and let us hear him!

  28. H B says:

    I was just watching a CNN video about how Berkeley rioted when you came to have a talk, and CNN described you as "some internet troll." It's sad when the truth is considered trolling! But hell, what do you expect from CNN?

    In other news: I'm not gay, but Milo's speeches get me hard. No homo.

  29. MindyKay says:

    In a way, he reminds me of Eddie Izzard.

  30. PaleBear says:

    51:37 – whispering to set off your ASMR (wear headphones). You're welcome.

  31. EVOlution Production Studios says:

    Yo whoever is taking the video needs to shut the fuck up! His voice is like a thousand rusty nails on chalkboard.

  32. PogothePurple says:

    Jesus Christ, how many "likes" did that, like, cancer survivor, like, sputter out during, like, her like long-winded question?

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