Milo @ Texas Tech: Why Do Lesbians Fake So Many Hate Crimes?

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Join us LIVE as Milo kicks off his Dangerous Faggot Tour across America from Texas Tech University in Lubbock Texas! Find your “safe space” now so you don’t miss this historic event!

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23 Responses

  1. Cason Riley says:

    I'm so glad I got to go to this. I asked the last question about he and Ben and I think it's interesting to see where they've both ended up.

  2. Lilly Rose Pinheiro says:

    Omg I have always said Oprah and Gayle are lesbian lovers like Huma and Hillary! So true!!!!! Lol love you Milo!

  3. save the bees says:

    I hate the fact that when milo came to my city I had no clue who he was

  4. Bailey D says:

    Didn't his dumb ass say lesbians don't exist

  5. Sedzen says:

    Damn I didn't know you came to Lubbock, come back

  6. Michael Langley says:

    real lesbians are disgusting. they are mental.

  7. TheBaconRhino 24 says:

    Can't wait to be at texas tech in 4 1/2 years

  8. T Trevino says:

    Thank you Milo for being who you are!!!

  9. no way says:

    Glenn Beck is done and good riddance to that fuck-tard  He is traitor to the values that are American and he is also a Mormon after all… 😉

  10. no way says:

    The gay community needs to start buying guns and learning how to use them to defend themselves.   It's only going to get worse if we keep allowing the Muslim ass-holes into this country.  I am a straight white male and I know how to defend myself. The gay community needs to do the same because they will continue to be under attack, not by homophobic white Americans, but by Muslim fuckers that have been imported into this country and want to kill you.  Stay safe.

  11. Peanut Butter says:

    And my teacher said you were a white power speaker XD, glad It lead me here.

  12. TDUShelby says:

    WHAT?! Milo came fagging round my city and I didn't know it?!
    FUCK I wished I knew about it! Two days after my birthday, as well.

  13. Peter Perfect says:

    War is Peace
    Freedom is Slavery
    Ignorance is Strength
    Trump is Big Brother
    Trumpspeak is Alternative Facts

  14. Sonya Gower says:

    TT AWESOME!!!!!

  15. kerry Bennett says:

    glasses on, glasses off, glasses on glasses off, glasses on, glasses off, glasses on, glasses off.

  16. Ruby Honey says:

    Cease all this faggotry at once

    Until Milo has finished talking

  17. Gaius Caligula says:

    Glenn Beck has a net worth of roughly $250 million. I don't think he has to pander to anyone anymore

  18. Machette Freddy says:

    Youtube vidoe = "Why Feminists should wear Hijab ! | Mohammed Hijab"
    Ted Talk = "A Feminist's Choice to Wear the Hijab | Attiya Latif | TEDxUVA"

  19. James Kohos says:

    Homosexuality in men can be physiological (can be linked to things like soy based formula, etc).

  20. ironwolf113 says:

    Graduated from this school 2 years ago, I got a wonderful job with an awesome company and working with an amazing group of people, and I couldn't be prouder than to know they welcomed Milo with open arms and none of this "shut it down" non-sense. I can't recommend Tech enough as it seems like one of the few colleges where I never encountered any of this regressive lunacy, while still being challenged academically by professors from all kinds of backgrounds.

  21. android272 says:

    What was the last question?

  22. Howard Fortyfive says:

    This dude is pretty funny. Best thing is he fairly attacks those assholes doing their damn best to spread hate and discord where none exists. Those damn lezzies that burned their place down for the insurance money? I hope they got like 20 years EACH and got thrown in with STRAIGHT women cons. Fuck em!!

  23. Denis natanov says:

    so I don't get lesbians. they reject dick so they can use a dildos..
    talk about confused.

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