Milo talks BLM, DePaul and more on the Joe Walsh Show

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Had a lovely time speaking to Joe Walsh about Black Lives Matter and their shameful display at DePaul University.

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  1. 594kk says:

    Get rid of affirmative action, that will fix many problems. Those people take fine institutions for granted.

  2. Carol Fremel says:

    What do you call an orangutang who threatensvyou? 'Sir'

  3. Friedrich Schopenhauer says:

    Black privilege.

  4. Elizabeth Lightmore says:

    Those BLM people had so much time and a mic to speak and they literally said nothing. They could have lectured points and gave speeches, they had an audience and time. But no. one black girl just pranced around in 80s clothes thinking she was hot and another guy was just blowing a whistle and sometimes would say "Dump Trump"> Yeah, that's about as deep as they could get about their stance. They don't know what the hell to say because they don't know anything. They only want to act aggressive and like bullies. And they wonder why people think that black people are aggressive and loud and that's about it.

  5. xwriter100 says:

    The pinhead BLM idiots aren't the problem. The liberal white trash that pull their strings are the ones to blame. The cops are union members 100%, work for the Democrat mayor and were there to protect the protesters, not the event. The white Democrats don't want opposing voices to be heard so they encourage these pinheads to disrupt dissenting voices. The left are Nazis in the truest sense and the cultural conservatives are their targets. The left are the lowest vermin on the planet and they need to be disrupted. They are the enemy of freedom and should be resisted as much as possible.

  6. Peter Kay says:

    Milo is 100% accurate in his description of what happened.

  7. Randy McRay says:

    Milo, you may have to bring your own security. Next time someone gets on stage, have them removed. Don't rely on the colleges. also sue them for refusal to do job you paid for.

  8. Polexia Aphrodisia says:

    It was an outrage, 25 people didn't speak for all the (Milo) free speech fans. If the fans were really racist and all the isms they throw at us, that event would have ended much different! They were outnumbered 30-1. But once again we show who the adults really are! Keep up the good fight Milo!

  9. Ink Spots says:

    I'm glad the universities are finally being exposed for what they are.

  10. becky flower says:

    oh god Milo, you"re so gorgeous!

  11. m m says:

    thank God I seen these YouTube videos!!! I was going to send my 4 children to this school but not anymore!!! not my hard earned money!!! do your children a favor don't waste your money parents on this school!!!!

  12. keenicusxxx says:

    I watched all of this I was disgusted by how you were treated. I felt helpless just watching.but your audience was so well behaved.that protester showing his feathers was clearly paid to protest.

  13. Jimmy Booles says:

    These whiney Liberals are crossing the line

  14. P.M. Lynch says:

    Joe Walsh…what a mess, good to know that he was voted out of congress.

  15. Don Kellough says:

    Beautiful Milo, beautiful. Hope Joe runs again, we need him in Washington!!!!!!

  16. Lori Essex says:

    I hope you got your money back after that mess

  17. OGIT1917 says:

    Liberal fascists! What do you expect welcome to The People's Republic of Chicago! Hillary voters are intolerant! Thugs our modern day brown shirts!

  18. Kay Vine says:

    Going to the UCLA tour in February 2017!!!

  19. Serik Gauthier says:

    Thank you milo!

  20. Brandon Penrod says:

    DePaul = DePlorable

  21. Brandon Penrod says:

    None of my children will ever go to this school.

  22. Chuck C says:

    Milo Yanopolois

  23. Daniel Lua says:

    Milo vs Dr. Umar Johnson

  24. Steve Konig says:

    sue all of them.

  25. Marie Miller says:

    milo is a hero

  26. David Straub says:

    What happened to the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of these United States of America? Looks like BLM have suspended it in the guise of misplaced outrage. I thought for sure that young woman in the green hat was going to hit Milo. Good thing that BLM is peaceful …… phew!!!

  27. daniel kinney says:

    Obama is to blame for the way blacks r thinking

  28. daniel kinney says:

    Milo should sue the college

  29. daniel kinney says:

    I'm a fan now of Milo.

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