Milo Attendee Cornered By Activists

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  1. GrapeDrank001 says:

    "Fuck your white privilege" gets kicked out for being white BY a white person

  2. Teo P says:

    Liberal "tolerance" at its finest

  3. Ksam Tekcaj says:

    Looks like a real "safe space" there. Pretty soon people are gonna get so degenerate that they're going to be hanging others for having different opinions on pizza toppings.

  4. hitchhiker42 says:

    Funny how liberals preech tolerance and then shout "you fucking white person." Liberal hypocracy at its worst.

  5. jpalm32 says:

    Can't do 3rd grade math, yet in college. Real joke minority set asides

  6. ct92404 says:

    Wow…so these special snowflake SJW pricks surround and intimidate this kid, making him feel like he is in very real danger of getting jumped by a mob, and they have the nerve to still say THEY are the ones being "bullied"?! Who the hell is the one who didn't feel "safe" that day, huh? And why weren't those idiots ARRESTED? They cornered him onto the fence.

  7. Skittles McStabbypants says:

    Funny how these protestors always pick small unimposing people to physically menace. That is how you know they are truly courageous.

  8. zeroexcuse says:

    I certainly hope that boy learns how to grow a backbone and become a man. Predators tend to isolate weaker prey, and an iota of fear is all that is needed to fuel their bloodlust. Do whatever is necessary to gain the self-confidence that is needed so as not to be marked as their next Happy Meal – weightlifting, martial arts, theatre, public debate, etc. It's a shame that civility is a dying trait… Si vis pacem, para bellum

  9. Kandi Klover says:

    This should also go to show how because of their cry babying, campus police now sit idly by so as not to risk a bawwww-suit. I miss pepper spray cop.

  10. KreiserGaming says:

    Speaks about white privilege

    ….goes to University on mom and dad's dollar.

  11. Hannah da banana says:

    Oh my gosh those sarcastic passive aggressive sounding "byyyyyye! Byyyyye!" "Yeah bye falicia!" Lol when they say shit like that, it sounds like they're trying so hard to get more responses and a shameful sounding response out of him XD

  12. Penelope Dawn says:

    They all deserve to be expelled

  13. Zip Button says:

    What disgraceful place is this?

  14. Neural Tech says:

    Elbows would have been flying…. his personal space was invaded and he could have exercised self defense.

  15. Lit123ful says:

    They were probably the biggest bullies in grade school.

  16. Lit123ful says:

    That girl was white. Does she even realize how stupid she sounds?

  17. Stanislav Veliky says:

    Come to Queens College CUNY MIlo

  18. Silver Eyed King says:

    They are fucking bullies …

  19. 'TisWandy says:

    I really dislike people who yell about white privlidge. White people are mocked so much for simply being white, that it really isn't a privlidge.

  20. Dr G. Semen says:

    "Fucking white privilege" – hmm, it seems that not being a complete twat is what that privilege entails..

  21. Debbie Matzen says:

    never seen so much stupidity. I thought people going to college was supposed to be smart in some way shape or form. from the looks of it they look like communist brainwashing cult prisons

  22. Illuminarty says:

    Amazon sells riot shields for around $100 might think of picking one up next time you're on a university campus.

  23. Arthirias says:

    Bullies and animals. Well actually I'm not sure animals are this feral and dickish.

  24. Elfishawol says:

    Honestly, Its things like this that just make the views I have stronger. How could I trust anything they have to say when the majority of people do things like this to an opposing view.

  25. MiderWr says:

    Lol at the kid on the pillar not giving a fuck

  26. CalicoJoeJoe says:

    Hopefully in a generation or two all this bullshit will be over and done with. Feminism, BLM, all of it. Done or died out.

  27. j30385 says:

    Look at all these victims telling that "fucking white person" how oppressive and racist he is.

  28. James smith says:

    I used to be so confused about how someone could hate an entire race. Now I get it, because the rest of that race just stays silent. The longer black people let this stupid blm movement go on looking like they support it the worse it is going to look for ALL black people. Same goes to all the moderate Muslims out there, when are you going to have a march condemning Isis? And the fuckers still wonder why they are always a step behind in the world.

  29. jonathan bacon says:

    So becoming a racist stops racism now?

  30. DM Abraham says:

    I'm voting for Trump because of DePaul University. #yourewelcome

  31. Chris Chambers says:

    My son is in the video. He would have stayed and tried to learn what these students had to say about shutting down Milo Y, but I pulled him away from behind the gate bc these kids were just screaming epithets and had no desire to converse. So I left the "conversation" about 30 secs before this video starts and then pulled Nik away and that's the only reason he left these fools. And they are fools bc they don't ask themselves "what could I myself do to fix the problems I care about that affect my life?" Embrace the American Dream, stay in school, work your ass off, get married. This works. Embrace it.

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