Michelle Obama describes her battles with impostor syndrome

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Michelle Obama, the former US first lady, has said she still feels impostor syndrome despite her eight years as America’s most powerful woman and her success as an advocate for women and girls across the world
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34 Responses

  1. Chris C says:

    Gorilla in a frock

  2. Maroon Horizon says:

    Why would anyway waste time watching this if they don’t even like Michelle? Makes no sense. Why suffer yourself? Why waste the time to hate one someone who doesn’t care about your opinion?

  3. Maroon Horizon says:

    Love you Michelle. You are so articulate, strong, and poised. You inspire me to keeping showing these racists a holes in the comments what black excellence really means. They fear us because of our skin imagine that. THEY FEAR US! Simply because we are darker….shows exactly how dumb they are

  4. Jackie Domingo says:

    flawless black authentic Queen

  5. Adam Adams says:

    The Obamas were so fake.

  6. Oliver Phippen says:


  7. ERA - says:

    Thank you Michelle for speaking on this issue and phenomenon.
    The content and type of negative comments present under this video speaks volume about the origin of the hatred for Michelle Obama, it's immensely transparent, a reminder that we still have so far to go and that some things truly haven't changed.

  8. the rooster says:

    Show us your Adams apple. Don't be shy. You're always hiding it

  9. Samuel Davidson says:

    It must be hard being mistaken for a women all the time. Chin up Mike, you can do it!

  10. Sara Jeong Fan says:

    Victimhood, victimhood, victimhood… Change the record.

  11. Slim Jim says:

    It’s funny that critics of her and her husband are called racist yet the biggest critics I’ve ever seen of the pair are other blacks.

  12. Danielle N says:

    Honestly I relate with her so much. Growing up in a majority Caucasian town always left me feeling less than. I would also have to do better, be better, and go against all those stereotypes people have for people who look like me. Even now that I’ve come to terms that I’m not less then, I still struggle with self worth and self identifying. With all my efforts to be a certain way I sometimes feel as though I’ve lost sight of who I really am. Would I act the way I do if I didn’t feel like the whole world was judging me?

  13. The Crusader says:


  14. mer jk says:

    Who Really Gives A Flying F**k !!!!!

  15. Bill Makar says:

    Thank God for those extra-wide chairs. HeShe Michelle is putting on the pounds LOL

  16. Verdent Wood says:

    Of course you have imposter syndrome, Michael!

  17. cary bary says:

    Trump is a better president than Obama

  18. Sean Gage says:


  19. Vee Vee Mo says:

    Malania is bi sexual. Please pick a team.

  20. Jacob Wilson says:

    Wow lol didn't expect all these toxic comments. It's sad because nobody will ever awknowledge the puny existence of your words in the comment section on a post about Michelle Obama.

  21. wayne's world says:

    Because you are Man!!!!!!

  22. Michael Collins says:

    Tedious .

  23. Timothy Love says:

    It's called self-centered, self-conscious, poser, fraud.
    When you don't care for the emotions of others, and your sins are known to you, your courage flies away like a bird into the sunset.

  24. Sacri ficer says:

    what about his battles with gender transformation

  25. Dave says:

    "queen" rat still as divisive as ever & as always the victim. The obamas are a cancer.

  26. Adam Hunt says:

    Why are right wingers subscribed to The Guardian on YouTube? The Guardian report facts, go watch Alex Jones and live in your fantasy world.

  27. Richard Ralph Roehl says:

    Michelle ("Michael") Obama is a fraud. This transgender black dude is living a huge lie.

  28. Uproarious Laughter says:

    Wait, she said, shut up, don't complain and just work? That's a conservative mentality. Her party is the Gofundme for my rent, ie Alexander occasional Dorkez party.

  29. Uproarious Laughter says:

    The answer is no, you weren't good enough. This pontificating baboon will be speaking to empty arenas within a couple years, just like Hillary. Lol

  30. whelkshuffler says:

    pffft and pshaw……………..

  31. ninewolves213 says:

    He's still peddling his BS? Sick!

  32. Bold Counsel says:

    It would be fitting if Michelle is a man… Gender-neutral bathtooms, same-sex marriage mandate, and 8,000 genders became a thing when they were in office.

  33. Yosef Shekelson says:

    good luck mike

  34. Stop Lying TYT says:

    Imposter Syndrome… That's a man pretending to be a woman.

    Michelle Obama = Michael Obama

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