Mgtow you can’t save a Male feminist ..TFM is wrong

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  1. The Copycat Ninja says:

    Most men are simps and manginas by choice. Women are allowed to openly express their nature and sexuality yet guys purposely close their eyes and pretend that nothing is happening. The evidence is right in their face and there are so many studies and articles to prove that modern Western women aren't worth saving. Simps know what they are doing and don't care because they have no problem compromising their manhood to get laid. Stop trying to help people who refuse to see the errors in behavior.

  2. AOD Fr says:

    Yes its a fetish. There are young dudes who want to shag grandmas for some reason. I agree with you that its disgusting. I just threw up in my mouth a bit.

  3. Enemy Of moron says:

    A male feminist is lost in the abyss

  4. Back Off says:

    Tell us how you really feel.

  5. Miguel Gritton says:

    Preach Nigga 🙂

  6. Brandon Teppelin says:

    Best thing is to let those who learn the lesson come to the Truth on their own.
    To use the analogy, you cannot bring the mountain to Mohammed.
    If the feminist manginas refuse to listen then fuck them.
    There are none so blind as those that will not see.
    Let it burn.
    Prepare for the worst as the West falls, let the fires prepare the ground for a new beginning.

  7. paulman34340 says:

    For some of them it's too late they can't be saved it's a fact of life they won't give up because they still want apathetically believe they can save this sinking ship and be good boys so you know what those guys can fall for all I care and as they fall to their death the last thing they'll see before they turn over and hit face-first into the ground is my eyes staring down at them. Like what happened to those migrants over in Europe I forgot which one the ones who scuttled their ship digging a saint NGO only it was a fisherman ship and those fishermen watched as they drowned from their stupidity. I'm going to be just like those guys I'm just going to watch as they die from their own stupidity, because they were given multiple chances to get over here on our side they've had dozens of evidence. But sadly when it all comes down to it they face the same choices us I think that thing that pisses us off is that we saw the obvious choice and we took it but These Guys these guys exist as a dark mirror to us, a reminder that we could have always pick the other choice what we would have become I think that's what causes this disgusting feeling towards them, I want to feel merciful but yeah you have a point those who want to be saved will be saved those who don't want to save themselves can die for all I care, because your chance to survive was there already you just had to go for it but you didn't you just stayed in the middle of the water with the sharks circling around still expecting that woman to come back and save you like she promised when no right before the sharks eat you you'll finally Dawn that Heather is not coming back especially when you saw her swimming to help that hunk over there to the side get on the safety boat and then promise you she'll come back while she started tongue wrestling the f*** as they paddled away. If they want to die let them die they had their chance, they had all the mornings but they chose to ignore them because it's easier to ignore trouble just turn your brain off in trouble will not affect you anymore. Of course death has the same way of turning your brain off so there's that

  8. POWROTTATY says:

    "male" feminists were probably raised by single moms.
    Every single biological men won't be saved.
    8:08 : wtf, that creature is near twice & half older than him.
    27y.o. dude with 47y.o. woman (if she looks fine), maybe; but 63y.o., damn that's a bit crazy dude.
    9:03 : they are desperate to empty their balls & will "hunt" (rather get hunted) by anything.

  9. Syafiq Streakerz says:

    beta males are didn't deserved to be save because they are the one who empowered gynocentrism as well as matriarchy..

  10. Silver Fox Soldier says:

    See Ramsey finds a way to blame the man. Ramsey is a cuck.

    And all those simps make me want to throw up. Sad losers. This is because of their mothers and sisters. They were taught this by being raised by women and no good men around.

  11. Thor says:

    MALE AUTHORITY, without it you do not even have a civilization…….

  12. chuck fults says:

    ALWAYS Remember Guys, IF IT BREATHES! just sayin!

  13. Vaughan Ellis says:

    The ‘Male Feminists’ don’t seem to realise that they are the first ones the feminists will turn, one like the one who recently hung himself after his ‘girlfriend’ turned on him and accused him of abuse.

  14. Paulo Chan says:

    I often hear about the wall, and how when women hit it it's all over for them. That last video proves this to be false. With the amount of thirsty simps out there, there is no wall for women.

    Women, hypergamy, feminism, all of these aren't the problem.

    It's simps. Feminists, manginas, cucks, white knights, pathetic "men" (or rather males, they don't deserve to be called men) who will do and say anything for a shot at a shot with a 63 year old blown out bag.

  15. Tru Sherm says:

    Ive been telling u guys our last battle will be with men sadly enough

  16. T B says:

    Enjoy your life you won’t be saving the world or America. Society has degraded past the point of no return. The majority of marriages end in divorce it’s exponentially worse each subsequent marriage. You get married chances are you’re getting divorced and it will be her and her lawyer taking you to the cleaners. I’ve been married twice it was stupid the first time I should’ve known better the second time. I’ve been single now for over five years debt free finally sold everything except what I need. I have my dog, truck, MC, more money than I’ve ever had. Stay single society is destroying itself anyway. You don’t owe women or society anything. Nothing more empowering than saying no to a woman after you’ve woken up and come to your senses. You’ll never be able to make a woman happy it’s impossible.

  17. Speedzone Speedforce says:

    Actually TFM is right I know several former male feminists who went Mgtow so it is possible just not probable.

  18. Brian Hodgson says:

    lock the borders
    Automated 50 cals
    Delete all welfare
    Kill all criminals large or small

  19. Aeternus Doleo says:

    You can save a "male feminist" only once what he is has been destroyed. And if there's anything good at destroying gullible men it's feminism. Just wait 'till they get spat out… If they survive, offer some red pilled medication. Remember that argentinian femanist that got metoo'd into suicide? As feminists run out of targets to demonize, they'll eat their own.

  20. glprime2814 says:

    Women lose the title “cougar” after 50, becoming coyotes. Anyone under 25 willing to after one of those dragurs (Skyrim reference there) deserves whatever comes their way

  21. UnderBridge Rock says:

    You're too pissed to make any good points. But you make some good points.

  22. The Eunuch States of a Matriarchy says:

    Dave Ramsey is cuck POS. TFM's channel is helping wake up a lot of young men.

  23. Patrick2345454 says:

    Have to hand it to you. Good click-baity title.
    Also, fucking old people is a fetish. Its called "Robbing the Grave", LOL. Disgusting.
    TFM is right, by the way. Some of these men can be saved. I'm a great example. But a 45 year old man who still believes in Santa Clause is a lost cause.

  24. Raymond Weise says:

    tfm knows that if you convert MRA's it will have a snowball effect. plus your not just adding too MTOW you are also taking power away from feminism. get your enemy too join your army

  25. Michael Alexandroff says:

    This Dave Ramsey character assigns no agency to the wife. Ramsey must have dismally low expectations for women, which admittedly so do I, but why isn't there any accountability? Is she a retarded child that is incapable of managing money? The husband is working to support her and all she has to do is manage the finances. Ramsey says she's overburdened, but what about the burden of an irresponsible wife? Dave Ramsey is a sack of dog shit and so is this so called cunt of a wife.

  26. Adam R says:

    Got to respect tfm for fighting the good fight, I was a pussybegging simp formy early years before he saved my life

  27. George Burns says:

    He needs to own his mistake
    trusting a gold digger.

  28. ShutingFromTheSky says:

    wait….is this the "MGTOW money" guy?

  29. ShutingFromTheSky says:

    "fuck them let them die" lololololol

  30. Radix Malorum says:

    Male feminists the root cause of the problem in the first place. They are the very people that gave women all these privileges in the first place. They need to be made to die out so their genes are weeded out. You can't change genes by just convincing them.

  31. Happy and single says:

    I can't save my cousin Chris. He will have to wake up himself.

  32. Zo1 A says:

    Let them go with Dodo bird man.

  33. Mlke Fisher says:

    He needs to grab his balls and kick her to the curb.

  34. Renegade Bastard says:

    New subscriber here. Golden content you are posting, bud. I’m happy I found your channel.

    Strongly agreed that HHH is a good guy as well. I’m a subscriber of his, also.

  35. hendrik sunarto says:

    I'm on the side of let them find their wae

    If they get in our wae, they get purged, that's it

    Attacking them while they have fems siding them is suicidal at best & useless effort, its like attacking the host of the parasites when the parasite is OUTSIDE of the body & colored in neon blue or orange and removing them from the host post no harm at all, the problem is the host perception of the parasites, since the parasite actually gave them purpose

    And what do you know, if ALL men chameleon into male feminist, once all men are male feminist, you can say fuck all feminist rights, just saying

    Keep your allies close, keep your enemy CLOSER

    Outcrazy the crazies

  36. autism speaks says:

    Cucked them into reality.

  37. Leroy Gallagher says:

    Being a male feminist is like being a gay jihadi…can you say Stockholm Syndrome?

  38. andre silva says:

    The male feminist and White Knight are the ones responsible for Gynocentrism!They are the ones who give women power and resources to rule our society! I have no empathy for simps, cucks and male feminist! My so call red pill rageit's almost past, i really dont care about women in general, but those dude really get in to skin! Damn, they are the ones that really make me angry!

  39. Ukleti Holandjanin says:

    Hungary is 1st EU country with SURPLUS with small Hungerian white babys BORN!

  40. Shikharesh Bhattacharya says:

    Dismantle all cunt governments everywhere.

  41. Cobra_571 says:

    Dude…. you didn't prove TFM wrong on anything. There's nothing wrong with being willing to show some compassion to a man whose been fucked by the system. A lot of them are brainwashed. Some are men who are extremely depressed and hate themselves so much they end up abusing or killing themselves.

    I get it. You can shit talk the dumb stuff they do but when a man is vulnerable and might actually listen to red pill knowledge, then maybe he will self actualize. Maybe he won't blow his brains out.

    You can have your opinion but the truth is if they attack you or try to take your freedom then end them but we're talking about the difference between antifa dipshits and normal dudes who believed the stories and thought they wouldn't get fucked.

    You do you but your opinion isn't right, it isn't wrong. It's just your opinion.

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