Mgtow: truth is the new hate crime(why things are crazy)look at comment section

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#mgtow #mgtow (check the comment section also)

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  1. Alpha Male Awakening says:

    Being real gets you hated

  2. Cool Drew says:

    The bible is a survival guide,prophecy,truth,has many correlating events and warning of whats to come and Armageddon. The bible exposes the lies in the matrix.The bible is banned in many countries(i believe 50 or more) for a reason. The elite and most churches have used religion to indoctrinate/ promote cultist and controlling propaganda on the people . They don't even follow the bible but use religion for control and money. If u really read(kjv) you will see such things. They are even changing wording in the bibles. Feminism and the emasculation of men is apart of the final agenda.

  3. Cool Drew says:

    Watch chris cantu videos please watch both links my brothers.

  4. Cool Drew says:

    Revelation whole book online read and study brothers

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