MGTOW!! Riots erupt Marxist feminists enter holy male temple India take it to the streets men

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Today I walk and talk about Marxist feminists invading holy temple in India

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  1. Polyphonic Monkey says:

    Just do it back to them. Us MEN need to start invading female only spaces

  2. Mormon MGTOW says:

    As a Mormon (Less active). There was a few years ago a bunch of women that wanted to take part in the Mens conference. They want to hold the priesthood, HHAHAHA. You can have it ladies. Fine with me. Now go help them church families move, fold chairs, and go on those 50 mile back pack hikes. Jeebus, stupid ladies.

  3. Robert Denham says:

    We, both male and female, are born into slavery. It does not matter if one vanquished the other from the earth, the one remaining would still be a slave. Cattle. Farmed human. Living a facsimile. A financially profitable artistic rendition of reality. That you were born into slavery – marriage is but one symptom of slavery, and make no mistake, we are all slaves.

  4. Arminius of Germania says:

    Are the police beating up brown people again?

  5. Prometheus says:

    I am sure that the Indian men will kill those feminazis because the god that the men worship says women are not allowed. If women don't understand that then most likely they are not of that religion. The men will do what is necessary and no court of India will change that. Maybe a really big male protest will fix that. Go MGTOW.

  6. Paul Peavey says:

    Red pill monk here. Thanks bro keep up the videos

  7. Muscline Presenting Transgender Lesbian Women says:

    Glad to see this was discussed in MGTOW community. from India

  8. MGTOW Gopnik says:

    I hate these cunts

  9. Cliff Hornet says:

    I support those guys. Riot on they ass.

  10. jamesandrew62 says:

    There has always been envy & resentment held towards men, the main difference at the moment is that the mainstream stokes that resentment & validates it, Then the legal systems remove consequences. Unfortunately reality is a going to bring a cold heartless justice to women rather than the utopia being dreamed of.

  11. S P says:

    So for thousands of year this Temple was a Male only place.

    Indian Courts changed the rules to allow woman in the temple. So the courts of the world are United in a fight against man.

  12. Nyufly35 says:

    Invading men's spaces literally!

  13. David Mccully says:

    Cultural Marxism

  14. Gauge Rap says:

    women can make their own female-only space, stop messing with men

  15. Reginald Dove says:

    Imagine if women declared war on men and men showed up….it is not even a contest….

  16. Giridhar Vajjala says:

    Men take up 41 days of penance, sleep on the floor, go without footwear, take cold shower at 3 in the morning and pray. They celibate for these days and trek the hill to complete their penance. For these feminazis in India, desecrating this place is an ultimate victory.

  17. Slim Morden says:

    Notice feminists are not demanding admission to the wilderness in this video?

  18. Giridhar Vajjala says:

    Indian and MGTOW. The courts have taken a leftist stance unfortunately, but we'll fight back

  19. Yagya Dollie says:

    So there is an actual god of mgtow?

  20. Derek Spencer says:

    Women/feminist have never built a society, but they are damn good at destroying them!!!!

  21. buki says:

    That god went mgtow from millenia what a savage mother fucker LOL

  22. Curious Monk says:

    This news is so biased. I know RT hates the US, but apparently it hates truth too.

    1. Women are not banned. And it is not about menstruation. Women in the age group of 10-50 generally do not visit the temple.

    2. The Supreme Court was very uninformed about the rituals and customs of this temple. The five-bench panel that passed this judgement included one who voted against the order and surprisingly, she was the only female judge in the panel. So it was a decision made by Bid-daddy brown-Knights in the court

    3. This was never a case of gender-equality. There are temples in the same state where men are banned from entering during certain festival days.

    All women who have successfully entered the temple are backed by marxist parties or are members of leftist organisations.

    The women in India are now on their path to marrying the state.

  23. Gary Bentlage says:

    I also live in the Northwest, great place to live in my opinion.

  24. Central Tendency says:

    Good Job Indian man! That is how it is done.
    What part of ** NO ** do these bitches don't understand?

  25. James Green says:

    those are some gorgeous woods

  26. James Green says:

    new sub great vid holy shit a mgtow god this shit is old school

  27. Shadow Dancer says:

    They be like "U shall not pass!!!

  28. TERRELL BEAST says:


  29. davids11131113 says:

    Keep them dirty bitches out! They’ll befoul your temple! MGTOW

  30. Jeremy Duke says:

    Strange world

  31. vej 48 says:

    Where can I purchase the hat wit the MGTOW label….

  32. Joseph Ramirez says:

    A temple dedicated to a god that refused to marry… a mgtow god!

  33. Louis Babycos says:

    Men can't have just one thing that's their own yet women can demand as much women only spaces and activities for themselves.

  34. joe77njcp says:

    This mans are real mgtow

  35. Sean -Ego says:

    If it was in america,the "civilized" men,hell "men" would've ran home started going on youtube to act like they tough and all.

  36. Mihai A says:

    Since I was a little boy I liked to read ancient books, one thing that always caught my eye was that in the religious books women always did some dumb shit that men had to come and clean after them.

  37. Tom Dilex says:

    Good job India

  38. Raoh says:

    I like this deity,he sensed feminist bullshit centuries ago.

  39. harry singh says:

    Lord Ayyappa temple has the knowledge of celibacy and freedom from matrix in energy form and male devotees go there to receive it. Women have no purpose at this temple, this temple is for those who have decided to sacrifice their desires and achieve Moksha/Nirvana. Some men also go here to be protected from the influence of Saturn .

  40. Ukleti Holandjanin says:

    Time for Hockey Maskas.
    Put woman back in her place one way or another.
    They are true cancer of society and useless parasite left unsupervised.

  41. Baby 46,xy xy says:

    There should laws to make female spaces illegal

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