Mgtow Response- The Guardian: Marriage Can Never be Feminist

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26 Responses

  1. Undead Chronic says:

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  2. QE ornotQE says:

    Donated, buddy. But I'd rather donate monthly, so if you set up a Patreon account, I can do that. Thanks for all the Lols, Undead.

  3. John Brown says:

    How is marriage perpetuating "male privilege" when it is mainly women the ones that push for it?

  4. Slavic Warrior says:

    It’s starting to look like the natural progression of civilization (at least the only one we humans can observe) is the dissolution of the male/female contract. Advanced sex bots and/or AI units will outcompete women at breakneck speed.

    Religious loons will deem it unholy.

    Natural fallacy-toting loons will deem it unnatural.

    Rational men will deem it logical.

  5. Long Lost Puss says:

    Died at 2:27.

    I think you underestimated the potential of the beastery about to be revealed.

  6. Palace Of Wisdom says:

    Of course she opposes marriage, she aspires to be the lesbian Harvey Weinstein.

  7. Poetic Assassin says:

    "Kill it with fire!" My eyes, I think I'm blind.

  8. Peace Ecaep says:

    Being a skanks ass whore isn't about equality either! Bitches wanna get on their knees for every Chad dick Tom and Harry that wants a blowjob,they think getting down on their knees is empowering!
    That's a big difference between men and women,a man knows being on your knees servicing others isn't empowering! They at best whore their body out to anyone with money,at best these THOTS are slaves at worst their a public drinking fountain where everyone can line up and get a taste!
    Wives aren't property of their husbands you don't own them like a slave. THOTS are the property of any man who wants to claim them.
    A loyal wife is more free and empowered than a hoe will ever be! Don't marry a hoe, considering most women are hoes don't marry them when they get older either.
    Women don't magically change who they are the wall doesn't have mystic purifying power. They are still the same whore you boned a decade and a half ago!
    And they'll still cheat on you,let's deport all the thirsty beta cuck brown immigrants and stop fucking these hoes!
    Women are trying to hold men hostage threatening genocide if we don't bang their list whore pussies and share them with other men!
    The answer is to withhold the cock! They're cock spoiled and think they can have whatever whenever. Take away the free ride let them become homeless beggers for a few years,then maybe offer the chance for them to change only if they act right do they get dick and a place to live!
    Let's treat women the way they treat men,ask her how much money she makes,then tell her she doesn't have enough money and she's not buff enough to deserve sex and leave without looking back!
    Bitch would shit a brick

  9. birdman uk2020 says:

    Chronic should stamp these bitches pictures at the end of his videos with a big 'roasted'. Sorry, just thinking out loud.

  10. Mike Hunt says:

    This Guardian video would have had more of a chance to have some effect with a woman above a 3 giving the presentation. No one would want to marry this thing.

  11. jetski Dex says:

    The Guardian in the UK is a load of shit, a whole load of codswallop.

  12. jetski Dex says:

    Sometimes I just repeaf the intro lol

  13. MMAJunkie - member of the growing MGTOW rebellion says:

    Has this chick not heard of Divorce Rape of Assets and Lifelong Alimony, or that most women with options cheat nowadays, especially with massive options opened up via social media apps. Marriage is lifelong slavery to men by modern cheating thots. Marriage gives women security, which is why women want to get married much more than men do, but now it's just a disgusting scam that destroys men in the divorce courts.

  14. Dark Rebel says:

    At least the high rates of marriages back then kept these nasty broads weights in check! Good riddance someone get me a harpoon.

  15. Omnious says:

    She got beat with the ugly stick and turned into Shrek. Then adopted feminism to cope with the rejection and now she is telling women not to get married. Really, she is the equivalent of a male creep that will be forever alone.

  16. JuiceIV stat says:

    Lmao “re-claim marriage”. In other words, women used to get taken care in exchange for sex and now women fuck for free! Hurray for feminism! 1 step forward and 300 steps back. No one could’ve possibly seen this coming. #metoo is adding fuel to MGTOW, welfare is collapsing the system, and education literally became useless because of over saturation. Welcome to the new world order of women. Where women can’t even make it with all the help in the world.

    Edit: Did she just say that she loves listening to Snoop Dogg even though it’s not a feminist acts due to women hating lyrics? I mean it was already known women loved being treated like shit, but damn.

  17. np67 says:

    That is a geezerbird in the video.

  18. Blog4Justice says:

    The Guardian is vile. I stopped reading it in 2004, and Bindel was one of the reasons why. If it were not for public sector job advertising revenue (i.e. taxpayer money), the newspaper would have failed years ago.

  19. Greg Adamms says:

    Still opt for the white gown even though they've ridden the CC for 15 years

  20. Songo says:

    Undead Chronic i bet this land whale started the mad cow disease 😀

  21. blueflagmusic says:

    Cannibals with exquisite hand bags.
    Smell the glove.

  22. Go MGTOW says:

    I just don't understand why women say: Prove your love for me; sign this contract.
    Makes absolutely no sense to sign your life away. And for what? A temporary friendship with a woman, before she leaves you to go chase so other 'Chad' out there? But while she's left you for some other dude, you are still obligated to continue to support her? No, sounds like a really BAD DEAL for the men who sign that contract. Don't do it.

  23. Radu says:

    Why do i hear HENTAI when u say anti

  24. MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva says:

    so she's the same fugly psycho who said that men should be put in concentration camps

  25. Victor Rossoni says:

    Greetings from Brazil ! Sick intro music, can you tell the name?

  26. Naughtious Maximus says:

    I hope every feminist listens and obeys. It would be wonderful for the trash to take itself out.

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