MGTOW is the ONLY way to Live – Work Hard/Smart and Make MONEY. Get Rich

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6 Responses

  1. paul cooper says:

    Hi darren do you ever use a cornice roller.

  2. Michael Coleman says:

    Amen Get a TRADE fellas like a CDL. A storm is coming and those who are mobile/adaptive will win.

  3. Mario Morris says:

    Great stuff Darren!

  4. Mike The Breeze says:

    Nice, my friend. Your hard work is inspiring. I need to work harder and focus.

  5. Jorn Verschoor says:

    Some nice music for you Darren, to cheer you up, all the way from Holland:


    First, bitches!
    Proud of you, bro. Keep up the hustle, man. If you can convince him to get his trees trimmed there’s referral $$$ for you. #MAGA

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