MGTOW: Is a Gender War Inevitable?

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Here I answer a question that has been plaguing my mind for quite some time. Whether a full-scale conflict between men and women will ever happen or not? I would like to hear all of your thoughts on the matter. Like the content? Make sure to comment, rate and subscribe and hit the bell for updates. Narration is all opinion.

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25 Responses

  1. MRDRAXX says:

    One side wants to bring us back together in traditional means, the other wants to enslave us. Its not gonna be an easy war.

  2. Cully Schmetterling says:

    Hockey mask time is inevitable.

  3. Stan Zlatanov says:

    Migtow vs women AND simps…though fight. We gonna get squashed. Cunts controll 90 percent of all powrful men nd the best quality too. They have weapons, prisons territory and are well protexted ans numerous. Gourilla warfare. For now.

  4. einstürtzende neubauten says:

    – MGTOW – A New Year, a new challenge and many opportunities.
    Learn something new, a language, new skills, how to garden, learn how to cook healthy meals, but above all, learn cryptos.
    200 new words and its meaning, how to act in this new technology. Crypto is the future and YOU need a head start at all costs!
    The early bird eats the worm.

  5. Raoh says:

    The real war is between awakened men and the agents of gynocentrism aka white knights/cucks/simps/manginas. Whimz can do nothing without their domesticated male slave cast to wage war on their behalf,to walk away is simply to acknowledge that society in it's current form no longer has value.

  6. Dane Richards says:

    Oh yeah there is a real war with women coming there's more of them than us guys and it's going to get violent and deadly us men are on the brink you can't do a fucking than with out them attacking you

  7. alecboyyes says:

    No. There will never be a physical war between men and women, only between gynocentric and non-gynocentric men, which ironically tells you humanity is gynocentric by default.

  8. Mars Skydiver says:

    Taking over Marvel was the last straw. fuck it its on!!

  9. Klaus Ebner says:

    There is no war between the sexes, rather they are in a state of quarantine.

  10. strranger says:

    Let women's rot in their own misery, they will eventually get bored by simps

    Mgtow is extremely less in number and womens are out since there is no league for anyone, anymore ,

    There is no other way ,

    Womens true nature is out and exposed by womenism itself ,

    This is how it will turn out,

    Womens will get extreme vindictive and seek mgtows for the satisfaction of their greedy egos ,

    They will become hungry and predatory by the day , they will fall victim to their own unbalanced desires, which mostly they have already by now

    And here mgtows will need to confront themselves,

    By questioning out , if they want the drama in their lives for the sake of a pussy pleasure

    Or will they stand their ground and let womens rot , by not making out with them at all ,

    Hence the evergreen question , where are all good mans gone ,

    Mgtow (Men gone their own way

    Mgtow is not happiness, it is merely the last survival ground that exists , as we all are aware of

    Horrifically this is it ,

    No such thing as happy ending , since women will never learn and neither behave ,

    Man and women without each other are doomed

  11. MGTOW STRONG says:

    This may be long – for that, I will apologize to the reader. You DID solicit comments/feedback, though.
    I'm glad I watched your video before responding to the question because if a person does not believe there is a war between the sexes, that means they are either: in a coma, a Cucked male feminist/White Knight or just flat out disconnected from reality. The war has been raging against men for the past 50 years – men have only awakened within the last 10 years AND have quickly come to the realization that….yes, we've lost SO many battles due to our arrogance/ambivalence AND the fact that we were somewhat clueless to the agenda. You site #metoo, but that only CONFIRMED what guys had been saying and made "conspiracy theories" valid. The ONLY logical move is MGTOW. Guys sometimes try to rationalize a way NOT to have to go MGTOW, but reality and fear bring them back to the MGTOW conclusion.

    Right now, things are reluctantly acceptable, but anyone that has been watching/researching/paying attention knows that they (feminists/Marxist) will not stop until there IS a full blown HOT war. Men won't ignite the war, but we will be blamed for it nonetheless. Here's how I see it (feel free to correct me if you disagree). We are walking away for survival purposes and MGTOW is gaining strength at "break-kneck" speeds. Guys that were criticizing MGTOW 6-12 months ago are now adopting the ideology. The Western woman is SO toxic that she pretty much is a walking billboard/justification for MGTOW. Women SAY they don't need us, but we all know the truth….they need men AND our resources. They are crafty and smart, though. They keep trying to box men into a corner and ultimately I believe they will succeed to their detriment. Case(es) in point: Men fear false rape allegations, so a logical step of protection would be to have a video recording of any sexual encounter. Can't do THAT, though because of REVENGE PORN laws. California has that (insane) "Yes means Yes" law. I could go on, but hopefully you get the point that laws are getting worse by the day – laws are there to absolve females of any/all accountability. They will KEEP on getting worse.
    If the artificial womb comes to fruition – feminists will demonize/ban it (look at how they are trying to stop sex dolls). This current Congress is a nightmare – Krysten Sinema, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez immediately come to mind (with other left-winged femtards lurking in the shadows). These morons are doing their absolute best to turn our current system into socialism. Thus benefiting themselves to our labor and productivity BY LAW!.
    Sorry, Gents. A "HOT" war is inevitable. The monkey is right about this (TFM). Only way to save the West is taking away their rights. They are going to keep their boots on our knecks until we say, "ENOUGH!" Again, they are not dumb. Women that once shamed MGTOW now make videos in TOTAL agreement. A convenient distraction. Sorry so long, guys.

  12. Robert Denham says:

    2 Timothy 3:1-5  (KJV)

    3 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.


  13. Kilroy says:

    Please note: Via the improper news feed, I made a mistake I feel I need to correct.
    In the below comment about the WWE Classic competitor who pulled out her tampon during a match and shoved it down an opponent’s throat – I copied the information directly from a news feed that (obviously) got her name completely WRONG!
    Interestingly, the name originally given, Johnnie Mae Young, born March 12, 1923 and passed away January 14, 2014, was NOT the correct name originally given by the news media. She WAS an American professional wrestler, however. She wrestled throughout the United States and Canada and won multiple titles in the National Wrestling Alliance.
    The correct name (as was later corrected by the news feed) was Priscilla Kelly (born June 5th, 1997) and is an American professional wrestler, valet and former short term child actress. She has made a name for herself by being an outlandish 3rd wave feminist who is typically rude, crude and antisocial. She has also made stupid statements like, “In society, women are supposed to hide that they have periods. 'Nobody knows… hold your head down.' That's how society has groomed women to be over the last century."
    Someone needs to tell her that in THIS country, tampons and feminine hygiene products in general, are advertised and sold openly in almost all stores nation wide. Women are NEVER told to hold their head “down” for ANY reason – least of all their menstrual cycle.

  14. mr1fed says:

    The American Psychological Association is moving towards introducing masculinity as a mental disorder. Is a gender war inevitable? The gender war is well under way!

  15. Darksoul Quis says:

    You cant argue with a creature that is biologically geared to hate you cause god made you their overlords, govt civilization made it so good for them theyre just taking advantage of it before civilization men would just take what they wanted now women are doing the same hence the " gender war " i will also say this the elite men and women are providing ammo for the war this really is all about eugenics its fueling men hate putting testerone in the wrong direction for the common man

  16. Rynard Moore says:

    I've gotten to the place of "let them destroy themselves" when it comes to women. This is because IDC anymore and the best option for me — as it has been for the last 20 or so years — is to remain on the MGTOW course. As for the gender war — this has been going on for some time now as a type of cold war — say 50 years or so — that is now getting into a limited shooting war. Which, feminists are doing most of the shooting these days — and men are shooting back with a powerful weapon — indifference. To quote the WOPR computer from the movie "War Games," "the only winning move is not to play…" This to me means a MGTOW man walking away from a woman with an air of indifference is using a powerful weapon that is hard to circumvent.

    MGTOW cannot and will not be stopped.

  17. Lewis Chirino says:

    Is not men vs women, is men vs white knights. Without white knights, feminism would have never existed. The more white knights get converted to red pill understanding and realize these women r only manipulating them, the harder it is 4 women to continue this nonsense of superiority. Women by themselves or without enough white knights will surrender this female-supremacy fight

  18. Brian Ramsey says:

    I think there already is a gender war going hot. I consider #MeToo was a response to Donald Trump being elected president and Hillary Clinton having lost the election. This was a direct response to women's disappointment. Men's response has been to withdraw and to protect themselves from accusations in future decades, thus making feminist accusations of a glass ceiling become true.

    Feminists are not going to pull back from making the conflict increasingly hot. The feminist leaders do not want women to be happily married as that reduces the feminist leadership's empowerment. Feminist attacks upon traditional marriage can be seen by articles advising women to have twenty-five sexual partners before marriage. Women who even approach such a number have virtually no chance of being successfully monogamous. Divorces and slut-walks empower feminist leaders.

    In Ireland, men's intimate relations with women are now being criminalized if the woman's feelings are hurt. So if a man hurts a woman's feelings, then he has committed the crime of emotional abuse? If a man cancels his wife's credit card after she brings the family to financial ruin, then he has committed the crime of coercive control?

    Feminists are not going to back off from these laws, instead they will accelerate them. Whether they achieve their stated goals or not does not matter because they will achieve the feminists' true goals. The conflict isn't about making women happy and men unhappy, the conflict is about the feminist leaders' personal power.

  19. Faz G says:

    Finally someone addressing the big elephant in the mgtow community. The last thing mgtow needs is falling into the trap of being a groupthink. I hope more and more people realize this and actually pave their own way instead of looking back.

  20. Honda Solo says:

    Well I thought this was a Mgtow site but I see your allowing women to voice their crazy ass shit . I'm not coming back

  21. Sam Uyo-non says:

    Excellent Video …., some very solid thinking has gone behind it and you have raised some fascinating points. My opinion is the war was started by women around 15 years ago, when Misandry and Hypergamy become a virtue to be lauded over and divorce courts were only satisfied with the destruction of men, hence 83% of the suicide rate is men, when women are more emotional !!! …., most of those poor bastards would have been divorced and destroyed.

    The future is where we should be focusing, if we abuse women on these forums then MGTOW will be banned …., personally I believe the only way to protect MGTOW is to register it as a religion, as that is linked to freedom of thought and expression, nothing else is …., the cornerstone can be "Everyman is his own Deity" …., they won't like it, but they can't fight it …., this would give us protection as a group to raise finance, build MGTOW communities, have places of 'worship' where we can gather without being harassed. We can look at crowd-funding businesses for other MGTOW and become a self-sufficient community ….., eventually when the Lover-bot technology is at the Stepford Wives Level and men can use overseas surrogates to have their own children, then the division of the sexes will be complete ….., we can ignore women totally and have nothing to do with them …., they won't like it as women live to destroy men and put us down …., but we will have freedom in our own MGTOW religious communities and communes under the constitution.

    Feminism has screwed women more than any man has ever done …., they have just won the biggest Pyrrhic victory in history …., and they will be able to tell their cats all about it …., whilst MGTOW communities will become an oasis of calm, peacefulness and tranquillity.

  22. PHILIP WATSON 5 says:


  23. Tyrone Walker says:

    Over half the population lives alone, it's over. Men and women no longer need one another.

  24. BlyndSDragon says:

    It is not even just feminism… It is in everything now.
    Women need to wake up as men are already waking up… They are already alone and wondering why the can not find "a nice guy" to whom they would abuse and then toss away.
    This war has been going on a long long long long long time.

    Women need to relearn their place.
    I find it odd that you say the part about social media… When you are on it sharing your message and I would not have heard about MGTOW without youtube.

  25. Lana Blakely says:

    You seem like a reasonable human being. I like what you say towards minute 4, and I believe MGTOW is "falling into the same trap" even if it's core is well-intended (just like feminism). My comment section alone is proof that it's becoming (or has already become) a label men use to shame and hate women. Hate vs. hate is not the way to do it.

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