MGTOW – Feminism Is Hitting the Wall

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8 Responses

  1. Arch Stanton says:

    It seems far more logical to walk away then to challenge the current paradigm and risk getting doxed or publicly lambasted by the mainstream media

  2. Montag Alexis says:

    Just last week U.S. Congress passed the "Global Womens Economic Development". The name says it all. Massive push, funding and favoritism for both Feminist and Globalist agendas. Cornerstoned by Ivanka Trump Kushner. This means it has the backing and intent of the World's most powerful oligarchies behind it. Besides funding this will likely affect nearly All facets of living, at least for the Western World. Seems all is going well and just as planned for those atop of the top of the pyramid.
    Stay strong, integrated and clear headed my fellow Men.

  3. realmenwearcamo says:

    Trump took office in January, not March.

  4. Enemy Of moron says:


    I read another funny title today

    It read

    Women's ovaries do not agree with feminnsm.


  5. walej says:

    No, I don't think we can all agree. Isn't it likely that people who know their own minds don't search any of these terms? It's people who are confused who feel the need for more info. What about the people who check out MGTOW and conclude that it's crap? What about people who "hate-search"?
    Since MGTOW don't procreate–or say they don't–they should decline over time, if humanity lasts that long. Shuffle off, boys, and let women enjoy their humanity.

  6. Nene Rawrs says:

    You look like an Incel 🙂

  7. MGTOW Lithuania/Lietuva says:

    I bet ''cat food'' and ''wine'' trend is rising too

  8. Victor VonFrankenstein says:

    Also doesnt account for the diet coke feminists and trad thot chameleons. Go your own way.

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