#MeToo : Tipping Point For Gender Justice In India? | Vinta Nanda, Saba Naqvi & Chinmayi Exclusive

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This edition of To The Point focuses on the #MeToo campaign in India that has gained momentum exposing many known public faces including film stars, politicians. Some are calling it the tipping point of gender justice, others have termed it the urban working woman’s revolution while there are many labelling it a misguided, dangerous outlet but the Me Too movement has made a tangible impact in India with some of the biggest names in different industries being called out for sexual harassment.

#MeTooIndia #TimesUp #ToThePoint

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12 Responses

  1. amit basra says:

    the campaign is not having any impact on the ground level. All this campaign is doing is with in the gambit of top level intellectual class page 3 publicity culture…. whether this will help the women who is unknown in public life and doing hard work each and every day if her boss is not highly known in public society. Will media cover her story with same passion and eagerness….even if she is not famous….

  2. Devesh Bhatt says:

    Child rights secure karo warna kuch nahi hoga. Secure Child Rights or nothing will happen and situation wont approve

    Urban women jump onto metoo but no one talks about rural women…across thw board why were women silent when Child Labour Act 2016 came out and many labour laws were changed in favour of exploiting employers?

    If an underage girl is easy to exploit how would crime against women get checked? It is a critical dimension to women's rights.

  3. Diya Kataria says:

    Eh Muthu DIE!

  4. Kushal Shrestha says:

    more respect power n respect to tanushree for taking stand for herself n paving way for other acctress to come forward n talk about sexual harassement

  5. MelodicNostalgic says:

    Allegations are simple allegations until proven in the Court. Anyone can say anything about anyone. Once proved it is reasonable to take sides.

  6. Ransher singh boora says:

    It’s harvey weinstein and not harry weinstein.

  7. Pasha Hussain says:

    Falthu topic hai "daly dalit Adivasi ke sat atiyachar hora hai media chup raheta hai shemfull reporter S"

  8. Digvijay Rana says:

    This needs to spread in every part of nation

  9. Rahul boro says:

    Ye buddhi nee shaddi nahi Kia Kya??

  10. physcadlic khen says:

    Throw the guy to the wolves…shameless ppl…

  11. SUROJIT SAHA says:

    it is toatlly bullshit..any women can come make any bullshit charges on media against menwithout any proof and we have to beleive ..is this logical..is this under law?then why is there court or law?shame on media..media has no brain..

  12. Never Bow says:

    #metoo is a power takeover by feminists. Men must resist these devils.

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