#MeToo: Gender equality in Hollywood still long way off

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The 2019 Hollywood awards season kicks off this weekend with the Golden Globes. Last year’s awards were dominated by the #metoo movement,, in the wake of sexual harassment accusations, against Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein. But a year on… has anything changed in Tinseltown? Mary MacCarthy reports from Los Angeles.

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22 Responses

  1. Searching thanks says:

    Look at that, a bunch of transgender feminists worrying about woman's rights, now isn't that somethibg

  2. Boss Hoggg says:

    Do the millions of women on Pornhub support the metoo movement..

  3. Gmama Clampett says:

    Can you please tell me which of these are biological women?

  4. Blue Lion says:

    Hollywood itself is nothing more than garbage that puts their trash out to the ignorant masses of people to consume.

    You feminist can't alter how God intended to create both man and woman.


    Its not a hash tag its a pound sign. These people if you can call them that are actually saying pound me too

  6. Interdimentional Wizard Wiz says:

    feminism destroyed hollywood

  7. Oh tommy Tommy !! says:

    My god I hate hollywood

  8. Aa E1 says:

    When women respect their bodies and cover up i think that will be when they get respected but coming to parties or work half naked or exposing their bodies they are easily misunderstood rather than being judged for their mind their bodies over shadow their progress ladies ask yourselves why men cover up?…It's how you carry yourself.

  9. Nano c says:

    Omg there are so many people who live in Hunger .

  10. Adam Freak says:


  11. Qabyo Media says:

    Because God Never made Men and Women equal

  12. Aether says:

    The Golden Globe is rewarded those who produce fine arts, and not just because you have a vagina.

  13. ihuman trafficking says:

    so, until 'the ladies' find a phrase of their own….. 'suckit' will continue as always.

  14. Theredneck Prepper says:

    Wa wa wa i dont see any female making any good movies ? do you ! this is a BS report !

  15. Ash Blaxe says:

    Gender Equality is a myth.

  16. Bobby bob says:

    these are adults…who cares…WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES AND CHILDREN GETTING ABUSED BY THESE EVILDOERS in hollywood..??????

  17. Sajal Jain says:

    Any chance of gender equality in muslim world?

  18. Sonia Nixon says:


  19. Sonia Nixon says:


  20. Paul : says:

    Me too movement put women’s rights back decades.

  21. AFRIDI Vlogs says:

    this events …nice way to distract people….i dont know why people fell in the same trap…

  22. df2dot says:

    Who cares, blow it out of your a$$

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