MeToo Backlash Hurting Women In Politics & The Workforce – MGTOW

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Tucker Carlson & Tammy Bruce discuss the MeToo backlash Hurting Claire McCaskill in her Senate Race against Josh Hawley, & Wall Street Executives are Avoiding women

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3 Responses

  1. Pure Huwhite Man says:

    It's not good when men don't go along with feminism. Feminist need men to make their commie feminist agenda possible.

  2. Fred NaughT says:

    Hence why most older civilizations didnt allow women in power or to even speak unless spoken to… they destroy everything due to emotions and lack of rational thinking !

  3. Mgtow Values says:

    "We have to make sure that men are brought along with us" – 4:20. Does anyone else take issue with that?
    Ruff, Ruff!
    That a boy, Rover.

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