Meghan Markle SHOCK claim : Americans ‘would be HAPPY’ if Duchess split from Prince Harry

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AMERICANS “don’t care” about Meghan Markle and would even be “happy” if her marriage to Prince Harry ended in “divorce or … ”, it has been claimed…………….. Please Watching.

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18 Responses

  1. Deborah Abraham says:

    This is bullshit.

  2. Doris Tachie says:

    That is horrible lie

  3. Majorie Okay says:

    I loved Kate , I think she love seeing Harry Harry single. I think she is happier with Harry than her husband, so she doesn’t want to see him happy with anyone else. She cannot have both of them. Harry need to go home at night with his wife.

  4. marellamofo says:

    Bullshit!!! ! Americans and the American media do not follow the Royal family to the point that they would wish Meghan divorce Harry. If that happens it happens. True the entertainment media in America has been reporting on the alleged drama, but the reporting has been balanced. By all accounts, Meghan has had the most fairytale life imaginable. To go from being a successful actress to becoming a member of the most Royal of Royal families, is a lot for some people to swallow. WHO IN THE FUCK DOES THIS??? There are hateful envious people who get satisfaction from anything that they hope would tear Meghan Markle down. This is where the tabloid media comes in. I’m sure Harry and Meghan have been bracing for the hate. And make no mistake about Meghan is far more prepared to handle the drama.

  5. TheKujonPT says:

    The "Great Tour" resembles more a leftist campaign rally. DD ( Duchess Devilish) delivered at minimum two marxist speeches.

  6. Mabel Idehen says:

    That's an evil talk. And you are very very jealous.

  7. Connie Nunya says:

    And for u suzie u got your opinions and comments and so do I ,so don't even start with me ,what I think and say has nothing to do with u dummy

  8. Connie Nunya says:

    For you suzie and Funmi sounds like a pet name Funmi, now I know what to name my lit puppy ha

  9. Connie Nunya says:

    Frog Cottage Is Looks Like A Haunted House, I Don't Care If She Happy Or Not ,But I Don't Think She Is She Misses America and wants so bad to come back and she might cause she not really fitting with the royals, the royals are old fashion people and weird and I'm so happy that the queen put her in her place, she no princess to me ,she got temper trauma and attitude and things aren't going the way she wants, harry is to blind to see her ture colors, and u shouldn't worry how I feel about the woman cause it has nothing to do with u idiot

  10. livelove &laugh says:

    This story was made up by some white supremacist idiot. He definitely is not speaking for every American but himself and his fellow pathetic sh**heads.

  11. TheKujonPT says:

    A surrogate has been in the Palace. DD ( Duchess Devilish ) can afford no mistakes.

  12. Stela Antunes says:

    Quais americanos? Que escândalos?

  13. Lantha Jones says:

    I don't know who this person is speaking for. But I'm an American and I can tell you right now if Harry & Meghan divorce I will know longer care what's going on in Britain or with the Royals. I left when Di passed away and I returned when Harry married Meghan.

  14. victoria herbertperry says:

    That is not true. We love Megan

  15. Hajja Amatullah says:

    This man cannot speak for Anerica…key word " former " he doesn t even live in the US anymore….


    Meghan I hear has a big mouth from media.


    Plastic is not good. Telling God he made junk. So Meghan deserves all she gets.


    Since Harry is grandmas favorite she got him a wild sex toy and is 100 percent plastic. Media shows Harry as racist. But Meghen has helped in glamour.

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