Meghan Markle empowers unemployed women at U.K. charity during royal patronage visit

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Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, announced on Thursday she would become patron of four organizations to champion causes close to her heart, including the National Theatre and charities supporting women and animal welfare.

Meghan visited Smart Works on Thursday, a U.K. charity that supports unemployed women, helping them with outfits for job interviews and offering advice.

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19 Responses

  1. humpty dumpty says:

    She's really in her element here.

  2. Sherry Sandor Kelly says:

    Isnt satan great ✊✊

  3. Sherry Sandor Kelly says:

    Fake bump

  4. carolien lauren says:

    She isn't speak Science To shown off people but I guess the symptoms of/ Melagomania,/sickness,

  5. Erzsébet Forgacs says:

    Meghan is very old!

  6. Marta Chen says:


  7. Suzie Que says:

    THE DUKE of SUSSEX really hits the JACKPOT in terms of women.

  8. M Gr says:

    This woman is an oximoron at every aspect of her empty life

  9. Marissa Ross says:

    Keep it up, princess! You're my inspiration! Not all hero wear cape..

  10. huntley62 says:

    Dear Megan, I pray your strength and courage….do not be afraid of the faces of the haters, because there are more of US…..that love and wishes you well…than the haters that wants to hurt you. LOVE always win.

  11. Rhonda says:

    Meghan is in her element…supporting, helping and encouraging others.  Wonderful video of the work she is doing.

  12. Shawn Barrett says:
    meghan past employment
    why not have meghan do interview how was she a stripper t become a royal?
    amazing the inspirational stories
    want to see more see they dresses – my husband would appreciate it!!

  13. Avakin4 All says:

    Meghan seems a bit controlling but she is a beautiful duchess and has a great education and excellent knowledge which she uses to help others and do charity which is so humble of her.

  14. Tiny Dancer says:

    Fake baby bump, old hag!

  15. Avakin4 All says:

    Fake bump to fake butt pads.

  16. Ann TwoShoes says:

    She’s showing she’s not just decorative. She’s really caring and interested in this wonderful organisation.

  17. bridgettedenise says:

    We love you megan

  18. Illy O says:

    let's see how this unfolds….best of luck

  19. Lee H Wells says:

    She had the gall to wear a $3,000 coat and a purse that cost over $1,000 to such a charity. She's a fake and could care less about the poor and needy. Face it. What does it take to expose her? And her fake baby bump?

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