Meghan Markle Announces Her 4 Royal Patronages | TODAY

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Kensington Palace announced the Duchess of Sussex, the former Meghan Markle, will become patron of four charity groups that reflect causes close to her heart: arts, education, women and animal welfare. NBC’s Keir Simmons reports for TODAY.
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Meghan Markle Announces Her 4 Royal Patronages | TODAY

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37 Responses

  1. All Will Be Well says:

    Meghan Markle is a hard-working, self-made millionaire. Talented, beautiful, open, affectionate, sweet and wants to help. She has only been married to Harry for 8 months and has already visited Ireland with him. gone on a royal tour to Commonwealth countries with Harry, while pregnant, has co-created a wonderful cookbook for an awesome charity and is going to give birth in a few months. Yet the British tabloids are trying to destroy her and tear her down as they did Diana and Sarah Ferguson and Kate Middleton. She is a great person and a great asset to the Royal Family. She will survive this but the viciousness of the British tabloid press is pathological and sick.

  2. Zen Bona says:

    Still an old HAG!

  3. Erzsébet Forgacs says:

    Meghan is very old!

  4. leilonima says:

    The exaggeration is everywhere and yes I am saying to the people who are after me ! Duchess do you remember the roumors even hough I was one of the people who realized was fake about u I am kind of dealing with that here in Massachusetts and I need it to stop from the fake news and people who have no clue of my life . I am announcing to the whole world that I am hold hostage with greedy people who wanna benefit from u with my name . I say stop and get out of my internet .

  5. Blessed Daughter says:

    Oh Scrabble, I love to play Scrabble

  6. Tuli Franz says:

    Meghan is in the league of her own. There was no one in the British monarchy with qualities matching hers. The Queen is wise enough to harness and promote Meghan because she knows the value and worth of Meghan. We will not mention names here, mention one member of the royal family who has accomplished what Meghan has accomplished so far. Academically, she has them all in her pocket, so to speak. She write her own speeches. The British tabloids are jealous of her. The majority are racists, everyone knows that. We, the admire of Team Sussex wish them health , harmony and a prosperous 2019.

  7. huntley62 says:

    Dear Megan….I pray your strength and courage, do not be afraid of there faces of the haters…..because They are more of US…..that loves and wishes you well, than the haters.

  8. Adrianne Edwards says:

    Why are people so quick to believe bad things about someone they don’t know?

  9. Denise Armstrong says:

    I love Princess Meghan so much

  10. SassyBratt1 says:

    So big deal the Queen made her "Patronage for Prostitutes" and they're celebrating all over London with a special one time price on blojobs. YAY!

  11. Elle Taylor says:

    She seems very down to earth and knowledgeable. She is a great speaker. Much success to her.

  12. Cristina Kurland says:

    The Queen can see how smart she is that’s why the queen gave Meghan those 4 royal duties. Go girl we’re all here for you.

  13. Cristina Kurland says:

    They’re all jealous and envious of her. To bad for those idiots. Meghan the duchess of Sussex is a very intelligent, smart, talented, affectionate and gorgeous looking woman.

  14. sand73 says:

    Keir, I always thought of you as one of the sensible ones. But, here you are, repeating nonsense from British trash tabloids. Meghan has not had a " tough few months". As she stated previously, she does not read the tabloids negative comments – it's all just noise. She is doing just fine, happy with her life & taking on the responsibilities given to her by the Queen. You have zero proof that there are difficulties in the palace & of any tension between Harry & William. Just repeating unsubstantiated rumors from the Daily Mail (btw, they were just voted for 3rd yr in row as the worst and untruthful ). Lies which have been debunked. So, do your own research & stop spreading falsehoods – I've lost a lot of journalistic respect for you.

  15. Zephnia Mukwa says:

    Those Tabloids were hoping to influence the Palace in its decision making process and cut out The Duchess of Sussex as the birth of her first baby aproaches. Racism is a system and not a disease.The Tabloids are part and parcel of that system and they know it inside out.They know every nuance and how to manipulate it. It is the Tabloid oxygen believe it or not.

  16. ?, ?, says:

    The queen will die and when she dies

    Sharp british knives will be out to deal with this feminist

  17. cynpet kc says:

    This is for the judgemental royal expert and her likes. She said that meghan not contacting her father speaks volumes perhaps her father disrespecting her, giving incessant interviews, selling her letters and cards for blood money, disclosing private conversations and promising to write a tell all book is speaks more volumes and Samantha, her brother selling her to the highest bidder to fund engagement and wedding, refurbish their houses, buy clothes and take holidays speak. most volumes. You don't know all the stories so don't judge.

  18. Claudia Barnswell says:

    I love you Duchess Meghan! You are a Blessed child of God. I find in this world, no matter what you do, there's always someone who is going to hate. Haters will hate, even if you ran into a burning building and risk your life to save children. It takes a lot more energy to hate than to love. Love is from God and hate is from the devil. A wise man once said, having hate in your heart is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Jesus said, marvel not when the world hates you, for it first hated me. I myself could care less if I'm hated, and I'm positive Duchess Meghan could care less as well. So Duchess Meghan, keep doing your good deeds. Deeds, I might add, that you have been doing pre-Harry. And let the haters die from their hate. I pray God's continued protection and blessings for you, Duke Harry, and baby Sussex. Much love to you three always. #TeamSussex All the way! ❤❤❤❤

  19. Nik Lel says:

    My sympathies to the noble thespians.

  20. Marina Viljoen says:

    Even if she's acting, she presents much better than the rest of her family. The job requires someone who likes the podium so its a good match. Mind you, no one remarks about how Harry poses. He's always posing with his hand in his jacket or something the same way she does with the belly. Maybe they are actually uncomfortable in public, hence the fidgeting behavior.

  21. Zen Bona says:

    Old lady Markle!

  22. Maria says:

    Hahaha how pathetic those so called RRs now that none of them knew if this!!that clearly shows the lie about ''anonymous sources'' which were made up to disguise their vile hate campaigns. #boycott Murdoch/Rothermere trash rags.

  23. Finnick Junior says:

    Someone is working so hard just trying to make a positive impact but instead people want to spread negativity…I-

  24. Sally Smith says:

    The Queen has the wisdom and understanding to quiet the naysayers who provoke her family. God bless this amazing brilliant head of the monarchy!!!

  25. Fatou this is good the is just disgrace Saho says:

    Is the British media and this rubbish father

  26. Fatou this is good the is just disgrace Saho says:

    People love meghan and Harry is Britain's media

  27. Mirquella Santos says:

    I can see those ugly and envious jelly bean women. I called them jelly beans cause their butts move all over and men get disgusted when they see them. No prince want those jelly bean women. Meghan, we, sane and non-envious, people love you and have your back. Ignore the English Tabloid cause their are opportunistic parasites. And those jelly bean women are not even worth it. Let them live in pain.

  28. Daniela Souza says:

    She’s soooo fake. Fake belly and the worst nice person.

  29. James Ogletree says:

    Keir, Meghan has not been having a rough time. The tabloid has been in over-drive spreading
    rumors about her while she goes about her duties. She stated in her engagement interview
    that she does not read or listen to any of the noise aimed at her. I believe all the reasonable
    people are on her side, but the haters could not be persuaded even if she could walk on water.

  30. Andrea Oliverio says:

    Complete narcissist and opportunist doesn’t give a rats a.. abt anyone but herself

  31. Gertie Shaw says:

    What are you Brits doing to yourselves over there?!? This is absurd. This Markle chick doesn't know what a patron does or is – she's going to be the CEO and stick her nose into the running (and changing) of these organizations. Smh.

  32. Tsitsi Zinyemba says:

    Well done Duchess Meghan and the earing are beautiful

  33. papa pie says:

    She speaks so eloquently and is so poised. She is not just another beautiful face but has the intelligence and wit to go along with it.

  34. Rukayyah Lamorde says:

    The stupid British tabloids can’t bring this strong, intelligent woman down. The queen supports and believe in Meghan. Love the beautiful Duchess ❤️❤️❤️

  35. Zen Bona says:

    Old Hag

  36. Bernice Opare says:

    Beauty and brains!

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