Maryland shooting: Woman kills 3, shoots herself dead

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Officials: 26-year-old temporary staffer killed at least three and wounded several others before shooting herself in the head; Peter Doocy reports from Aberdeen, Maryland.

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30 Responses

  1. Chris Dansey says:

    Just all part and parcel of living in theUS

  2. Wendi Callea says:

    Did I miss the call for stricter gun laws?

  3. christopher watts says:


  4. Ken Marshmallow says:

    They probably asked her a hard question.

  5. jaren Garnett says:

    How is it not terroristic for a person to spray bullets at a workplace? Police…say it with me…"this is terrorism"

  6. Josh Marlin says:

    Shooter was a black woman.. wait, why wasn't this on CNN and msnbc? Hmmm

  7. Josh Marlin says:

    Why didn't CNN cover this? Oh yea I forgot.

  8. scott left says:

    If she signed a form to donate her organs…sell the bitches body parts….for dog food.

  9. Born Free81 says:

    Are we using the "proper pronoun"?

  10. Jessica Triplev says:

    UGH Typical white dude behavior. smh

  11. Econo Driver says:

    TRUMP 2020 and beyond….MAGA….Deport all Mexicans…

  12. Victor Da Silva says:


  13. David says:

    Typical black people. At least one of the ones that do work.

  14. Why Are libtards DUMB says:

    LIBS don't want to talk about Gun Violence in black areas. racist?

  15. Whis tler says:

    It was a woman??!! First a You Tube headquarters, now a Rite Aid Distibution Center.

  16. Auggies1956 says:

    One report I heard this afternoon was that she was a tranny.

  17. S S says:

    You never used to see women committing these crimes. Shows the depravity in our society.

  18. jimbo boogie says:


  19. Michael Dumont says:

    Maryland needs even tougher gun control…they should ban all Democrats from owning firearms. How many more innocent people need to die as a result of gender confused, MSM misguided liberals?

  20. kellerr13 says:

    And why the hell are feds involved in a local crime? This just demonstrates yet another example of government overreach.

  21. Andrew Rothstein says:

    Trump is personally to blame for this woman's shooting. He should be impeached.

  22. Jason Michael says:


  23. Lewrene Lamse says:

    So very sad , my condolences to the family and friends of the victims and the woman family that shot them ,

  24. Sig Schturm says:

    Why didn't they say that she was black?

  25. Christian O'Brien says:

    This was a man it was a transvestite you can't hide the truth and you don't need to defend it the truth is like a lion all you need to do is let it loose

  26. Hogsworth Hammer says:

    This could happen to anybody at any time. Folks better get some guns before only outlaws are allowed to have them.

  27. stevensonrf says:

    And feminists have said that women are "never" mass shooters! Only men! Never say "never"!

  28. Hingle McCringleberry says:

    I saw this on the news this morning and something like this should be the top story. I saw this after they talked shit about trump for a while and the Browns winning a football game. It's because this was a black woman, and not a white man. If it was a white guy who did it, you better believe it would be the FIRST story and they would have spend a good 30 minutes on it.

  29. John Zabik says:

    Trump 2020

  30. Earnest T Bass says:

    Guarantee she's a liberal view watching cupcake eating liberal moron, who just couldn't take it anymore

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