Married Woman Cheating Her Husband On Business Trip Part 2

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4 Responses

  1. Thomas Margolis says:

    And to find relief, to know what she is, and David go on to find success as befits him. ANd for their fortunes to come at a huge price, personally and other.

  2. caitrionagh braxton says:

    Kathy your stories stink they are all one sided, why is it always the wife who gets the upper hand and she is the CHEATER.

  3. jerry butler says:

    She should have given her husband one more chance before cheating on. Confront him with her new success and lay all cards on the table. Then let let her husband make the decision to straighten up or leave and set her free.

  4. Matthew H says:

    I didn't like a boss taking advantage of employee

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