ManWomanMyth – Feminism – Origins of Feminism – part 2

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DISCLAIMER: I am not the creator of this video. All credit goes to for researching and making this amazing series.

“More details on where Feminism came from and how it significantly pre-dates the 1960’s. How radical Feminism attached itself to true Feminism such that they became one combined ideology. How women have been fooled by Feminism and how it has been used to steadily dismantle family. Featuring Stephen Fitzgerald, Angry Harry, Erin Pizzey and Michele Elliott.

• Leaders of the women’s movement
• Making the personal, political
• Feminism use of Domestic Violence to generate income
• Women in the Second World War
• The EOC – Equal Opportunities Commission (now called EHRC)”

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31 Responses

  1. Reginald Dove says:

    It wouldn't surprise me if feminists were behind the push to withhold legalization of the male birth control pill indefinitely….

  2. Gregory Van Der Mewve says:

    The pill led to mass sterilization of white women.

  3. Filipo Ma'aelopa says:

    "Men working full time still earn more per hour than women working part time."'
    AND there's why the wage gap is a myth.

  4. A. L. says:

    I'm not feminist at all but I disagree with the argument presented in this video, or at least what indirectly implicates. Before, women depended on men and men depended on their jobs. If "work = slavery", then women were the slaves' slaves. This is, having even less opportunities and freedom of choice than those who used to have very little opportunities and freedom of choice, independently of how confortable and well they used to live. Domestic pets also have wonderful lives, but women are not pets. Any extreme is bad, classic family values are bullshit too. I think equality as Egalitarianism tackles it, it's the right way to go.

  5. Ikelos says:

    I did hear Christina Hoff Sommers say that this started in 1990 but HOLY SHIT it was active to the degree it is today since like 2005? What the fuck?

  6. llriv says:

    How did she compare earnings of men working full time to women working part time with a straight face?

  7. domnic0 says:

    The State is at war against men and families!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. domnic0 says:

    At 1:24. Just like I've discovered. The enemy of families!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dre says:

    I advise everybody to watch Aaron Russo's explanation of what Women's Lib was REALLY about. The Rockefellers are some crafty fuckers. It was for two reasons: 1) They can now tax more people as women enter into the workforce, by force, and with demand for everything increasing due to an increased workforce, they can increase taxes on food, gas, housing, pretty much everything they want to. 2) With more women working longer hours, children now have to go to school earlier and the schools and other outside influences can indoctrinate them into their way of thinking, not the parents, resulting in the breakdown of the family of which you see today.

    It was NEVER about women's 'rights', they have in effect enslaved everybody under a completely false pretence. It's evil genius.

  10. G*man says:


  11. JJSmith Lago says:

    Supply and Demand. Basic stuff. If you flood the market with workers they each become worth LESS. Employers get to pay employees less. It's genius.

  12. Straitsfan says:


  13. taffwob says:

    With regard to alimony & the hoardes of lazy women living off the wealth of their former husbands. Nothing has ever been done about addressing this nonsense. Fast forward to modern times and Halle Berry has had to pay spousal support to her ex-husband  which enables him a better lifestyle than most with no need to seek employment. Newspaper columnists have been writing articles to the affect of "isn't it time this archaic system was looked at & revised". When the boot is on the other foot it suddenly become an issue. Welcome to equality laydeez.

  14. WomenagainstfeminismUK says:

    The old and the new feminism are the same garbage

  15. systematic101 says:

    every time I hear the clip at 2:05 I'm always like "Really! How fucking study can a person be?"

  16. The Irish Scenery Channel says:

    there are non so hopelessly enslaved, than those who believe they are free.

  17. Wardrumsfire says:

    women are so dumb. that when eve ate the apple they never learnt a fucking thing. look there biting the apple today and just don't give a shit about the men they destroy. every law women are fighting to destroy . where laws designed for married couples.

    there not destroying oppression laws. there destroying marriage laws and the government was set to married couples.  women like to say..

     hey i couldn't vote. yep . because the man of the house hold.would vote for the entire family.

    women say men make more money. not true because the money women make. is  mad money. men paid rent bills food. and womens money was spent on a dress  new purse. (spending cash)

    women are sooo stupid. they have driven themselves right into slavery and don't even see it. they sacrificed being able to stay home and raise kids. to becoming a government peg in the machine.

    this is all womens doing. which men can see. and this is mens mistake for giving women full access to the candy shop! women are children in a candy shop.

     men used to tell there women no.
     they told there women there would be penalties.
    men controlled women for a reason.
    and that's how God intended it.
     there's a reason why you don't release a lion from its cage. there's a reason you don't add fuel to a fire. you don't let women loose or they will go rampaging. * release the Kraken!!*

    and all these stupid women who are selling out to a lesbian movement how sickening. a group of Lesbos got together and tried to fuck up the world., by using women.and the stupid women say ok i'll join.

    all because of there own greed and selfishness.
     Men in the 50s had every right to control there women. they knew women would do this irresponsible selfish cunt movement if they had the chance.

    women do not wield power.
    just like men don't give birth to baby's!

    they have insulted all men in the world. declared war on them. and they do not again deserves mens forgiveness. because they are beasts the true beasts, 

    leave it to women. to fight a war. against men. leave it to women to fight a war against a party that is trying to rescue them.

    even now women complain about. women in video  games. the damsel in distress. Yet today as is. all men are doing the same. we are trying to save a women from her own self . there like bugs to a zapper and men that try to save women get zapped.

    these women truly have the thinking capacity of a grain of rice.
    there like ravens. gotta have it shiny sparkly. they don't care how or where from they get it. just as long as they get it.

    and stupid dumb assed mens delusion of women being soft delicate creatures is the real big fucking problem. women have teamed up together to get rid of men.and men need to team up to put the women back in the box!

     they have proven to the world they don't deserve shit!. they deserve jail time is what they deserve!

     men should have protected women from feminism. but women should have known better. instead of selling out like a cheap hooker. because if you are a feminist you are indeed a sellout prostitute. that is a fact.

    You sold out on men!

    All feminists are sellout prostitutes.and racists. and suffer from personality disorders such as hpd npd aspd bpd and bi-polar  who have sold out to the Government and turned on Men. that makes you a fucking sellout prostitute. 

    i don't care if women hate those labels. if you hate the labels then don't do the deed that gives you label you dumb bitch

    it's time men start shaming women once more with title and labels . bitch.whore.slut,cunt, and really the only women who have problems with these words are the sluts bitches whores and cunts.. FEMINISTS ARE MONSTER WOMEN WHO HAVE CHOSEN MACHINE OVER FLESH. MONEY OVER LOYALTIES, REBELLION OVER VIRTUE! Men it is time to let go of all double standards. it's time.w e gave women double standards. to boost there way into our world. like a rocket does in outer space. it has 2 booster rockets.

    double standards we're womens booster rockets. but women have circled the moon now 30 times over and we keep boosting them. DROP THE BOOSTERS NOW!

  18. HikaruYamamura says:

    And don't get me wrong, I'm not a feminazi (I hate feminazis). And I by no means think working 9-5 is any better. But being a housewife is hardly an accomplishment, because all it requires is that you have a vagina and a rich husband. Changing diapers for a living isn't something that deserves a reward, when ANYone can do it. And are housewives really FREE in your mind? They are just about as slaved as the man working 9-5, but in a different way. Please, who'd be stupid to believe that.

  19. HikaruYamamura says:

    no legitimate hopes and dreams. Being a homemaker is nothing challenging, and most women who choose to do it do it because they're lazy and don't want to work. So you're right, it is a privilege, but it's hardly an honor. Even my mother, who is currently a housewife, worked as an interior designer at some point, even after my siblings and I were born. And she was still always there for us and a damn good mother, and she didn't need to sacrifice her dream of working in interior design to do it

  20. HikaruYamamura says:

    "It's a badge of honor for a woman to be called a housewife, not an insult"
    Please. While I respect people's right to choose, and that includes the choice for a woman to be a housewife, that doesn't mean I respect the choice itself. Being a housewife and a mother is something any bitch with a vagina and a sugar-daddy can do. It's not an accomplishment. True, it takes work to be a good mother and father, but aside from that, if a woman dreams of being a common housewife, she obviously has

  21. westchesterny says:

    Very true that this enabled the Welfare-Warfare Statist situation. This also means that all the "stay-at-home" mothers (many of them) are the ones who have Government Jobs. They don't mention this. Now, to be a Statist on the Government (military, or straight welfare) is what can afford (as a payoff) to sit home with children. This reduced the most Generational Americans to a situation of slavery, since Government often puts foreigners in its tax-paid jobs (due to quotas they started).

  22. Mack W. says:

    And so what ends up happening is

  23. Mack W. says:

    They are too tired from working so again they need to go to the state for help by talking to their leftist guidance counselor

  24. Mack W. says:

    I'd gladly work along side women as long as they knew what they were doing and I'd feel the same way about men however it isn't a truly fulfilling life and it decreases the quality of life for both men and women its a marketing scam and a way to have an obedient population because mom and dad aren't home the kids have to go to a daycare or kindergarten where they are subjected to leftist ideas 7 hours a day 5 days a week and then when they have life problems they can't ask mom and dad because

  25. Mack W. says:

    It's not about women being the house parents it

  26. kim621100 says:

    ''there"" typo

  27. kim621100 says:

    In communist connecticut they engage in gender terrorism against men. Any women for no reason can have a protective order given to her male companion . they're does not have to be any violence or threats the rad feminist lobbied their democrats in the state house for this. The men often get removed in from of their children at gunpoint. But they say they are for equality?? what a bunch of crap.

  28. Saurumanx says:

    Why not allow men to be house-parents?

  29. William Blackstone says:

    Why is their a facebook page trying too ban these videos? The truth hurts.

  30. JDOG88 says:

    @EileenKStadtner God given right? Say whom? So you're saying men must maintain traiditional roles of provider and protector, but women can decide to work or not and keep their money?

    Bullshit. Your attitude is why fewer and fewer men are getting married. With feminism, women now MUST work. And slowly, most women must work for their whole lives on their own.

    Thank god Western men have the option to go foreign. I love Asia and Asian women–REAL WOMEN!

  31. Xcorgi says:

    There are definately no more female victims. If anything they go out of thier way to lash out at men especially if they are married to them and definately if they have children with them. They viciouslessly use the children as tools against the fathers to ruin everything about them. Especially financially. I think we really owe alot of thanks to the queen of all man-haters Oprah Winfrey for the past 2 generations of feminist man-haters.

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