Love and Obey women are powerful

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Love & Obey women will not be in a relationship if they are not respected and treated like a Queen. We are courageous enough to dump a boyfriend who calls us names, belittles us or constantly expresses jealousy and insecurity. We are not interested in fighting, and listening to men who become very sweet, apologize and try to convince us that we are also to blame. We are not interested in the vicious cycle of apologize and make-up – we know things will only go downhill from there. Love and obey women will not be manipulated by a men. Men will not tell us what to wear, we tell them. Men will not tell us who are friends can be, we will tell them. Men will not tell us who we can talk to, we will tell them. We will get out of a relationship if a man will not love, obey and serve us as their Queen. Join the Love and obey movement.

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