LIVE: Ask A Vegan – Saying Bye To 2018!

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Our final video for 2018. Ryan closes the year out with a live stream. Much gratitude and love to everyone for your support!

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21 Responses

  1. Leslie Burgess says: may have some info on autism, also a great resource for lots of health related issues

  2. Blue Mountain says:

    Elderberry will kill and prevent the flu, pneumonia and rhino virus. (From my naturopathic doctor..) I feed my kids elderberry jelly on toast. They've never gotten the flu. (in their 20's) The study proof is on search "sambucal"

  3. Lisa Jauntz says:

    Great point in regards to the use of steroids. There is proof that anyone can be quite "buff" without them. GO VEGAN!!!

  4. Dani N says:

    Happy New Year from Louisiana! I hope you feel better soon Angie, and thanks for chilling Ryan

  5. fatiimaa1 says:

    Can you do a video on H.pylori???

  6. Vegan4ever says:

    Can you please make a video on sv3rige. He is making all these anti-vegan videos and saying you can't be healthy and vegan while bringing in other people to talk about how it's bad too. A lot of people in his comment section actually believe him. He doesn't even give scientific evidence.

  7. nina ross says:

    Please do a reaction to the grapevine. They made a video about veganism.

  8. Odette the spirited vegan says:

    What would your advice be to younger people still having to go through everything you already went through?

  9. michael onello says:

    I wish both you and Anji a GREAT 2019….!

  10. Jed maple says:

    Happy New Year everyone, especially vegans!

    Another new channel is Martina's Vegan House. She has recipes and advice and is super cute. Her accent alone is worth going to check out.

     I love supporting channels like hers and yours because the love and respect that I feel inspires me as well.

  11. dhkrescue says:

    Happy New Year!

  12. johny K. says:

    Hey guys, just wanted to send much love for you have inspired me a lot with your vibes and positivity.
    We move on, I wish you all the best!

  13. Gennaro says:

    Have a great new year and take care your both keep vegan!

  14. Sandra Carli says:

    Dr Klaper has related gluten and dairy to autism.

  15. Sarah K says:

    Great live video Ryan. Speedy recovery Anji. Happy New Year & a fantastic 2019.

  16. Lloyd Christmas says:

    Happy New Year 2019. To your health and to the freedom of animals.

  17. Bobbie JZ says:

    Happy Year !!! Feel better Angi.

  18. carminewords says:

    great video. thx. been a vegan now since july 1. feel awesome. what is the cost of living there in long beach? isn’t it crazy expensive? always intrigued to move to southern california but it just seems very very expensive

  19. Mathias Bolton says:

    You should always leave these up

  20. pleasanthacking says:

    when youll get b12 levels not over 1000 but over 9000 youll go super saian (obviously a joke, dont do it in real life… sheesh.. you guys take it way to literally these days)

  21. MICHAEL DENNIS says:

    Anji and Ryan – happy new year 2019.

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