Lies and the Evil Stepmothers That Tell Them |

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Popp got a fan email from a young dude whose stepmom claims to not be a feminist, but wants him to ignore the truth and get mauled in the real world.

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38 Responses

  1. Soaker City says:

    Loud and clear, Popp!!

  2. William F. Buckley Jr says:

    Step-Mom porn: about a thousand clicks per minute.

  3. Tim Williams says:

    Not all women are like that… Said mostly by women who ARE like that.

    The honest truth is this has nothing to do with their gender. They're human. They see that they can enrich themselves by getting over on their fellow humans so they do.

    We men not only passively let them hurt us but actively line up, often repeatedly, to get screwed (not in a nice way) by them. We're largely the source of our own misery. Mgtow is nothing more or less than men simply breaking their own personal cycles of self destructive stupidity and instead exploring new and creative ways to be stupid.

  4. Donoterase Metzengerstein says:

    This hits close to home. My son is 23 and has severe Aspergers. He's also the best roommate I have ever had. His mother and sister moved out years ago, he's not dating, and he's honestly never been happier.

  5. Thomas Crown says:

    Josh you made a huge mistake talking about MGTOW with a female. If the subject comes up with her just use passive aggressive behaviour to deflect.

  6. Dan C says:

    Don't forget to ATM gangbang Josh's step mom WHILE toasting his dad's upcoming divorce!

  7. Matthew Whitson says:

    Popps for life

  8. PunkShockRock says:

    How do you get a female tradcon to reveal her inner feminist? 2 ways.

    1. Talk about mgtow
    2. Ask them what rights they would be willing to give up.

  9. Michael Cote says:

    The butt thing is awesome Butt please start saying Pussy!

  10. Unfazed says:

    No butts were harmed during the making of this video.

  11. R Verro says:

    I'd pull some strings @ 2:24.
    3:50 is the reason why, I call in sick.
    4:01 shows what happens to a peg D (In the background).
    4:58 is time for a long shower.
    6:47 is a perfect floral display.
    7:14 is the perfect birthday present.
    8:45 is my kind of representation of a rainbow.
    10:15 if the perfect shade of grey.
    11:56 is Dr Seuss favorite Cat in the hat.
    12:41 spit shine.
    14:28 nice pillows.
    15:51 where are my glasses ?
    15:55 those windows offer, a magnificent view.
    17:27 she put the bubble in that bubble-butt.
    19:12 no need to read the instructions.
    Thanks Terrence. Thanks Blake.

  12. David McFarland says:

    Happy new year Popp looks like you stocked the ole mini bar haha

  13. Jar Metallic says:

    needed to have links to the "Butt" quotes … Haaa Haaa

  14. Jake Shipley says:

    Tell me something, am I just over reacting to this whole concept? I’m a survivor of that whole domestic violence ordeal. Mom, stepfather, to summarize it, I was days away from one of four options. Murder, murder-suicide, murder-prison, or straight up suicide. I was the oldest, more of a father to my two younger brothers than he could ever be. Then incomes a driver’s license and my first taste of women. Kicked while down, now any woman that comes too close is met with hostility. Am I over reacting or just mean and stupid?

    Edit: I have no intention on bothering with marriage or even a relationship. Just turned 20 and grandparents are turning up the heat.

  15. Seanjohn John says:

    Pop your a good man bro,from a Brooklyn mgtow

  16. Frank Worley says:

    Once again a well laid out argument, watered down with liquor and sprinkled with butts.

  17. I Have No Son says:

    Journey to Silius OST > all the 10/10 puss in the world
    Compare: some sweet synthesizer beats versus a nagging and lying broad as background music for your life.

  18. Lazza B says:


  19. 1337Sauce says:

    My gf twisted and sprained my arm within 2 weeks of dating… like an idiot I stayed. When I went to the doctor (nurse practitioner) she blamed me for being a victim…

  20. Ryuuji Shin says:


  21. Kilroy says:

    SO GLAD you INFORMED Josh what the REAL DEAL is…..step Feminist 'mom' actually wanting Josh Out of the House!!!!
    Josh, my ex's – we never even married….I just couldn't bring myself to do it….again….anyway, her 26 – 27 next month year old son lives w/ ME!!!! We get along great. Her TRUE Feminatzi came out the last couple months she was here. I offered my 'step son' to stay. He did. Hasn't talked to the winch in like 2yrs. He and I are Both happy!!! Make sure your dad see's this video and see's this message.

  22. Daniel Zoller says:

    Video paused at 3:50 and it is stuck………i am not even mad.

  23. Bill Harmes says:

    After the first 1 minute I stopped, sipped my beer and now I will be back popp. I love you popps and not in a gay way dude. You're awesome and well spoken. Whoa, she killed your dog??? WTF. Smarts for younger people. I'M 62 and never married thank god. Girlfriends throughout tho.I'M still single and very capable of hookin up with a babe but why. I still think their are good women out there but they are few and far between.

  24. Darin Conard says:

    @Terrence Popp
    Could you please zip together the ass pics you use for those segues, post them somewhere, and give us a link? Some of them are begging to be turned into desktop wallpapers! Grabbing screencaps but some hi-res sources would be far better … and a Google image search isn't finding most of them.

  25. kenneth christopher says:

    Love the new opening

  26. Jennifer Kubik says:

    Popp looks a lot like my dad. He never served. This is the kind of guy he would be like and talks like. I love your show! My dad loves military stuff and can cuss like a sailor. Makes me feel like I am home.

  27. Patrick Ols says:

    All I can say to this kid (yes kid even if he is 27 years old) would be stop living the life this step mom wants you to live and live your life! Look you are 27 and let's be frank, she is not your mother. I understand you might want to keep the peace in the family but peace must be kept by both side. It seem she is not willing to keep the peace. You are 27, you don't need her to tell you what life choices you wish to make. You want to be MGTOW, be MGTOW and don't care what she wants. Just tell her that you don't have to do anything to make her happy when it's about your life because this advice would also apply to your real mother. So let's be clear it apply even more so in this case, she is not your mother. Live your life and tell her to live her life.

  28. Michael Davis says:

    Popp, you need to start selling bumper stickers that say "The truth is not an insult, and reality is not an attack." This is one of your best ever catch phrases.

  29. Tyler L says:

    God bless you Popp

  30. Tom Hewitt says:

    If you are a vet and have fallen down the hole, call the Veterans Crisis Line at 800-273-8255 (24/7) or chat at There is no shame in asking for help, but there is shame in quitting. Don't quit.

  31. Tom Hewitt says:

    We've always had people with ass burgers. We just called them socially awkward. Now they have to put a label on it so big pharma can sell them drugs and people have an excuse to fail. I'm not a people person either. Where's my drugs and victimhood status?

  32. Irate Gorilla says:

    Didn’t think aspergers was common. I have it myself but it’s never really effected me. Got a good career despite been socially awkward and living a rather humble life.

    I’ve never been interested in dating. Especially since women these days are callous, narcissistic, selfish, bitter, foul mouthed and generally horrible people. I just stay away from them and focus on what I do best. Building Rolls Royce’s aircraft engines!

  33. camaxtle says:

    16:53 :v we all get that joke,the sad part is that porn has all the fault….and then they regret it.

    Damn popps…..she killed your dog!? No wonder why u got bitter….that woman is a lucky one,if anyone touches my dog or my cats that person will desist to exist! And im a buddhist :/

    19:12 ho ho hoeeee xD

  34. Chump Johnson says:

    I know a woman who may not be able to kick a mans ass but she can fuck up most women. She’s a bad bitch and has good pussy. But unfortunately she is still a female so unless I want pussy or get her to beat a woman’s ass she’s useless to me.

  35. Christopher Erlitz says:

    Pop you fucking rock I have listened/watched most of your videos if not all of them. Keep up the great work. Your links to your facts in the description provide amazing ammo against the feminist cretins. Thanks for all your work you have saved me a lot of trouble.

  36. Lonnie Langston says:

    I'm doing my part for gender equality!

    I'm a door guy at the local bar. On cover nights, when a woman comes in and talks about "Ladies Night" to not pay a cover I respond. "Sorry, Gender Equality means everyone pays. $5 please." 😀

  37. Stave How says:

    I live by one rule "Never trust anything that bleeds for 5 days and doesn't die".

  38. Tom Hewitt says:

    3:50 That's my new screensaver!

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