LibertyFest 2017: How I Made Feminist Australia Hate Me

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From the inaugural LibertyFest Conference in Brisbane; courtesy of LibertyWorks. On the viciousness of third-wave feminists when a woman openly disagrees with them, that time Clementine Ford picked a fight with me, and why although (as George Bernard Shaw so rightfully asserts) you should never wrestle with a pig, sometimes you have no other choice.


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31 Responses

  1. Sara Robinson says:

    A vast majority of comments are from men. Just an observation. Anyhoo, I'm a woman and I agree with much of what Daisy has to say, particularly on the subject of 3rd wave feminism. I do not call myself a feminist.

    In my younger, more naive days I did call myself a feminist, defining it as wanting equality for all (definitely naive!). In middle age and with a tiny bit more wisdom, I deliberately don't attach myself to any ideological labels. Only biological or concrete ones – I'm female, a mother etc..

    I have fairly strong beliefs in all sorts of things but have no desire to categorise them to myself or publicly as I know how labels can be rigid and often become stereotypically misrepresentative of one's ideas and principles.

    Keep up the good work, Daisy. 🙂

  2. aurora123borealis says:

    Feminism is a plague.

  3. Robert Velasco says:

    I love you I love you I love!!! You have an amazing mind! One of the best Journo ever!

  4. J Frodsham says:

    What a wonderful woman. It’s true , the sexiest woman is feminine, smart and conservative. This lady has it all. I’m sold.

  5. alhaquin says:

    There's one thing that really drives me crazy Daisy. Why, oh why do these women think that by becoming feminists they would be respected more by an honest to god man? Why can't they try to be more feminine instead? Is it so hard to love your own gender? I am no psychiatrist but I almost feel like they hate themselves more than they hate the world and their illusion of a patriarchy that they believe they live in. I respect a woman much more the more feminine she is because I know that when she takes that natural god given role, she's respecting mine as a man. What they're doing now is divisive and destructive to our global society.
    Maybe the effeminate soyboys, the homosexuals and those spineless hipsters would fall for their ridiculous ruse, but no real self-respecting male would call himself a feminist. The word itself connotes feminity. Granted a twisted regurgitation of it but female nonetheless. So I wonder, if these women's goal is to seek more respect from man, why oh why are they not acting more feminine? It's mind-melting and I need a drink.
    Anyway, thanks for showing us there are still good women out there Daisy.

  6. John Pachuau says:

    This needs to go viral

  7. MichaelKingsfordGray says:

    Fucking marvelous!

  8. Brad Deal says:

    Feminism is a subset of the radical left.

  9. Brad Deal says:

    It's interesting to listen to this just after Laura Southern and Stefan Molynuex having so much trouble speaking in Australia and New Zealand.

  10. Yorky Gonzalez says:

    Who'd you married me?

  11. Genna Ross says:

    Just discovered your channel,…..SUBSCRIBED

  12. brian vriends says:

    Well said Daisy. Splendid riposte to all those "piggish", trolls.

  13. J says:

    I feel that my masculinity can be restored when I hear and see this human females saying the truth. Thank you Daisy.

  14. Dragon Fire says:

    She is one of the most factual and at the same time entertaining women I've listen to.

  15. Elan Musk says:

    Its the Media Daisy ….it is the Media doing this …..President Trump is right ! Liberal Feminists Media is putting women on pedestal all the time . Bunch of Manginas with no balls own the media . They own the agenda . Its a travesty !

  16. Blix11 says:

    This woman is as pragmatic as Ann Coulter but with much more charisma. Amazing job, you have gained a fan.

  17. Jen Werner says:

    Most enjoyable. 🙂

  18. sasanka 99 says:

    You are classy , intelligent , beautiful and have a good sense of humor …..Oh My Gosh ,… Impossible kind of qualities to be found in a single woman ….. I can't stand your charm ….❤

  19. Alfred Cammy says:

    Daisy, you are incredibly beautiful inside and out! Love the way you think too

  20. Smart Monster Gaming says:

    This is an amazing speech. Subbed here and liked on Facebook. Sorry, I don't bother with Twitter. lol

  21. R D says:

    Do you really believe men care about what you say? Just because you're trying to build them up and keep yourself down, in a "pretty" dress. No! We care whether or not you're going to take that dress off!

  22. TekFreq says:

    I love you

  23. Greg Nelson says:

    When feminists accuse you of "whoring" your way to the top, just remember they are probably projecting.

  24. Nice Guy says:

    Scientist says – Daisy is one of the rarest pure female form existing on Earth.
    It's time to preserve her. :'(

  25. evan yong says:

    Very good dear , plus your using your strengths to win over men but I have to warn you , your going to make those women that don't have what you got attack you

  26. Brent Wilson says:

    I love it when you talk nerdy! The way you carry yourself and speak so eloquently is a breath of fresh air! Thank you 🙂

  27. Jeff Mitchell says:

    I can tell that this will be really interesting so I have added this video to my watch later list.

  28. Matticus Silverman says:

    I just can't get over how fantastic you look and your awesome fashion sense.

  29. GuiltyDwarf says:

    Could have been called “How I made all reasonable men and women love me”!

  30. Norest says:

    This is very inspirational. You are very good at making long speeches like this entertaining and uplifting.

  31. Monkey King says:

    AKA How I made sensible Australia love me.

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