Laura Kipnis On How Campus Feminism Infantilizes Women

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“What now gets labeled feminism on [college] campuses,” says Northwestern University Professor Laura Kipnis, “has to do with dialing back a lot the progress women have made establishing ourselves as consenting adults.”

That was the main argument of an essay Kipnis published this past February in The Chronicle of Higher Education, titled, “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe.” After the article appeared, the Northwestern campus erupted in protest. Students demonstrated by carrying mattresses and pillows and wrote a public letter accusing Kipnis of “[spitting] in the face of survivors of rape and sexual assault everywhere.”

Then two students filed complaints with the university, and Northwestern brought Kipnis up on charges under Title IX of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which outlaws discrimination on college campuses that receive federal support. The charges were later dismissed, but not before Kipnis wrote a follow up essay in Chronicle, “My Title IX Inquisition.”

Last week, Kipnis sat down with Reason’s Matt Welch to talk about campus feminism, Title IX, why Hustler’s Larry Flynt and anti-porn activist Andrea Dworkin have a lot in common, and her recent book, Men: Notes from an Ongoing Investigation.

Shot and edited by Jim Epstein, with help from Anthony L. Fisher.

Nineteen minutes and 22 seconds.

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22 Responses

  1. sam ost says:

    She's a man hating hypocrite. She has a few screws loose… next video.

  2. Andrzej S says:

    I don't understand something. It seems that Laura Kipnis was one of many feminists have given rise to this widespread leftist witch-hunt and now when it's working, and She is accused She is complaining. You got what You wanted.

  3. Emily Schueller says:

    Yeah, a teenager who is in a position under middle-aged professors is not an equal situation. Just because Kipnis fucked her professors doesn't mean it's ok.

  4. cloudyyo says:

    Am I the only one who thinks SJW and Third wavers are just “roleplaying civil rights” in a very similar way some right wingers role play John Wayne and Call of Duty?

    I mean we have become so privileged and complacent we literally ran out of productive things to do!

  5. mysticaltyger2009 says:

    Camille Paglia has said similar things, although more forcefully.

  6. Nu Duo says:

    Feminism is radical Judaism for the sexes.

  7. William Montomeery says:

    Women need to have all rights revoked before they destroy the entire planet.

  8. Curt D says:

    I know a single guy who had a Vasectomy at 24 years old because refused to have children because to him they are too big of a liability to him. If he gets a wife and cheats on him and leave he might have to pay spousal support but at least he doesn't have to pay child support. I know guys who have to pay child support when their children actually stay with them. How does that happen?

  9. Charles Johnson says:

    Hello McFly….have you even listened to her? Her eyes are open now that title 9 has come after her. The past is over!

  10. 49jubilee says:

    women can't find DATES much less Husband's these days

  11. Edward Chang says:

    This talk sucked. Def not reading her book

  12. Leonard Hughes says:

    Administration wouldn't put the charges in writing. Wow, bloody kangaroo court!!

  13. The Court Of Public Opinion says:

    I'm gay and look as gay as the day is long and women still look at me at night like I am going to rape them. wtactualf…

  14. InTheNameOfJustice says:

    The big lie about feminism is that it was ever anything to do with women's rights. It was NEVER about that at all. It was about the destruction of the family for the purposes of establishing a Marxist culture. The problem is that people believed what the feminists told them about what they were doing and why, rather than investigate it for themselves. If all you read is feminists books written by feminists all you get is a feminist point of view. If that point of view in inaccurate then so are your beliefs about them.

  15. WIL C says:

    To answer you question YES white women do not give a f…k about black women, they do not care about us being assaulted nor about us being demeaned as a matter of fact they stay silent when it is happening they say nothing, it's almost as if they enjoy it, there are droves of men on youtube like TOMMY SOTOMAYOR constantly denigrating black women verbally assaulting them insulting them, demoralizing them but white women are silent in the face of this, white women can kiss my ass. with feminism. they are in is for themselves only.

  16. David Sims says:

    The students carrying mattresses wanted attention, of the 15-minutes-of-fame kind. They wanted to look cool, and to a SJW cool means losing your temper in a politically correct way, sanctimoniously ranting and carrying on about some ostensibly noble cause. These SJW's are fundamentally dishonest and selfish people who pretend to be honest and selfless in precisely the same way that Marxists do. They don't care that Laura Kipnis had said nothing about student-on-student sexual assault. It was an emotional hook they could use, a card they could play, to garner attention and the approval of their cohorts, so they did.

    About the same thing is true for the charge of "retaliation." It was irrelevant, as Kipnis had done nothing wrong, therefore nobody could have been the hero who had "brought her to justice," and therefore there was nobody against whom Kipnis could possibly be retaliating. All of this is logical. All of this is obvious.

    But the irrelevance of that charge isn't sufficiently obviously logical to prevent SJW's and their dupes and minions from making it anyway. As the mattress was an emotional hook, the charge of retaliation was a political one. Duplicity is ever the hallmark of the leftist, and they are not ashamed of it.

  17. D Kahn says:

    Always remember, the way they always dig into your brain and control your patterns is by coming at you and feeding you from "both" sides…. some things are different, but the points they are going for, mesh….. another ex:

    Ben Shapiro and Dave Rubin: Conservatism vs Leftism and Free Speech (Full Interview)

  18. SeeTheViewFromAHill says:

    where did these people learn to slurrrr so much ? please someone tell me so I can avoid that neck of the woods !

  19. PremierMilenkov says:

    "Spitting in the face of survivors of rape and sexual assault"…"victims" of stare rape and manspreading included, I'll wager

  20. Indifferent Centrist says:

    Don't forget that she said men who sexually harass women should be chemically castrated, stripped of their assets and hung by their thumbs in public. She also still wears the title of feminist. She is NOT an ally of men. She's just another talking head for the feminist propaganda machine.

  21. ilikebeatingwomen goatse says:

    her nose, close set eyes and moldy teeth tells me she is a jew

  22. The Lawful Sophist says:

    Laura Kipnis, according to Kathryn Pogin the student in question did not admit to previously dating Prof Ludlow; the Huffington Post wrote that "The Chronicle has since changed its wording to say that “according to his complaint,” the professor and student had previously dated.". This is not a matter of a difference of opinion but rather of accepting as fact something not shown to be factual. Own up to your error, or dispute it. Jeff Epstein, you have proven yourself to be a disingenuous interviewer. Fake News or at best no news.

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