Kim Kardashian – one reason she’s such a successful business woman

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Kim photo from Eva Rinaldi Photography

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3 Responses

  1. Andrey Andreev says:

    you talked about this before, I think: physical pain will go away but missed opportunity pain won't.
    In photography I still uncomfortable sticking my lens in someone's face, but that's how you get great shots. Fear makes me overestimate risk and not take the chance.

  2. Justin Jackson says:

    "Not afraid to be vulnerable" <– is that the key?

    I've found my best writing happens when I'm:

    taking risks,
    challenging norms.

    It feels like the problem is we want to "play it safe." But that's not very interesting.

  3. Dino Maric says:

    So… What was like at Alinea? Im from other side of the world… But I would love to visit Alinea… is it worth it?

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