Kate Bolick: Marriage and Me

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Kate Bolick is 39 and happily single. At one point, she thought marriage would be part of her future. Now, she’s not so sure. And she’s okay with that. Kate Bolick joins Steve Paikin to discuss her evolving relationship with marriage.

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30 Responses

  1. Free Speech says:

    Kate Bolick is age 46! Still single and childless. I think she needs to stop talking about marriage and children.

  2. themoviejunky says:

    This woman has taken herself out of the gene pool, and that's a good thing.

  3. Geoffrey Reeks says:

    Silly girl, Kate sees that desirable men are no longer interested in her because she rejected them and they have established their lives with women who do value those men. So, only the rejects and retreads are available to her, complete with their children to their previouse wives or "relationships". Kate, is at the very end of her opportunity to achieve motherhood (and only at great risk to the health of her prospective children because of her great age). Yet, she still accepts the lies of the Fabian socialist who want only for her to be childless. It is a sad comment upon our society that we have allowed the Fabian socialist to indoctrinate our children with their intentionally destructive lies.
    Geoff. Reeks

  4. John Galt says:

    Seen her before, lamenting the state of affairs a few years back and now here she is trying to justify it like every good feminist does. Snow white's dead – you killed her – and now you get to live in your decrepit castle with your decrepit self.

    Welcome to the dark side honey, the one you helped create – so tell us how you're going to 'rethink' marriage in a western world where migrants can gang rape children….. I'm just dying to hear you justify that one away too.

  5. Cadge says:

    at least she still has lonely nights with wine and pills

  6. Nika Obolashvili says:

    I think she's sad. She clearly wanted to be a mother

  7. Federico Muria says:

    A clear example of the modern Hypergamic Female. Women rights and privileges acquired during the 20th century will prove to destroy western civilization in the next decades. In the short term, I hope she’ll enjoy the dozen of cats that will be adopting in a while. But of course… after all, its all men fault…

  8. Drew John says:

    Love is procured. Love at first sight might lead to the real thing. But usually the real thing emerges through a lot of effort and problem solving, which most people just can't do. That tingling and connection you get in love at first sight is a snap judgement and usually leads to a lot of pain. I still can't bring myself to make a commitment to girls without that initial intense attraction. This is a legacy of evolution and is the tragedy of what is a supposedly rational mature animal like ourselves. And this kind of deferential treatment does harm to all those people that get treated badly because they don't have the highly prised physical traits. Most people grow up being micro-Agressed for nothing more than a physical "defect" and this can, depending on the support structure at home or just accidentally, either lead to them having bad interpersonal skills or having some talent that they exploit in order to curry favour. This is why there is a high correlation of people with physical-defects having odd peronsality structures, that actually feeds back into them being disliked. People who have been treated well all their life tend to be more charismatic, happier and socially adept. There is a correlation with physical attractiveness there as well.

    These snap judgements that we humans make have a lot of impact.

  9. Drew John says:

    Her biological clock never started ticking? A biological miracle if you ask me.

  10. Drew John says:

    Welcome to it's a matter of luck. This had been men's difficulty for a lot longer. Getting lucky is not used for women. Now saying it to women means they got lucky getting married. Maybe there should be a PUA for women which allows them to get married and divorced all in one day.

  11. VENT! News says:

    Yeah, get married while the husband screws around the entire marriage, bringing home diseases. They don't want monogamy– no sense in wasting your youth to a marriage unless you want kids. Stay single.

  12. martin r says:

    Up against The Wall! Another case of, "This man is fine for now. But I want somebody who has more money." Men…no marriage, no kids, no divorce, no child support, no alimony. Go MGTOW and remain free!

  13. Dennis Mevis says:

    Hahaha…She screwed herself.

  14. Daoistify says:

    Sad and lonely is a piece of the me too mentality.

  15. AbeTrader 1persister says:

    She is basically saying:- I had amazing men and boyfriends in the past but I turned them down because I was looking for the "PERFECT" man that never exists. Now Life sucks. No man wants you anymore. Too bad. Keep living that solitude, lonely life, a payback for all the heartbreaks you may have caused to the ex-boyfriends. Typical feminists these days. I love seeing this kind of women haha 😀

  16. Rusty Shackleford says:

    She says if she meets Mr. Right once it's too late to "conceive naturally", she'll avail herself of "whatever technologies" are available to help her have a child. She's clearly talking about IVF. But of course, IVF nearly always involves the creation and destruction of multiple "superfluous" embryos. So to be blunt, you're talking about multiple abortions. And she doesn't even bat an eye at this proposition.

    So once again, we see that your average American woman is a monster. Gentlemen, find yourself a NAWALT, or go MGTOW.

    P.S. Go long on cat food and batteries!

  17. Vicky Lichtman says:

    Wow. Did any of you people (mostly angry men I see) even focus on the content her commentary? What's with the knee-jerk hysteria, being obsessed with taking a 'pro' or a 'con' stance against the broader institution of marriage? That wasn't even on the table. This is not a debate, it's a deeply personal account of a woman's journey and a cultural critique (of something very real and present in western society). The fact that she hasn't married doesn't mean she is against marriage. It means she does not want to settle and she rightly believes that this decision does not lessen her womanhood – and she said this clearly. Marriage is not the end all be all for women or men. Times are changing.

    She's very honest, articulate and expressive. I guess in the media realm this means she has weak body posturing? Oh and as for her basic physical appearence, um, I don't know about most 40 year olds on these chats, but I venture to that most of y'all are balding (with hair in all the wrong places), flabby and flaccid. Women or men. You wouldn't to be able to even approximate the vigor and vitality that she radiates. Nor do you have the talent, courage or integrity that she has – which is why she's a successful writer and you are on YouTube watching talk shows in small town suburbia.

  18. Alex K. says:

    Happily? Lol no. WGTOW isn't really working out for her.

  19. PJay2718281828 says:

    She's so brave. Empowered, beautiful.

  20. Sub Sailor says:

    You have the choice, you can take the Blue Pill and be told how you are to live your life. Red Pill and you can go to the Matrix of your choice.

  21. Ryungun Rie says:

    By choice or by force? Let's be honest.

  22. jared matthews says:

    It is too bad that a human being with such good genes of beauty and intelligence has decided to suicide them as a matter of selfishness. When only ugly and unintelligent people have the desire to procreate the future of humanity is shaky at best.

  23. Brutus Tan says:

    Jordan B Peterson in the monologue on this very same program 'goodbye to good men' destroys this stupid chick

  24. Chairman Mao says:

    So she blames the economy, but really she's just too self absorbed to commit to a relationship with any one of the men she claims to have been in love with. Ain't that a bitch.

  25. Ryan Michael Upton says:

    This guy has a very sophisticated method for picking up women.

  26. Takashi says:

    when women choose not to marry its ok she is independent… when men choose not to marry….everyone loses their minds!

  27. wcm5150 says:

    That's what happens when you treat every man you encounter as a disposable object. You break their heart and their spirits, you end up alone, angry, and blaming everyone else while at the same time convincing everyone else to do what you did so that you're not alone. As Jordan Peterson would say, a pathetic weasel.

  28. Barry Stamour says:

    She knows it is already to late to have children and it breaks her heart, yet she still tells young girls to make the same mistake she did. It is sad.

  29. Skep Kim says:

    In other words men aren't men anymore that's why none of them are good enough for me waaaaaaaaaaah!!

  30. sourcescience says:

    Anyone can look into her eyes and see a broken woman.

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