Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliyar Response on Gender Equality Controversy (Exclusive)

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Instead of gender equality, safety for women is the primary concern for us.
Thank you Team Markaz Media.

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14 Responses

  1. Muzjan Mpz says:


  2. nfl vp says:

    Masha allah..Indian muslim leader….

  3. Bashir Madapuram says:

    ലീഗ് കാർക്ക് കുരു പൊട്ടേണ്ട

  4. rafeeqe pk says:

    Masha allh usthathine allahu dheergayussulla afiyathe nalkatea…ameen…

  5. lio tech Media says:

    മാഷാ അള്ളാഹു

  6. Rasheed OK Kuzhippuram. says:

    Well said .

  7. Anzar Hamza says:

    Masha Allah

  8. Ashraf Shareef says:


  9. Rashid Morayur says:

    ssf sinda bad

  10. Rashid Morayur says:

    allahu akbar

  11. mansoor manchu says:

    thank u my USTHAD……..

  12. abdul hakeem says:

    Masha Allah..! thank you usthad.. i am always support you, because you are the great leader of indian muslims..

  13. Al- Ameen Translation Solutions says:

    Great…….really great.. We want Gender Justice instead of Gender Equality. Very good speech done by Kanthapuram Aboobakkar Musliyar…….

  14. Muhammed Jabir says:

    Great words by great leader….. Mashah Allah….

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