Julie Bindel Anne Lister interview

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Me being rather annoyed On Sky News about the Ann Lister plaque atrocity.

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  1. ruth biro says:

    Bindle, BRILLIANT! as usual.

  2. Jenna Moroz says:

    You're awesome Julie.

  3. RedNext says:

    Is gender not the performance of feminity? Did Anne Lister go around dressed in mens clothing and calling herself Bruce? No she didn't. So she conformed to the rules while loving women. So she was a Lesbian not gender non-conforming. Good job with the interview Julie!!

  4. Marta GV says:

    I'm glad to see Sky News giving the chance to people to hear other opinions. Thanks Julie <3

  5. Paint it Black says:

    Beyond an INSULT !!So say all of Us -gender critical lesbians

  6. Astra Poole says:

    Agree with some things you say but no blue plaques currently state people's sexuality. Oscar Wilde's plaque doesn't have gay on it. They are putting rainbow colours on now. Is it necessary to label someone as something they didn't label themselves? Why does this have to be about the 'trans agenda?'

    Also the word lesbian wasn't used for female homosexual then, so who knows what she would have identified as now? Why assume it would be lesbian? It might have been 'stone butch' but how do we know she wouldn't have identified as trans masculine or trans man? The way she describes her sexual activities and preferences could equally apply to any of those identities today.

    Norton writes: "In sexual affairs Anne prefers not to be treated overtly as a woman. Anne does not like it when Mrs Barlow touches her queer and wishes to 'do to you as you do to me'. She is 'astonished' rather than angered, but unable to explain her feelings adequately. 'This is womanizing me too much. . . . she lets me see too much that she considers me too much as a woman"

    and: "She feels me, etc. All which I like not. Marianna never seems to know or notice these things. She suits me better.' She and Marianna 'talked of the management my temper required. Marianna knew it well. It had its peculiarities but she did not fear. Talked of . . . my sensitiveness of anything that reminded me of my petticoats.'

    'Fancying I had a penis & was intriguing with her in the downstairs water-closet at Langton before breakfast, to which she would have made no objection.'

    I get that people were criminalised because of their homosexuality and that should not be forgotten, but this applies to men. Women were more likely to have been othered because of overt gender non-conforming behaviour. Not everyone needs to be labelled as a sexuality.

  7. MaxMasterGamerTV says:

    Thank you, Julie Bindel for standing up for us.

  8. tani thunderballs says:


  9. Peachyoghurt says:


  10. grant maclean says:

    That was so well said – so concise , so clear . – thank you .

  11. Mik Goodram says:

    Thank you Julie. Fought all my life to be an out and proud lesbian.

  12. Gender Critical Dad says:

    Young lesbians need to see the people from their history, they need to know that other lesbians exist and have existed in history. The replacement of the word lesbian by queer is denying this history and lesbians current existence. Lesbian is a clearly defined term, with the clear meaning that lesbians are not sexually available to men. Queer is poorly defined term, covering everything from LGB thru polyamorous, BDSM and any old bloke who considers himself too sophisticated and special to be straight.

  13. David Arnold says:

    Well put Julie.

  14. Eugenia Rodrigues says:

    Julie Bindel, we Brazilian women stand by you <3

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