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PC Culture and the hash tag #metoo, while starting out as a positive move hangers on have degraded the whole movement. I predict it will run into serious trouble in 2019.

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9 Responses

  1. Jan Margaret says:

    I think you are spot on about political correctness, the world is going mad. Don't you think is is a deliberate plan by the elitists to keep us fighting amongst ourselves?

  2. Connie Klostermeier says:

    I am not going to apologize for what I'm about to say…there is a big difference between a woman and a lady. Remember Joan Clever in "Leave it to Beaver?" She was a lady… Happy New Year everyone!

  3. len English says:

    That wink n giddy up exit was totally inappropriate lol , there is a vocal few that don't realize the harm they're doing.Trudeau has been pushing this agenda but, I suspect the silent majority have had quite enuf .as u said more important issues .the silent but rational majority will weed him out and the job of rebuilding this great Country can resume

  4. star gazer says:

    Can you talk about brexit your views please

  5. atoothforatooth says:


  6. James Woenker says:

    Excellent, totally agree. Nailed it

  7. Segmental says:

    More liberal lunacy…liberalism is a mental disorder…the brainwashing worked well…

  8. Nancy Anthoulakis says:

    Women have gone crazy.
    Even my young, just out of liberal brainwashing university daughter thinks the feminist movements are nuts.
    As parents, we were surprised when my daughter asked us parents to spend good money darkening her ‘high school graduation present vehicle’ windows…which we did. Should we parents go “nuts” over men being men? to stop them honking? From staring? From asking her to roll down her window at stop lights? With a town with two universities, there is plenty of young people looking for attention. “Just ignore them, honey.” My daughter had skipped a grade and at 16 years old was very young and sensitive to live away from home at university. As parents, we were concerned & spoke to university councillors, who saw no harm in her young age…because she looked older. (??)
    And this story is sad…
    All the different sports were being depicted on huge cloth banners and being hung on the sides of the university buildings. Swimming, basketball, rugby, football, etc. Including…cheerleading. My daughter was voted by the university cheerleading team to represent the team and pictures were taken for the banner printing, of her jumping in the cheerleading outfit, which is very appropriate with no stomach showing, only legs and face and arms. Even a basketball player shows his stomach sometimes jumping. A male swimmer shows much more. Anyway…the cheerleading photo of her showed NO SPANKIES (which is the undershorts worn under the short skirt) and the banner was hung up. All was well for a week…until a certain special group of Trudeau’s religious nutters and some feminists got up a petition to have the cheerleading banner removed. The cheerleading coach and my daughter went to object to the president of the university, who was Allan Rock at the time.
    The other sports teams were outraged and started up their own petition to have the cheerleading banner re-instated.
    But, NO! The sports teams had gotten hundreds of signatures in hours, while less than a hundred were on the “AGAINST” petition, when the cheerleading banner was removed. Rock said his initial decision was final and no objections would change his mind or make any difference.
    Now, what did that say to sportsmanship and all students?
    My daughter came home and had some frustrating and angry tears.
    While, in the weeks before, there had been confidence for this young female student at being selected by her friends and team to represent the sport of cheerleading…she actually questioned me quietly…on what she had done wrong.

  9. matt matt says:

    We saw this in parliament when it was construed that Corbyn mouthed "stupid woman" #metoo was mentioned & lots of valuable time was lost when they should have been sorting out brexit.

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