Jordan Peterson on why 98.4% of people don’t fully fulfill their lives

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21 Responses

  1. Travis Brontide says:

    I told my dad he's not living up to his potential and found out hes a major narcissist

  2. Yung Dude says:

    He's wrong about mathematicians! (that some believe there's nothing more real than numbers)
    Anyone who didn't sleep all throughout school knows that there are numbers that aren't even real!
    He's a fraud who knows nothing..
    Hasn't even read the great philosophers, he misrepresents everything..

  3. Rob Brenton says:

    He's good stuff. I like him.

  4. celpabedn says:

    where is this from?

  5. Lara O'neal says:

    I know it is cliche but the more I know the more I don’t know. That is why growth should never end. It is a lifelong process.

  6. Joe Melonie says:


  7. Benjamin Baumgartner says:

    It's not 98.4% it's 98.3678649%

  8. i Balkanizze says:

    This video just changed my life. Awesome!

  9. sonoftherepublic says:

    12960 hours in the public school system

  10. PikPobedy says:

    JP answer this. Is ot better to be very rich, very good looking or very intelligent?????

  11. kevin joseph says:

    injunction about envy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha….blabla

  12. Sukhbir Sekhon says:

    The new Anthony Robbins but at least Robbins has a sense of humour.

  13. CottonFly says:

    I just discovered Jordan Peterson and I must say, I like the guy!

  14. H. R. says:

    I’m trying to focus- but your Canadian accent is distracting me I love the “eh”
    Reminding me of Tom Green.

  15. dillondecal says:

    The only things that are real are matter and all their chemical and physical interactions. You are welcome, stop trying to over complicate something simple…

  16. Stephen Murray says:

    I can't believe hundreds of people sat in that auditorium to listen to this pseudo intellectual guff.

  17. john Ajax says:

    Fulfillment has to be very individual and I would put the percentage far lower more like 20percent because there is no universal standard
    even if there was it would be false I will describe it this way if you learned to your capability if you thought, reasoned , understood, cared
    and helped to your capability and circumstance then no-one can claim you didn't fulfill your life.

  18. D. E. says:

    I like this guy most of the time, except when he tries to answer vague questions that he has no more qualification to know the answer than anyone else. He's assuming that the listeners define a fulfilled life. The greatest example of a fulfilled life for me was the life of Jesus Christ. But I don't think being a humble carpenter, laughed at, and ridiculed, and tortured and brutally executed while still young would be Jordans idea of a fulfilled life. Being financially successful and famous are not the benefits of a fulfilled life for everyone. But they are the benefits of a selfish life in most cases.

  19. Theron Ash says:

    "Unto the pure all things are pure: but unto them that are vile and unbelieving is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled."

  20. Jared Piper says:

    I’m sure he’s conveniently one of the 1.6% too lol

  21. Professor 5'10 says:

    When is this quack going to not be trendy anymore? I give it another year or so when this generation of hipster pseudo-intellectual college kids graduate.

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