Jordan Peterson Meets Maajid Nawaz: The Full Interview

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Maajid Nawaz sat down with Professor Jordan Peterson for an exclusive LBC interview which covered topics ranging from gender pronouns to being compared to Hitler.

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27 Responses

  1. Chaosdude341 says:

    Maajid, I've never seen someone so incapable of using a mic in the correct way lol

  2. Vajid Ali says:

    Jordan Peterson is a pretty straight shooter…. Majid nawaz looks like a sneaky rat

  3. 。ショーキー says:

    the wisdom is shining from his numby eye

  4. Carlos Henrique says:

    How a guy can be a host a of a podcast or a radio show and do not know how the deal with a mic?

  5. Andy McGibbon says:

    Bricklaying is hard and gruelling, so is being a home carer. The problem is the market system we live under doesn't value caring. Brick layers should be paid well, so should teachers, carers etc

  6. Esther Daniel says:

    The Lord Elohim give us free will, right to choose , over 50 countries with Islamic governments are Muslims,.
    those who decide to become Christians face persecution from militant Islamic groups, the government, and even their families and friends..
    Therefore why try to dialogue with JP. That is tell , set your house in perfect order before you critic the world.
    If one can not treat oneself and take responsibility for his or her to choose.
    If family or friend are don,t want best of their own children.
    If one can not put his or her shoulder back, claim one,s choice in life will be dead man.
    He or she can not pursue what is meaningful . Tell the Truth, and bothering them when they are skateboarding.
    As JP said read get knowledge and take responsibility.

  7. FoodLiquorCool says:

    How has Maajid still not learned how to use his mic

  8. Adam Gaskins says:

    I want to listen to all of this, but it's getting tiresome riding the volume slider to compensate for the interviewer's lack of consistency at speaking in to his microphone… I get it that you want your entire face visible in the video so it's not desirable to have the mic where it should be, but then at least get a compressor or some sort of dynamics optimization gear Maajid, please! 😛

  9. seebradrun says:

    I wish the audio was leveled in post production.

  10. David Robertson says:

    I found the interview very interesting and I can see where Jordan Peterson is coming from. However he and I have different definitions of left/right, liberal/conservative and this will of course affect how we understand the way society functions. I find this is often at the centre of disagreements in our modern (post-modern?) world that I liken to the Tower of Babel.  

    It is however true that those who have locked themselves into an ideological prison of the mind will refuse to accept any thoughts from the outside, assuming them, a priori, to be fundamentally wrong. These ideologies are usually referred to as collectivist and they think in terms of people only in connection with their social group. Certain groups are acceptable and the rest are not.  

    Even Jordan Peterson has done this with regard to what he sees as far right, i.e. Nazism, when of course in history the Nazis were far left and collectivist. He sees himself I believe as being liberal in the sense of the Enlightenment liberals who informed the writing of the American Constitution. In turn he would place this liberalism at the centre of the political spectrum.

  11. Franny Dimitri says:

    fairly sure that Maajid Nawaz's voice is being recorded only by Jordan's microphone , there's a 13 db RMS difference in audio levels. Ugggh one of my pet annoyances 😀

  12. Porkleaker says:

    I'm a big fan of Peter Jordanson.

  13. Ali Cay says:

    maajid Nawaz is a fake

  14. Heliosvector says:

    How is the radio professional the one that cannot speak into the mic at all times!? Am I going crazy!?!?

  15. Cmpletely Human says:

    Men are better at killing ourselves than women. Take that, feminists!

  16. billy Red says:

    What was that you said about x E,D,L, leader that tried to kill nobody Tommy Robinson, Maajid Nawaz x terrorist that tried to blow up non Muslims and kill them.

  17. James Hills says:

    Addressing the issue of suicide. Let's look at Emile Durkheim's concept of anomie. In a nutshell, if you strip away the old rules, values, roles etc. and you do not replace them with something then the rate of suicide escalates drastically. We have attacked the male role. We have called almost everything about traditional masculinity bad. Masculinity is almost a bad word nowadays, toxic masculinity is a common term. Patriachy is a negative term. Mens roles are attacked at every term where once they celebrated. We attack and strip away without replacing it with anything and young men kill themselves.

  18. rachael m says:

    Majid doesn't curb his views with his callers so why has he decided to do it with Jordan Petersen.

  19. Faith Esprit says:

    Why does he not speak on the influence of all media outlets and the perceptions created from them? News, TV, music etc. which are all influenced by mainly economics and politics.

  20. Faith Esprit says:

    I love listening to JP but I'm trying to work out whether or not him agreeing or his appreciation for technological advancements during a certain stage in history is still relevant now. Technology for the sake of technology I would suggest, from what's happening in the world, is doing more damage then good. It goes beyond supporting basic needs for human evolution. I.e it's used for war, Bioengineering…genetic manipulation, robots as sex toys..Geoengineering….I would love him to speak on these things…

  21. palmatrh says:

    How can a guy make a living as an interviewer and not speak in to the mike? The volume differential makes this unwatchable.

  22. Joseph Dilascio says:

    Genius person meet other Genius person. We are just missing Sam Harris. haha Could listen to them all day.

  23. Martin TFREE says:

    one of the best interviews I have seen/heard

  24. learn first says:

    How can the individual be sovereign when we are taught at universities that Parliament is sovereign? The concept of sovereignty has been clearly demarcated in many textbooks. Unless sovereignty with reference to individuals refers to a mere nominal usage of the word, stripped of any of its true implications and consequences. A core characteristic of a sovereign is ability to legislate. A normal person in the west is more of an adherent to laws and not one that enacts them. This is the sole prerogative of Parliament. It is true that the masses may participate in the law-making process; however their participation is limited and often contingent on the meeting of a number of arduous and onerous criteria.

  25. J Whitton says:

    And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved, and thy house.
    -Acts 16:31

    For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.
    -John 3:16

  26. justin case says:

    radio dudes always gots the best herion. dude got ol jordie gowed the fuck out !

  27. Tara Roberts says:

    Maajid doesn't like Tommy Robinson,and they were such good friends

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