Jordan Peterson Kavanaugh tweet causes controversy

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26 Responses

  1. redpilled kell says:

    Juden Peterstein

  2. Ami Chotu says:

    Liberal after all.

  3. Robert Kelly says:

    Presently reading " 12 rules " Like most Canadians Jordan is chomping at the bit to " surrender " his Grandpa's shotgun. For all his macho posturing this guy needs to grow a pair. As our American philosopher Mr. T often said " I pity the fool " his tweet and explanation both sad and pathetic. " we castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful , we laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst " ( C. S. Lewis ). Would you buy a used snow blower from this man ?

  4. Fabius Maximus says:

    An actually thoughtful an balanced commentary.
    I must agree, you shouldn't bandwagon against a man, because of a single remark, out of context.

  5. The God Emperor says:

    Kavanaugh should step down because he's a biased judge and he's a piece of shit that doesn't uphold our constitution (fails the 4th amendment) AND he supported Bush's expansion of the Administration powers…..

    Anyone that still defends Kavanaugh to this day is an idiot or a partisan hack (or both)

  6. Andrew Tarr says:

    'Vehement' is pronounced 'Veer-ment'

  7. Vengefultwinky says:
    4 min JBP live show response to the tweet controversy. Definitely explains his thinking better than assuming he's done with the presumption of innocence. The fear of civil war is real, these lefties are rabid and as much as we know we're justified, people could die over this…

  8. Craig Moo says:

    I just saw him live hours after he tweeted..He walked it back and said he tweeted what he was thinking at the time..

  9. Rodguy says:

    Why is he the most intelligent person on the planet until he opens twitter?

  10. kevin king says:

    Peterson is vastly overrated. He's a psychology professor ffs. He's not a Richard Feynman, a man who was worth 20 Petersons.

  11. H250V says:

    Like the tweet he was responding to or whatever it is you do when retweeting people, unless I read it wrong, I feel like he was just summarizing said tweet he shared rather than sharing an opinion. If not, well guess thats' it. Dude just thought that – assuming the allegations were real – if Kavanaugh was actually guilty of anything, he would step down from his post after being confirmed. My more cynical side, though, says he wouldn't because dude probably worked his ass off to get to this point in time, even if all it took was the chance of the God Emperor being elected as PotUS to get nominated to SCotUS. I wouldn't stand down after all that hard work, especially not after knowing people wanted me to fail even though I earned this. That's about all I can think about this. Doesn't exactly discredit his arguments, but it does highlight the danger of being a public figure with many enemies on every side.

  12. Miloslav Raus says:

    Peterson did enough of pushing of irrational, unsubstantiated bullshit, ie.:
    – He's posing himself as arbiter of what is & isnt TRUTH, throwing PROPHETS into the mix
    – Just listen to him talking about what religion / christianity supposedly is [his mumbo jumbo], and contrast it with what bible said, what church says now and how christians "on average" act. But he's the ultimate authority, and if you don't think he's right, you just probably didn't listen to him split ass-hairs long enough.
    – He, along with Ben Shapiro, even pushed that using psychological torture (eternal damnation, hell, etc.) is an acceptable way to instill dogma into children

    so that he is forever to be taken with a truckload of salt.

    Yes, he occassionally stumbles upon / blurts out something acceptable, but his [so called] "thought processes" [so heavilly influenced by his self-inflicted dogma & delusions of grandeur] are more akin to stream-of-thought core-dumps. His "great truths for life" are partly self-evident, partly bullshit added "just because". The sensible parts of it can literally be "discovered" by a teenager high on weed/shrooms without any external help (I certainly did so, some 10 years before learning he exists). His only addition (to what was pure logic applied to what i knew about world) was dressing it up in a stuck-up language and presenting it on the pedestal of Holy Truth.

    Screw him, he doesn't deserve the attention he's getting.

  13. Natty ice says:

    The way he said motha fucka im ded

  14. The Illusive Man says:

    /pol/ was right again

  15. Tim Pietersen says: Jordan Peterson is a con man | DARKSTREAM by Vox Day The Hypocrisy of Jordan Peterson
    peterson is a LYING CON MAN! (leftie sheckelgruber)

  16. Michael Nygondh says:

    Yes it would be a good tactic. You make a statement that he is stepping down because of the devide his nomination has created. It would create a goodwill among the moderates in dems and republicans.

    Because in the end you can appoint another conservative federal judge to the supreme court. The Republicans hold the majority of federal judges. Brett Kavanaugh will still be a federal judge.

    It always pays to favour the opinions of the majority over the minority. The dems just played their entire hand, but the republicans would win the support of the majority by not playing. What will they do to the next nominee? Same thing? Wont work.

  17. Guillermo Garcia Piza says:

    This' indefensible.

    But I enjoyed your mental contorting and gymnastics; tryin' to save face for that pseudo intellectual for 10 minutes; that was fun.

  18. The Evil Koala says:

    I would need to hear his reasoning first, to decide whether or not he is firstly being reasonable, and secondly whether or not I agree

  19. Steven Wilson says:

    I completely agree with you on Thunderf00t, he became an obnoxious self-righteous SJW. Listening to him became more and more grating and infuriating. As much as I love his science, his politics are vapid and repugnant and vacant of the reason he approaches his science with. If he just had a subchannel with nothing but science and astronomy and was vacant of his vapid political crap I would be happy to sub to that.

  20. TheLsp92 says:

    Thinking Ape criticized him for being too unreasonable in pricing merchandise.

  21. FUCKNewChannelLayout says:

    I'd be interested in knowing his reasoning, because he's pretty intelligent. Definitely not infallible, but not stupid.

  22. Roach Damascus says:

    Thunderfoot has always come across, to me as full of himself and arrogant, which made him a little hard to listen to even when I agreed with him. Peterson is a good speaker, and can make his point without sounding quite so smug, which makes him easy to listen to even when I disagree with him.

  23. Viorp says:

    Jordan Vee Peterson

  24. heroin rat says:

    LOL? i wouldn't forgive someone of whipping teh shit out of someone else even if they did it once

  25. adam forte says:

    Jesus’s table flipping scene works within his teachings because the merchants were disgracing the temple which was supposed to be the Lords house. I believe that’s the only time in all the gospels where Jesus was actually angry, but it wasn’t sinful to carry out actions based on that anger because the anger wasn’t for himself. It was for God. By turning the temple into a market, the merchants were disgracing God. He also never said anything to the effect that there’s never a good reason to be violent. He was definitely against it in most cases, but He never said that violence was never the proper course of action.

  26. heroin rat says:


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