Jordan Peterson debate on gender pay gap, campus protests & postmodernism – REACTION

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29 Responses

  1. Albador Ali says:

    Peterson: "HI"
    She: " so what your saying is thaty hitler did nothing wrong?!!"

  2. TheMasterChief117 says:

    where is Ashtyn's instagram and youtube???

  3. Del Versio says:

    Love your channel you're both super cool

  4. ikano BG says:


  5. Johnny Skinwalker says:

    Baroness FTW

  6. Papari Ole says:

    you should react to the DARKEST HOUR trailer ,it is about Winston Churchill

  7. zaftra says:

    There's no such thing as gender pay gap. Identical jobs carry identical pay. When you really look at the example of suppose pay gaps there is normally a reason, they are actually DIFFERENT jobs or media personality were experiance and 'fame' come into it.

  8. keyshawn AFRO DRAGON KING morrison says:

    40:22 I see you Jon XD

  9. Hognitio Kefaen? says:

    Could you react to Sigrid. She is a singer. You have probaly heard by the song Strangers, but could you plzzz react to one of her songs?

  10. The Exposer says:

    React to punisher vs Russian

  11. 3llouche _ says:

    pls react to les twins world of dance 2014

  12. Sebastian says:

    Plz make a porn video!!!!

  13. Sunglare says:

    When I first saw this interview I asked all the ladies in my office if they had the option to just be a stay at home mom and not have to work they all said yes.

  14. Xavier Parker says:

    There's a difference between wages and earnings…

  15. Павел Недев says:

    React to Phil Moufarrege-voice teacher Freddie Mercury's voice

  16. Masco Truby says:

    haha he is great ! 🙂

    have posted my first video today, if i could have an honest opinion?

  17. Mikael Puusaari says:

    I understand him though, I was rly lazy 11 years ago, but that was after I went through some quite hard shit, but then I went back to school and became a system developer and worked for 7 years and I was kind a shock after being sick for a month and checked my mail and I had over 200 job offerings, so ppl can turn things around no matter how bad things can go 🙂

    But I got rly sick of listening to her, she is rly totally attacking him while he is trying his best to be calm and sensible.. and to be a bit blunt: that is how most feminists(or any other extremists) I talked to are 🙂 not saying all feminists are extremists, just like 90% of the ones I talked with have been unreasonable like her.. even when I am trying to show respect and for some reason they have a need to drive over men as if we are an enemy that needs to be destroyed 🙂

  18. Peter Mike Dascolias says:

    37:30 shes gone

  19. Soul Fist says:

    I'm always watching Peterson yo dudes a marvel

  20. Lynchy The Classical Liberal says:

    She embodies everything that is wrong with Modern Feminism. Anybody who wants to know why people have a problem with feminism need only observe Newman's behaviour in this interview.

  21. e a says:

    she has bobs

  22. rock says:

    Scandinavia is dying with its gender equal society. Women are not entirely happy in their 30s single with no kids. Marrying to the immigrants who are sty home dad and the women working her ass off. becoz scandanivian male lack testostarin or busy drinking, smoking, weed , eating lots of sweets etc as they raised like more femanine way.

  23. Rati Prakash says:

    you guys are less phony and more real… love from INDIA

  24. Jaime Ruiz says:

    I am a male and I only work part time. My wife works full time at the same job as me because she makes more than me and trustworthy daycare is very expensive in my area. So we decided to have me stay home and watch the child so that we can take home profit instead of one of us working to strictly pay for the daycare costs.
    My point is this,
    Despite this location having employed mainly females, my wife in particular has quickly moved up within the company at a much faster rate than any other employee. She has even surpassed the female employee that got her the job in the first place. This specific company location has employed mainly women in many leadership roles. More than men. However, my wife has taken on many dominant and what you would consider “male” traits and it has served her well. She started out as a Team Member and now she has been promoted 2 positions up in not even a year of working there. She is about to start making almost double what she made starting out in less than a years time.
    Jordan Peterson, thank you.

  25. Jaime Ruiz says:

    Every time Kathy says, “So what you’re saying is,”
    You take a shot.

  26. ChappieDatAss says:

    I'm glad you guys reacted to this, Jordan Peterson is an amazing orator and philosopher. You guys would be interested in a lot of what he says i think.

  27. Pranav Prasannan says:

    Didn't you guys put this yesterday

  28. Douglas Knudsen says:

    what's your guys IG?

  29. Clorp Top says:

    John the tampon

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