Jesse Lee Peterson SAVAGE Moments! Part 30

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Jesse interviews an eccentric New Age dabbler who calls herself a “witch,” takes another call from meds-popper RussSam, and plays the chicken song for a cynical anti-white harridan.

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All clips used with permission.

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28 Responses

  1. Elron Humpperdink says:

    Lol if Don Lemon was a lesbian, he’d be normal.

  2. HOLAbuddy 313 says:

    A witch is a witch like a turd is a turd

  3. Shukin Andjivin says:

    This  so-called "witch" is a MENTAL CASE! Everyone is beautiful? Really? Jesse was really nice to her. I was hoping he would push her on her crazy ideas/lifestyle. I knew this "witch" would refer to G-d as a she. Dumb cunt.

  4. You’re so smart! Good job! C says:

    That blue eyed woman is absolutely insane how could she get away with that crap

  5. Ryan Dewaele says:

    “My mother was a witch
    She was burnt alive”

  6. Metathresh says:

    I love that chicken song part at the end.

  7. Donald Walker says:

    I kinda feel sorry for that white woman because her black leader got killed by her own kind. and now her devilish ways is against a christian blackman. some people just can't handle the truth and they will find out when CHRIST comes back.

  8. Mr. Pewpy But-Whole says:

    9:44 about out to the author of this video

  9. Terrel Owens says:

    I hate her WitchAss!!

  10. Pat Sing says:

    Racism doesn’t exist, Jesse? You’re acknowledging it to a serious, white audience. See attached:

  11. Pat Sing says:

    He acknowledges racism in the following video, yet he usually claims that racism doesn’t exist. See attached:

  12. Savage Trump ES says:

    Our hope and country died with JFK and come back with papa trump TRUMP 2020

  13. James Thomas says:

    18:48 They made them wear stars actually but never mind.

  14. James Thomas says:

    17:51 Lol, hope for communists maybe.

  15. james heyer says:

    That old crazy white teacher got schooled and ran like a coward.

  16. Peyton Janicki says:

    Lol jesse

  17. rohan bee says:

    The shit Jesse has to deal with is fuckin incredible.

  18. rohan bee says:


  19. Divided WeFall says:

    I thought a male witch was a warlock..

  20. Steven Smalley says:

    Witches talk through they’re noses apparently

  21. Kurigo says:

    i know where the sun is in the sky: Woowwwwwwwwwwwwwww 4:46

  22. boo bye says:

    So the witch basically broke up her family just to virtue signal.

  23. Joey Moe says:

    Jesse has the laugh of an angel

  24. Kristin j.r. says:

    If her spirit guide AKA demon told her to commit suicide because she is done with this life and needs to reincarnate she's so stupid she would probably do it.

  25. joeresio says:

    I thought a male witch was a warlock ? Or something? Lol

  26. b says:

    I'm a 12ft Chinese dragon, I travel to the moon to Monday to Friday to chase space eggs

  27. Meghan Tarantino says:

    LMAO @Maxine Waters wicked witch of the West hahahahaha epic!

  28. bench550 says:

    “ we don’t need you in heaven” Hilarious

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