JBTV4: Legal rights that women have and men don’t

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  1. Kelly Medley says:

    You overlooked something, us men have the "right" to be racist, sexist bigots no matter what we say 🙂

  2. Ben Haley says:

    Well it’s called put a condom on so it don’t happen. And plus you should do it unless you are wanting a child

  3. Sofia Petrova says:

    Good evening, lady Janet! I know in the USA women have many priviliges, but note please one thing: in every society men have their privilige – physical strength and more abilities to resist stress. Moreover, you mentioned sometimes about men get raped. For ordinary women it is impossible to rape, cause she is too weak physically and incapable of forcibly grabbing a man. Man can successfully protect himself.

  4. Jerry Bruckhart says:

    We men are nothing more than privileged cry babies.

  5. mssheltn1 says:

    I have a solution: guys let's flip scripts. You men stay at home, take care of the children. We women do everything outside household chores: run the government, work in the industry, etc. Let us take the burden off of you since we don't do enough. PS circumcision is not a right and the act was initiated by MEN!

  6. Katie Corn says:

    YOU ARE STUPID but I respect your opinions

  7. none says:

    The good news for men is that almost all the rights that women have that men don't wouldn't matter if men just stayed away from women, which they should probably start doing. The selective service system is the thing that bothers me the most though.

  8. Veronica Browne says:

    actually, forced sexual activity due to an inherently coercive relationship such as the teacher student relationship, assuming the man is of age, or say in the military, a female officer using the superiority of her office to force a lower ranking man into sexual activity IS considered rape and is prosecuted in all 50 states. yeah. you need to start doing some research before you open that idiotic cocksucker of yours. By the way I love what you're doing though, for sure keep it up. see you're so desperate for attention that you've actually rendered yourself completely harmless as a weapon for your cause. People who think your ideas and beliefs are dangerous really need not worry because so much of what you say is so outrageous, unsubstantiated, and inaccurate that you actually have no chance of changing anybody's mind or causing any actual change in society. your videos have as much chance of inciting any real change as would a video of a chicken skwaking, and as long as you continue to spew the kind of garbage that you do nobody in any position of power is going to take any notice of you and you're going to make absolutely no headway towards enacting any real change.

  9. Chris Owens says:

    This is amazing! Brilliant! Well done, and thank you for this interesting, informative video!

  10. Zéco says:

    She's lies. Yall guys really think this female cares about men. Don't make me laugh. She's been programmed by feminism. Yall think this female is a traditional woman. No she just a female not a woman. Women are extinct. We lost family value. They won. The sexbots are here. The future looks bright for men. Bring it

  11. skitzo jones says:

    Men have the legal right to walk around completely topless.

  12. john90430 says:

    The end goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality.

  13. Butch Schultz says:

    I'm in love with this woman!

  14. bicanoo_magic says:

    Women have the right by law to make a man pay child support who's not the biological father just because a woman named a man on the birth certificate. So she can get child support for someone else's child.
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics broke down the domestic violence narrative and removed the men on women, women on men and focused on child abuse. It was overwhelmingly women that committed child abuse and unacceptable violence on children and boys and NOT men.
    BTW. Circumcision is the major cause of Erectile Dysfunction later on in life.
    A person I Know of got off charges of armed robbery with a sawn off shotgun because she was a mother! What message does that send to women!!

  15. John Thomson says:

    Oooops…. @ 8:00 She says when men litigate "they stand an excellent chance on winning…" Way off base there. Lots of men have to fight to get one weeknight, and alt weekends. Getting 50/50, though considered the default start point, is trivial to crush (by a woman) with a few groundless allegations to the police, for which he has to prove himself innocent, while not being able to cross examine her, in a case of he says/she says.

    Courts then dismiss 50/50, grant her primary custody, because it is a "conflictual relationship" so that 50/50 cannot be considered a workable option. In short, if she is an immature lying bitch, he will not get 50/50.

  16. michael schettl says:

    Ive always refured to these rights as the "more than equal rights for women".

  17. Steve Hangen says:

    They have the right to make me a sammich

  18. Future Man says:

    Give me liberty or give me death!

  19. vonSoest says:

    Kudos to my mother for getting me circumcised. A life with dick butter is not a life I want.

  20. Vanessa Love says:

    I'm for men's parental rights. But I'm not sure what that would look like. How would a man legally choose to opt in or out of parenthood? Is that the right question to ask?

  21. Darko Halilovic says:

    Once family becomes important again my dear, there may be a hope. Otherwise, your country (I believe you live in U.S.), and my civilization, is going to continue undermining itself, and social engineers are going to continue to celebrate, through the laws, the philosophers they yanked from their 16th and 17th century bestiality and child abuse nightmares.

  22. jonathan gonzalez says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing

  23. Jonathan van dorsten says:

    if you have more rights its not equal.

  24. Bruce Collis says:

    Wow where did you come from? I am so impressed! I agree about the army. All men must go to war? Women's lives are more valuable? You should start a women's movement in support of equality. Feminism is a dismal failure.

  25. Truth is King says:

    This amazing woman wasn’t raised in California no doubt

  26. Truth is King says:

    Will you marry me!’ Wow this woman has beauty and brains: the entire package!

  27. HarvDaMan says:

    The write to get beaten up

  28. egukoucu says:

    Fkin brilliant!

  29. SmashTheGranny OutOfIt says:

    Christ saved us from The Worlds Sin, but sadly not from Mans story, the story of The World and her Crime.

  30. Talanx says:

    If men had the choice to be parents there would be a lot less unwanted children in this world. A lot less abuse (man, woman and child abuse). A lot less court dates. A lot less welfare. A lot less entitlements and government handouts as a whole. And a lot MORE equality.

    Even if men had more birth control options. Men have condoms or a vasectomy, that's it. How about a birth control pill for men??? They can send a man on the moon; create a day after abortion pill; but they can't create a birth control pill for men??? Women superiority.

  31. Talanx says:

    I'm a man and I was required to pay child support or go to jail, but when I got full custody and placement, because CPS took the kids away from her, she was never required to pay child support. I even asked for child support in court and they didn't give it to me.

  32. UncleFeedle says:

    Women apparently have the right to assault men without repercussion. If a woman attacks you and you defend yourself with equal force, everyone is shocked that you would hit a female, and will jump to her aid. A friend of mine was regularly attacked by his crazy girlfriend and he just sort of accepted it, because he knew it would be pointless going to the police. Imagine the situation reversed. Everyone would be rushing to help the poor, downtrodden woman victim and he'd be spending years in prison. Thankfully he saw sense and got out of there.
    Feminists don't want true equality – they want more rights without any of the responsibilities.

  33. Roberto Mariartus says:

    Wow, so amazing to see a woman standing up to the toxicity and hypocrisy of feminism. Good work.

  34. Justin G says:

    Society treats women as weak. They will never be equal as long as we give them special treatment. And because of that special treatment they never grow up! Give women an inch they take the whole thing. Ever wonder why women never had rights? This is why. History repeats itself.

  35. TheVeryWorstLuck says:

    Is someone in combat boots pacing back and forth behind your potato of a camera? I appreciate your message, but goddamn, do better. All I hear is STOMP, STOMP, STOMP halfway through the grainy video.

  36. boogah cromedomas says:

    and just like feminists you fear monger and lie ( circumcision is not mutilation ).

  37. David Patten says:

    What about the fact that if a woman has a baby and happens to be with a man that she claims is the father, after a DNA test finds out he's not the father, Is forced to that care for the bastard child by government. That's Bullshit! That's why men don't want nothing to do with you whores.

  38. Wayne Powell says:


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