Jamie Oliver Cooks For Vegan Football Team and David Attenborough Calls For Reduced Meat Consumption

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Your weekly vegan news in a nutshell – January 4th 2019.

BBC host and natural historian Sir David Attenborough says that humans must stop eating meat to prevent climate change. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver prepares a plant-based meal for the first vegan football team, the Forest Green Rovers. Russia and Serbia pass laws to improve animal welfare, and Pizza Hut UK launches limited-time jackfruit pizza in honor of Veganuary.

Sir David Attenborough:
Jamie Oliver:
Russia Animal Welfare:
Serbia Fur Ban:
Pizza Hut UK Jackfruit Pizza:
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6 Responses

  1. Akakabuto Eli says:

    Sorry, I like this!!! But I don't like the teller-voice who are a typically "I am a sexy girl"-voice! And that – you have to work on that!

  2. Akakabuto Eli says:

    Why on earth does the girl who are telling the story talk in here nose?

  3. b.cage says:

    More bullshit vegan propaganda pushed by globalist.

  4. Love,Peace, Happy says:

    Perfect, I mean never hear in Germany…s football team a vegan…I think the american amd englisch people are more vegans as the germans….Plantbased for ever

  5. Soph Eco says:

    Looks like I need a trip to Pizza Hut then!

  6. Celeste Kristan says:

    Veganism is the future ❤

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