Is There A Gender Wage Gap?

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Liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow claim there is a “gender wage gap”, but is this due to “institutionalized sexism”, or are there other factors in play? Shane Killian of the Bogosity Podcast provides some clarity to their issue while exposing Maddow as the Idiot Extraordinaire that she is.

Bogosity Podcast for 18 June 2012:

Original Video:

Rachel Maddow SLAMS GOP with FACTS on Equal Pay for Women:

Gender Wage Gap Final Report:

What Do Wage Differentials Tell Us about Labor Market Discrimination?:

Shane Killian’s YouTube Channel:

The Bogosity Podcast:

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11 Responses

  1. pietje bel says:

    For every person (or feminist) reading this: The gender wage gap is a MYTH.
    A very big LIE, that still goes on in the world, for MANY years now.
    Yes, women earn less IN GENERAL !!! The word is in GENERAL!! About 21% or so.
    This does NOT !!!!!!!! mean they get 21% less salary / wages compared to men for EVERY / or THE SAME job!!!!!! Get this through your skulls.

    The "gender-wage-gap" (this word is VERY misleading / not correct at all!) just compares salaries of men with that of women.
    NOT for every occupation or anything like this, it just throws ALL the occupations (and thus also all individual situations from both men and women) on ONE HEAP.
    And then it concludes that men on average ! earn more than women on average !
    (about 21%)

    1) It (the "gender wage gap") does NOT take into account that men often work in industries / occupations that simply pay more! (compared to women)
    2) It does NOT take into account that men often work longer hours a week than women
    3) It does NOT take into account that because of this, men also get more promotions / salary increases in general
    (people working full-time / long hours simply get promoted more often, thats just the way it is)
    4) It does NOT take into account that men simply more often ask (!) for a salary increase, compared to women.

    So it is just an AVERAGE comparison of salaries / wages of men and women, nothing more.

    However feminists (often purposely) TWIST this truth / twist the numbers and the interpretation of this outcome.
    And SIMPLY state: ALL women are being discriminated 21% in pay compared to men for the exact same job.
    This is just SO wrong!!

    (and often they (feminists) even get support / back-up from politicians , like Obama, who just copy their / this statement)

    Its just a big fat LIE.

    Here is a link to a FEMALE professor (!) also explaining it:

    Can we PLZ stop with this nonsense-statistic from now on??
    Thank you.

  2. Falador321 says:

    My female cousin wants to be a teacher (Teachers get paid terrible), My girlfriend wants to be a web developer (not a bad job, but not as good as being a computer scientist), most women in my college classes are studying to be a nurse or psychologist. I'm not trying sound sexist but the jobs that they are aiming for are lower than if i asked what my male counterparts are studying. I have male friends studying to be lawyers, doctors, computer programmers, engineers, etc.. And then i ask female college students i do get the occasional lawyer, doctor, computer scientist, etc… But most of them say the usual psychologist, teacher, nurse, etc.. I think people, as a whole, need to aim higher instead of going to school to be an assistant to a doctor (nurse), a low paying person that listens to kids bitching (teacher) or an over saturated field that literally everyone studies (psychology). Ultimately if you want to study one of the mentioned fields, that's great, but don't complain about getting paid crap when you chose the low route. I'm not saying EVERY SINGLE WOMAN chooses a low position, but most of the women i know take the low road. That being said, there are women that aim higher and achieve great college degrees and do amazingly in the workforce.Women should aim higher and get into higher fields that are dominated by men and take control, then we will see this whole glass ceiling crap disappear. I do not look at a woman's ability to work any less than a man's, but if you choose a lower paying job that's on you.

  3. Stephen Griffin says:

    Women actually using their brain is like trying to get a rhinoceros to fly

  4. Warren Lauzon says:

    She says so many outright lies that are easily disproven I am amazed that she did not get a lot more negative feedback.

  5. MGTOW4Ever says:

    Porn stars: Women get paid more

  6. Jh Yoon says:

    Totally Agree

  7. BrotherAlpha says:

    1:40 You are a fucking idiot. Women get paid less men, because they are valued less than men. Since they are valued less, they are MORE likely to be fired during harsh times then men. If you can't figure this out, then there's no point listening to the rest of you video, because you could only be right by accident.

    By the way, you can look up studies were identical resumes are handed out and those with a female name will get fewer callbacks and will be offered lower starting salaries.

  8. Matt Phillips says:

    Maddow had a guest who detailed how the regression analysis failed to explain as much as 20% of the raw wage gap.  Problem: 20% of $0.23 is FIVE CENTS on the dollar.

  9. TLSoulDude says:

    Hey, I caught that reference to "The Simpsons"!

  10. Donghan Ryoo says:

    she is all like republican this republican that. whenever liberal(or rachel) talks about gender wage gap and minimum wage, i kinda cringe bc they are completely wrong about basic economic 101.

  11. Lord Hawkeye says:

    Fun fact: Female models get paid WAY more than their male counterparts.

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