Is The Rebooted Lara Croft Really More Feminist? (Lady Bits #1)

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IT’S HERE! The first episode of the Kickstarter funded series on women in video games. For more information, check out the kickstarter page:

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34 Responses

  1. petwisk says:

    I like The Reboot games

  2. Arjun Chakraborty says:

    15:35 : Lara is the main character in Dark Souls 2! Tomb Raider is the original souls-like! 😀

  3. RKroft96 says:

    Here's the real question…why do you look like Anastacia?

  4. Andrew Carmichael says:

    Man who is hot, strong and smart. Feminist “Oh look a male character, wish he was female”. Woman who is hot, strong, and smart “*SEXISM*”

  5. Livnat Mizrahi says:

    I love your vids. I'm so glad I've found someone who thinks like me on these subjects. I'm also glad you bring this from a female point of view that do not subject to the more radical point of view! thank you very much for posting your vids in which you review other opinions of view as well, even if they go against your own!

  6. maichiki yiist says:

    I liked both classic and reboot Lara, but I have to stay true to my childhood. Classic Lara is best Lara.

  7. Thomas Sisk says:

    I took the new game not as she was prey as much as it tells the story of how she got started. She didn't come out of the womb wielding guns and finding treasure. Stress had to evolve her. And I hope the rest of the new games show that growth.

  8. jolena auvuya says:

    with the mass-murder rampage she is currently on, no way.
    obviously no.
    that is very un-feminist. (this sounds so ironic)
    the players repeatedly asked the tomb raider devs to stop making such mass-murder tomb raider games.
    players asked for minimal fighting and much more puzzle and exploring.
    devs haven't listened.

  9. mark kavanagh says:

    Liana K; the thinking person's Anita Sarkeesian!

  10. Pierre Du Plessis says:

    I'm always annoyed that people judge the original model as being "unrealistic" and particularly focusing on the boobs. The budget for detail in games those days were ridiculously low. If you wanted to make an attractive female character, then you had to hyper emphasize feminine features to offset the loss of detail due to flat surfaces and sharp angles.
    Think about it this way. Draw a stick man….
    Now, using only 6 additional straight lines (I'm being generous) add bits to your drawing to make it look like an attractive, well endowed woman? It's not easy is it?
    You may find yourself wondering if you should emphasized an obviously wide hip:waist ratio? and in doing so, lose the ability to depict boobs.
    Or, you might emphasize some very blocky boobs, but the hips are still generic stickmale….
    It's a challenge right?

    Yes. Her boobs were pointy, but I submit that if they reduced everything to "realistic" proportions, then the model would have been very androgynous and would not have been conventionally attractive. They would have lost a lot on sales and would then have been better off just making a generic male protagonist anyway….

    That was the challenge facing developers in those days.
    Hardware took a strain whenever it rendered 3d objects, and you had to count each polygon.
    If the developers could have used more polygons, they would have done so, happily…
    The result of Original Lara's physique was more due to physical limitations in hardware than anything else, and as time has proven… with increased polygon budgets, Game developers are happy to make attractive female characters that are also realistic.

  11. Mr Video Game says:

    lack sources would we know the gamers rellay said the thinks about her Voice and etc? i like to belive but there is no source ? grains of salt .

  12. Mark Postgate says:

    Is all representational art effectively "objectification" and if so does that mean anyone who is claiming to be against objectification really demonstrating an aniconistic point of view. (Spellcheck is insisting I've made up the word "aniconistic" so here's a link to wikipedia so I can prove it's a real word!

  13. Joren Hofstra says:

    I'd love to see the new lara turning into old lara in the next games. The helpless lara was getting stale in the second game already, as I was hoping that throughout the game I would see her grow more confident in her abilities (which disappointingly didn't happen)

  14. BeatGoat says:

    Such a fun and engaging episode, I didn't even realize 25 minutes had passed.

  15. Skips says:

    I feel like these feminists want to spoil things, like with the boy scouts, these games was for us, pervert or not (referring to the body design) was our micro world, they could make their own games but nooooo, they want to screw these ones, the feminism wants destroy fantasy, anyway this lara it's not feminist enough, she has to be more fat, blue hair with total lack of sensual behavior, my favorite was the lara of Tomb Raider Underworld, the body, the story, the maps, in these days thanks to feminism this is what we get…

  16. Elias Mcmurray says:

    Watching this very late but after seeing the shadow of the tomb raider trailer and reading up on gameplay impressions, it looks like the two Laras will be merging in some fashion. She's depicted as the hunter, and she's kind of an asshole. And I like that.

  17. Charlie Milroy says:

    Most gamers don't like feminism because they actually understand what it is

  18. Solitary Angel says:

    I loved old Lara, I loved the game play of it. I loved her voice, The first time I heard "Oh Pierre….you litter bug" was iconic for me.

    I hated Angel of Darkness, it was garbage.

    I loathe and detest the Crystal Dynamics reboot, it was dumbed down scripted, cutscene riddled narrow linear piles of garbage that looked and sounded awesome. The voice acting and graphics were utterly stunning. I just wished it was a game not a fucking movie with bits you could hold a couple of buttons down to play before it snatched control from you again for the umpteenth time that hour. Oh and the amount of falling damage she took would have left her crawling into a bed to lie for a week feeling like she'd just done 15 rounds with Mike Tyson.

    Nice Lara outfits btw.

  19. Sires Orb says:

    Thank you! As an amateur 3d designer I Know that everything you create from the most detailed of character to the simplest box fall under the category .object. So gamers can't objectify woman video game characters but they can womanize an object which doesn't count as sexist.

  20. Sires Orb says:

    What tomb raider game black tank top Lara Croft from?

  21. k8mby says:

    First feminist I've ever liked..keep it up. New fan

  22. Ayatron34 says:

    Exasperated survivor archery Lara is just Katniss 2.0
    Dull. That's why her new movie probably won't break even.

  23. SethBrundleify says:

    Oh yeah like men in video games don't face danger and violence.

  24. Hazukichan X says:

    I've enjoyed the newer Tomb Raider reboot series so far, for the most part… mainly because Lara is still a fairly active female protagonist who doesn't back down from danger or big angry unreasonable men (big friendly reasonable men are okay, as evidenced by the Maori(?) guy). Now, though, I really want to play the Legend timeline games too; both for the chance to see a different take on Lara and her adventures, and for the platforming mechanics that look very reminiscent of Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Also, keep up the good work! =D

  25. Thagomizer says:

    I think there are significant differences between the Core-Era Lara and the Lara from the Legend-Anniversary-Underworld story arc. In fact, I would argue that this makes these two different characters entirely. The best summation of Core-Era Lara was a line from the first cinematic of the first game: "I'm sorry, I only play for sport." She was a thrill-seeker and adventurer. She was doing what she did because she loved it, and this was the same reason we played the game. This didn't make her shallow, but it did maker her mythic, which is to say that she was a great escapist character, like Conan, James Bond, Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, etc. She was impossible, but plausible in exactly the right ways. Fans of the game didn't fantasize her sexually so much as they wanted to BE her.

    In this timeline, Lara's parents are both alive and well. They disowned her due to her prodigal ways, and she seemed completely fine with that. If I cared at all about feminism (and I don't), I would argue that this is a far more feminist interpretation of the character than the Lara who seems to be entirely defined by her relationship with her father. Core Lara wasn't angsty or self-obsessed, and she understood herself completely. She sure never needed a story about trauma and dead parents to explain or justify herself to anyone, which is all the post-Core games have ever done. Do Square and Crystal think this is what we play Tomb Raider for? And if so, why?

    We only ever got this nonsense about Lara's father being an archaeologist from the TR movie onward (when he was renamed Richard Croft instead of Henshingly Croft). Attempting to give her "depth" by making her story about loss and trauma works against the appeal of the character. Legend even explicitly tells us this by making the entire dour story arc of the LAU trilogy one long excuse for itself: Lara became an archaeologist to uncover the mystery of her parents' disappearance, which was caused by a stable time-loop of Lara searching for the cause of her mother's disappearance.

    It even ruins the story of TR1. In the original game, I have no doubt that the Lara portrayed there has killed before. Why else would she be walking around with a pair of pistols in her holster? Why did the writers decide to have their cake and eat it too by not allowing Lara to be beaten in her hunt for the Scion or to kill Pierre directly? In the original game, he makes it to the artifact first, and you gun him down and take it from him after the boss battle. Why rob the players of the satisfying experience of killing these enemies directly? Why make Larson morally ambiguous to the point of making his death unjustifiable, then have Lara kill him, feel the angst, and decide that she was OK with it after all if her actions ended up saving the world? Morality just doesn't work that way, and her reasons for shooting him just seem childish.

    Why make Natla a more obvious sorceress/seductress archetype in lieu of the crass lioness/tycoon she was in the first game? Just listen to the conversation between Lara and Natla Atlantis in TR1. It's a dialogue between two mature women who both know the score, and are attempting to reason with each other. And the final battle is nothing resembling a cat fight, but a battle between two warriors. That's infinitely removed from the cliched nonsense of "We can rule together", "I killed your father", and "Your heart is as black as mine!" Ugh, and interactive cut-scenes. No game should EVER have these.

    By attempting to moralize, the Anniversary story is less moral than the one presented in the first game, where Lara was a stable, unsentimental anti-hero who was hunting after the artifact for sport. Nothing about this interpretation of the TR1 story rings true at all.

    The newest reboot series isn't even Tomb Raider. It's just a gritty Uncharted clone with an open world and a better cover system. Heck, the three LAU games were just Prince of Persia clones, too. Real Tomb Raider (as in, careful, deliberate platforming and exploration) has been dead for a long time, just as the real Lara Croft has been MIA since the end of Angel of Darkness.

  26. Sora Fora says:

    The truth about why lara is "idealized" in Tomb Raider. No teenager (core ahem audience) want's to look at or play as ugly fat people (unless it's played for humour/novelty). That's why everyone is attractive on the CW (TV Channel) which is aimed at teens. Even all the main cast's parents have to be hot and unrealistically young, examples: Vampire Diaries, Arrow, Riverdale.

  27. Daniel Olson says:

    You're a genius 😀

    I'll patreon you for sure 🙂

  28. Christopher Erlitz says:

    Love your comedy and well thought through.

  29. Tensai55 says:

    I kind of got the impression that the reboot was showing Lara's first adventures where she was just learning how to survive and fight, whereas the original games were showing a seasoned Lara who had already been through all of that and had toughened up to be a badass. But I'll admit that I haven't played any of the original games. I think I probably would have enjoyed them based on the gameplay you showed.

    It was really annoying that they make you hunt for food and then after you complete that objective, you never need to hunt (or eat) again. If you're going to insert realism and survival needs like food, do it right!

  30. Jess H. says:

    Are you fcking kidding me? Feminism is fcking up video games and real life. You seem to be arguing with yourself to much. All that’s true is that feminism kills video games ok.

  31. CaptainAhab117 says:

    I never bought the "Her body is unrealistic" argument. One can simply google search Lara Croft cosplays to see how many women have that kind of body.

  32. Rizzy says:

    As a female, I miss the old, witty, sarcastic Lara. She was sexy, but now she's boring. & sorry but her body was gorgeous. & now, generic slim build. It's disappointing.

  33. Pinball Kitty says:

    As a kid, aside from the gameplay I mostly remember the fact that she was polite to the guys who were polite to her and kicked the shit out of anyone who gave her shit.

    And for that matter, so did Natla, the antagonist. Nobody ever talks about her! I was happy to see you bring her up.

    I only played the first three games, so not sure how much of a change the reboots brought to the character.

    I found her to be a much better role model, personally. There's really nothing to emulate with new Lara, which I think is a big component to being a role model. Her attitude, her behavior… her constantly acting like an idiot. The second game just makes her worse, because it adds on that she can't even come up with crazy alt-archaeology theories on her own but needs to borrow her dad's obsessions. She was certainly no Henry Jones Jr. there.

  34. Josh Head says:

    nice shirt.. no literally nice shirt.

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