Is Dating Attractive Women Easier As a Successful Entrepreneur?

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Jalun asked me…

The dating tips are on point. So I leave you a question. Have you found dating woman easier before being an entrepreneur or after?

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43 Responses

  1. Benjamin Crouzier says:

    Men chase status, women chase men

  2. Robert Ojeda says:

    Everything you say I agree, except the peace at the end, you sound like an immature 18 years old…

  3. MrGame N Watch says:

    Doesn’t matter if you are aren’t attractive enough for her

  4. ozz master says:

    See i told you this guy is beta!! lol

  5. Ilham H says:

    There is a set by nature level of opposite sex people choice that does not know economical condition of any one of us. The fact that u get a hotter chick when you are rich only means that she is going to try and break her level of squimish in order to sleep with you. This will always end badly for you: rare unsatisfying sex, lots of cheating, lots of demanding and complaining. U will always see her acid looking face no matter what u do for her. Try with your physical equal no matter how rich u r.

  6. Andrew Medlin says:

    First I love this channel keep it up bro. Second some of your points are a bit of crap. As a single father of two currently in a LTR. I find none of this to be true. My lady is good to my kids an I. Also she’s loyal. And I would honestly say she’s a 7 hot an about a 4 crazy. Which is what I personally need. I don’t drive (DUI) an I work 55 plus a week. While raising my daughters. I’ve lived a hard life an learned a lot. But always stayed true to me good or bad. Maybe I’m just lucky. But thems the facts boys.

  7. grow tender says:

    What about guys who are currently retooling for a career change?
    I worked in the brewing industry for over nine years. Loved it, but unfortunately there’s a pay cap and it’s not only risky given the craft beer bubble being close to popping but a huge financial barrier to start my own brewery. So I’ve decided to go back to school and get training in the electrical industry, given that skilled trades, automation, and manufacturing are becoming more lucrative. Question is can a guy still present as successful given they’re in transition? I am 36, own a house, have had several LTR’s, have avoided marriage, no children, and am currently working toward fitness and expanding my interests. Can my status be attractive to women?

  8. Little Reuby says:

    Same with muscles, gets you admiration from dudes

  9. Bill Fallon says:

    Everything is subjective. Some women are highly educated and extremely beautiful but slept around with countless men while they were in college etc. Money and status on a woman signify nothing about her past life style choices or what kind of person she is today nor what kind of wife she'll make tomorrow. Morals Values and Principals are all that matter. Decency transcends all income and education levels. What type of person you are is more important than what you have or what school you attended. More money would be thought to bring an easier life but it also brings more responsibilities as well. Everything is a trade off.

  10. urmanascrewed says:

    Will quality women just come to you if you are successful? Hard for me to imagine. I always have to play the game PUA style.

  11. Robert Blackford says:

    It's biology. Women are going to choose the best provider. So yes, it's far easier to date beautiful women when you are successful. I've been on both sides of success. Don't blame Women for that, become successful!

  12. Pez says:

    Man, if not anything else, I gotta give you props for the thumbnails you use. lol

  13. Fenja Ortegs says:

    rich can i barrow your car

  14. Eqvil says:

    Many men here seem to think this channel is about spreading hate towards all women, although every video clearly states that men should look for a GOOD woman, not abandon women altogether.

  15. Acedjgaming says:

    did you burn your arms ?

  16. riccia888 says:

    If thats the case, I’ll rather be monk than to marry a woman

  17. Robert Blackford says:

    Of course it's easier to meet women and carry on a relationship when you are successful. It's nice to be able to go into a restaurant and pay 100 bucks for a dinner. It's nice to be able to take a woman away for a nice weekend at a resort. Trust me, I put myself into that situation through years of hard work. It wasn't given to me and it didn't happen overnight. A lot of men here want to blame women because they are seeking successful men. If I were a woman and could choose between a successful man or someone with fewer resources, I would choose the successful man every time.

  18. Marisela Salvador says:

    Does this woman have to cook?

  19. #Ivanovik says:

    Great videos

  20. Barry Burton says:

    It’s easier if you have tons of confidence and that’s all you need to bang hot chicks.Flashy cars is only for whores.

  21. ludacris day says:

    I don’t mind guys without a job title of a CEO or businessman and lives at home with his parents because some are nice and genuine and they respect their family. I have met guys with posh job titles that are jerks and assholes and are just full of shit. It’s not the quality of your job title, but the quality of your character that’s important.

  22. Bo McGillacutty says:

    For those young guys posting cynical or angry thoughts about women: The unavoidable 'corollary' to the self empowerment is that YOU are responsible for your results….he doesn't state it explicitly (that I have noticed) but if it's in your control, and it is for the most part, than it's almost entirely up to you. You can blame feminism or want of money, or whatever else, but the truth is that these principles are probably as old as humanity, all that other noise is nothing more than your excuses for avoiding the effort of self improvement.

  23. Joshua Tower says:

    As the founder of I would have to say, in my experience, that it is much easier to date women as a successful entrepreneur. has exceeded all of my wildest expectations. It has brought me money, cars, nice homes, and, of course, lots of hot women. I am truly blessed.

  24. Grantland Smith says:

    Is the Pope Catholic? Does a bear shit in the woods?

  25. Wild Macrel says:

    Actually, I gave up on cars man. I stick to motorcycles. IT IS THE FASTEST WAY TO GET BETWEEN A WOMAN'S LEGS.

  26. Wild Macrel says:

    yes, it is.I had a niggling feeling about this since I was about ten. Have not made millions yet, sadly…

  27. Dsn13 jcsn says:

    I thought the answer to this question was pretty obvious!

  28. Cristian Luna says:

    Hypergamy….thats it.

  29. gold goldie says:

    Well it all depends on you guys and how you present yourself. I'm single and living in Dubai and I can tell you that I can't count the amount of guys here with luxurious cars and successful but for some of us ladies Here, means absolutely NOTHING!…As a matter of Fact best advice for u guys is keep away from these women that you try to impress with your success and your cars!…When a woman wants you, she will take a taxi with you BUT you must build yourself as s person folks! IF U LIKE ATTRACTIVE GIRLS, THEN MAKE SURE UR PAY CHECK is higher and make sure her maintenance is not sponsored by MEN.!…YOU CAN TELL A GOLD DIGGER WHEN U SEE ONE….THATS WHEN U CONSTANTLY SPENDING As simple as that!…

  30. Tom Tobin says:

    You should ask Harvey Weinstien. He's ugly as fuck but that didn't stop him from getting laid by Hollywood actresses.

  31. Kris says:

    "Nice cars get you dudes…"

  32. SueSue Pake says:

    I also think, when you are successful you exude a certain confidence that women find attractive

  33. Ollie Priddey says:

    The guy speaks like he's God gift to women, lol- he's just lucky everything fell into place for him.

  34. darbi rhian says:

    I always viewed entrepreneurs as people who forged their own path and created their own business within some sort of niche market. I agree, calling yourself an entrepreneur when you have the ability to simply work from home seems like a stretch; when in reality, you're "self employed." Self employment generally generates a standard income (at absolute best) while entrepreneurs who are successful are often wealthy. That's the difference!


    The woman in the thumbnail…

  36. john pacino says:

    If a cat ain't got "game" , he'll end up a simp, like a lot of rich cats & he'll be taken to the cleaners financially when a marriage break up happens because, flash cars & acting "showy" with one's wealth, will only attract "golddiggers" & they'll turn those kind of dudes into simps & sugar daddies.

  37. Brian Ross says:

    there are some things that women nit pick men about that are totally legit. Expecting a guy to have his shit together and be able to provide for himself and possibly a family. Then there is a the laundry list of bullshit….and those women aren't worth your time.

  38. kamikazeren says:

    What car?

  39. Moun Ten says:

    Just because a woman has her shit together doesn’t mean she’s looking to share any of her wealth with you. She wants to take your Wealth and add it to hers!

  40. Paul Robin says:

    Attractive women are all GOLD DIGGING WHORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fucking CUNTS. LOL

  41. b5kalad says:

    As of today, five people gave a thumbs down. WHY???????? Guess they can NOT handle the truth.

  42. Blake Hamilton says:

    He's right you gotta start earning money

  43. crocket says:

    But, women who have their shit together might still want divorce and half of your wealth and income.

    As you said in other videos, in the current social environment, reverse hypergamy is the only reasonably safe way to marry a woman.

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