Is Comedy Canceled? | Kat Rosenfield & Bridget Phetasy [Feminine Chaos]

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0:34 Louis C.K. attempts a comeback
9:11 Bridget: “People don’t want him to exist”
12:11 Can comedians still test out new, risky material?
29:25 Kevin Hart and the modern problem with apologies
43:35 Does Hart have a responsibility to fight homophobia in the black community?
47:49 Comedians as trickster figures

Kat Rosenfield (Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone, Vulture) and Bridget Phetasy (Walk-Ins Welcome,

Recorded January 7, 2018

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37 Responses

  1. Garrett Guy says:

    She said the “p” word… Power! This guest really has her finger on the pulse of this lib bullshit.

  2. John Smith says:

    A misrepresentation right out of the box. Louis CK didn't make fun of the Parkland shooting.

  3. Milton Mumfrey says:

    Louis CK did nothing wrong. He invited two grown women back to his hotel room after a night of flirting and drinking. They accepted knowing full-well what going back to a guy's hotel room after a night of socializing actually means. Louis then made a humiliating and ridiculous pass at them. Rather than laugh at him and tell him to grow up, the women instead decided the sight of a pale, middle-aged penis had somehow destroyed their lives. They then made the conniving and spiteful decision to ruin Louis CK's life. They are the true villains.

  4. KangaRude Media says:

    Anybody gets to tell jokes, anybody. No if, buts, or maybes

  5. lupe556 says:

    19:10 What the hell was that?

  6. Jacob Sammer says:

    Ellen came out on her tv show. Most think that it was to save the show. The ratings before the episode and afterwards support that argument. Then her and her publicist tried to sell the victim narrative because a few fundamentalist religious types disapproved of her, but the invites, hosting major events and the constant print media exposure contradicts that.

  7. Jacob Sammer says:

    Most Twitter critics make me think of Anton Ego.

    Anton Ego: My last review condemned it to the tourist train.

    Ambrister Minion: Yes.

    Anton Ego: I said, "Gusteau has finally found his rightful place in history right alongside another equally famous chef: Monsieur Boyardee."

    Ambrister Minion: Yes.

    Anton Ego: That is where I left it. That was my last word – THE last word.

    Ambrister Minion: Yes.

    Anton Ego: Then tell me, Ambrister, how could it be POPULAR?

  8. Amara Katabarwa says:

    I don't know about you guys but diverse and inclusive humor that is intersectional is what I find funny. It is important not to offend anyone except maybe conservatives(they are after all racists, bigots and anti-gay). And I would rather comedians preach to me about their personal intersectional experience than make me laugh. Sometimes comedy isn't about laughter, sometimes it's about social justice.

  9. MrGMovieReviews says:

    He always asked for consent so you're wrong in that part of the video. Otherwise. You 2 made some good points.

  10. ZombieHero says:

    Why would you call it morality?
    It's anything but moral to push you're own morality on others. That's authoritarian. There is nothing moral about being authoritarian unless you are evil and you're morals are manifestation of evil.

  11. Simeon Teitelbaum says:

    Louis is a man who has a problem with being a perve, one he refused to acknowledge for a very long time. Yet I loathe these self-righteous power mongers far more, what they are playing with is something far darker and they have no ounce of self-doubt. I can't wait to see them completely overthrown

  12. Dimitrios Kantakouzinos says:

    Generally a good talk, but it's amazing how outraged these two women are by jokes about literal children who assert moral authority by attending a school where other people were shot.

  13. Simeon Teitelbaum says:

    I don't necessarily guy that the culture is changing, but rather that a minority cohort is holding the conversation hostage. Because the society recognizes that this involves an umbrella of important matters which were long shoved under the rug, this has been tolerated. However, the more this becomes about policing individuals for their statement or jokes, or develops into a full-blown Hannah Gadsby led anti-art moral crusade there will be a backlash and the culture will become ever more outre

  14. H. M. Tilford says:

    Very true that a culture which refuses to accept apologies only incentivizes people to lie and if caught to never apologize. In other words the culture winds up producing a Trump.

  15. H. M. Tilford says:

    Rd 18:15 — I think LCK put in the racist dick jokes precisely in order to highlight the hypocrisy of critics who obsess over the Parkland jokes and ignore the racist dick jokes. He's not dumb. He probably knew that a leak would happen too.

  16. H. M. Tilford says:

    Re 1:00 it's stated as settled "fact" that LCK showed his penis to women who didn't want to see it, but they consented, so I don't think this really is settled fact. Edit: these two repeat multiple times in the dialog that he did something nonconsensual but as far as I know that's not true.

  17. Doug Lain says:

    I read the article in Gawker that came out a few years before the NYT piece. I would not say that I KNEW what Louis CK did. In fact, I still wouldn't say I know what actually happened. Instead, I would say that after the NYT article I knew what people were willing to say on the record and that this was more persuasive than the Gawker article.
    To put a finer point on it: It's an open secret (read rumor) that Richard Gere was admitted to the hospital because he'd shove a gerbil up his anus and had to have it removed. It is also an open secret that Jamie Lee Curtis is a hermaphrodite. I wouldn't claim to know that these things are true.

  18. Joe S says:

    +1 for the asian jokes comment. I'm Asian and I don't really care if people make racist jokes against us. I'm just sick of the double standards.

  19. Tim Cullen says:

    On the Parkland joke, imagine if someone survived a terrorist attack and then was constantly put on Fox News and in front of GOP lawmakers to push conservative policies on combating terrorism and call Democrats and advocates for civil liberties unpatriotic and unconcerned about victims of terrorism.

    When the Parkland kids accused the NRA and Rubio of having blood on their hands and not caring, they lost any kind of moral high ground and became proper targets for well earned mockery.

    The term survivor is also thrown around loosely. The last 9/11 plane was heading to the White House or the capitol before it was brought down by the passengers making many prominent Republicans at the time technically 9/11 survivors, and of course they were mocked a great deal and deservedly so because that is part of being politically active.

  20. Tony Shepps says:

    Yeah I'm out; I'll be at the comedy club, with the other people who are not offended. Enjoy the Oscars.

  21. Tim Cullen says:

    If we limit our discussion to situations where the woman gives affirmative consent, who exactly are successful men allowed to date?

    Is it wrong for them to ask out anyone less successful in their industry? Are all female subordinates off limits because some small percentage of men are predators and some percentage of women may perceive pressure even when there is none?

    I think there is a strong argument for shifting the culture to one of affirmative consent, but there are few relationships where both partners earn the same amount of money, have the same social status, and are the same size.

    Power disparity arguments can work in a court of law which has rules of process and evidence, but aren't well suited to the court of public opinion.

  22. Timothy Strohbehn says:

    Being denied hosting the Oscars doesn't amount to being "Raked over the coals," Kevin Hart still makes movies and he's going to have tons of comedy gigs, so worrying about him is a little strange.

  23. Tim says:

    We'll have regular commedy and Victorian comedy for audiences in unisex burkas and no jokes.

  24. Tim says:

    The regressives have given people no opportunity for redemption or second chances only everlasting purgatory or hell.

    Big mistake.

    There is no longer any power to the outrage. Even going around like a dark ages monk flogging himself with a leather whip will grant him no relief.

    I guess they hope he will kill himself.

    When the allegations first came out, CK creeped me out. Now, the reggresives creep me out too.

  25. PeRK says:

    Wait, C.K. was accused of non-consensual acts? That's news to me. Do we have a source on this? I thought the whole thing that made his case interesting was precisely that he did ask for consent and yet still it was a problem for some of the women (so it raised issues as to what "asking consent" means and when you can reasonably consider to have obtained it). As for recording the set, it depends entirely on the rules of the establishment it was recorded in. Filming in public is almost always legal in the US (to my greatest chagrin if I'm being honest, but that's the way it is). Audio recording is a bit more restricted, and more likely to be judged under the "reasonable expectation of privacy" principle. But I'm not sure how you could have a reasonable expectation of privacy when you're on stage… So speaking of consensual/unconsensual here doesn't really make sense to me, unless the establishment had very clear rules on the matter. It could however be a case of intellectual property rights, so the recording of the video is no problem, but a monetized posting of the video could open the person up to a suit.

  26. Tim Gould says:

    Great talk.

  27. Thomas Putt says:

    Please someone tell me why I thought Louis's allegations all included a consent or a request… and not the unconcentual picture that this conversation paints… I'm genuinely confused.

  28. natrone23 says:

    I still cant figure out what "horrible" thing Louis did that this woman is talking about. Who hasn't jerked off in front of a woman? My dick has been in countless womens asses. I mean cum on how many dicks have been in this woman's mouth, I would assume at least one….isn't that more horrible then what Louis did?

  29. Ike Ogiamien says:

    Intersectionality = Oppression olympics… Don Lemon wins, Ellen loses.

  30. Torin McCabe says:

    Women probably have good natural instincts for who they want to fuck and who they want their children to hang around with. Yet applying these "moral instincts" to all aspects of society seems foolish and disastrous

  31. Gordon Freemason says:

    The whole social contract we have is that if you dislike something, you should just avoid it. But you don't get to tell other people what they can like.
    People who were already avoiding Louis CK then deciding to get outraged anyway, is a complete abandonment of that social contract. They're simply trying to control every aspect of society.

  32. T H says:

    Boghossians' documentary on : Postmodern religion and the faith of social justice.

  33. Broken Stitch says:

    I'm tuning out. Calling him a predator for asking, yes asking, to do what he did, isn't predatorial. Unless you're deviating from the newspapers, nothing he did were unknown in his world and worse by you. This makes you sick by the way, not him. If you viewed what he were doing as wrong and did nothing about it, you're the one that understands that it's sick, and you're the one that allowed it to continue to happen.

    If I'm wrong, and he did more than just ask, cite something off of the LexisNexis or some sort verifiable proof. I'm honestly sick of listening to all these hysterical women and worse now, men.

  34. T H says:

    Louis cks sexual stuff wasn't Unconsensual

  35. Michael Edelstone says:

    This “comedian” seems really really really funny

  36. T H says:

    OK, so far, not so good. The joke wasn't about the parkland victims. It was about the platform some of the survivors have been given.

  37. Ken Haze says:

    The use of comedy as a shield against criticism is the "problem" I see most clearly.

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